Allegra Luzardo

Allegra 2013Aspiring Artist, 2D Pixel Artist, Graphic Designer, Plant Communicator

The only daughter and youngest (age 10 as of 2014) of Ngoc and JAL who was born under water in a bathtub at home in less than four and a half hours without any drugs or complications. Allegra is known for her free, fairy-like spirit. She skips instead of walk, refuses to wear shoes, use utensils, wear a shirt at home, comb her hair, or wipe her bottom. She loves being around plants and trees and enjoys running around in the rain.

Fun Facts

Ngoc chose the name Allegra because in Spanish it means “happy” because she was so happy her third child was a girl. Allegra came to Ngoc in her dreams years before she was born so Ngoc knew she would have a girl, but just did not know when she would come and was willing to give birth up to five times in order to have her. Allegra in Italian means “spirited.” Allegra has no middle name.

Numerology Chart

  • 6 Lifepath (the lesson you need to learn in this lifetime)
  • 9 Destiny (what you want to accomplish in this lifetime)
  • 2 Karma (issues from past life that need to be balanced or resolved)
  • 1 Personality (how people see you, not necessarily who you really are)
  • 8 Motivator (soul urge, what really motivates you, who you really are)
  • Personal Years (guidance or horoscope for each year, just repeat the number sequence to continue): 2014 (7), 2015 (8), 2016 (9), 2017 (1), 2018 (2), 2019 (3), 2020 (4), 2021 (5), 2022 (6)

To get your own free numerology chart, see the Numerology – Pythagorean (Western) System page.


"Sunrise at the River" - 1st Place Piq "Sunrise" contest 2014 week 40

“Sunrise at the River” – 1st Place Piq “Sunrise” contest 2014 week 40

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  • Fluent English (native speaker)
  • Beginning Spanish