Crainer Luzardo

Crainer enjoying a tangerine fresh from our Motherland

Crainer enjoying a tangerine fresh from our Motherland

White-Crowned Parrot, Male, Single, Raw Vegan (Fruitarian/Seedtarian)

On August 6, 2015, our cat Crikey opportunistically caught a white-crowned parrot and brought it into the house screaming for its life. Allegra took Crainer away to safety outside while Max and Renzi distracted Crikey. Crainer flew to safety to the tallest tree a good distance away from our house. When JAL was told the story, he immediately went to the tree and called to Crainer to offer him a banana. It was love at first bite and he has been with us every day since. JAL had always wanted a pet parrot since childhood but did not like the idea of having one in a cage. His childhood dream had finally come true.

Fun Facts

Crainer helps himself to fresh pigeon peas from the Motherland

Crainer helps himself to fresh pigeon peas from the Motherland

What we realized living in nature for almost a year and three months (as of 10/26/2015) on the Ardent Light Motherland is that every land has its own unique characteristics or personality in terms of its particular geology, water features, species of plants, microorganisms, insects, fish, and other animals that naturally inhabit the land. It’s as if all these elements together comprise one larger living being that you can come to know and love very deeply if you spend enough time with her. For this reason, we will never abandon her and will only help rehabilitate her, protect her, and help her ecosystem thrive. You can tune into her by simply listening for her presence. As a living organism, she will respond to your actions and give you signs.

Our new friendship with Crainer is one of those signs. The parrot is known as the bringer of rain and seed. Rain symbolizes growth, the will to persist, hope for the future, and sadness for the past. Seeds represent new ideas which can bring about a new growth or new direction–a message which is so pertinent to us now as a growing tribe as well as a message that will be pertinent to all of humanity.

Crainer Delights Visitors

JAL about to pet Crainer on the head

JAL about to pet Crainer on the head

Crainer has been known to fly and land on the chair and table of visitors and also fly by and brushing his wings against their hair. He has only allowed one visitor to date to pet him on the head. JAL is the only person who can regularly pet Crainer as he has a special bond with Crainer and cares and interacts with him every day. Most visitors are able to feed Crainer though he might be wary of the visitor when he first meets them. When Crainer gets really happy he chirps and does a shimmy with his wings and starts turning his body around in a special dance to show his trust and delight (see this Facebook video to see the dance). He enjoys eating all kinds of fruit and large but soft seeds including the seeds of pumpkin (his favorite), watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. He does not care much for papaya seeds.

Photos & Videos

Crainer’s Death & Resurrection

phoenix-birdJAL and I (Ngoc) awoke to sounds of a bird squawking for its life in the middle of the night (Saturday, August 6, 2016). JAL went outside to the taller mango tree where Crainer (our white-crown parrot) sleeps at night and I gave him a flashlight to see if he could see Crainer. Instead, he saw a mammal which looked like an opossum but did not see Crainer. The moment the opossum heard our voices the squawking stopped and since we did not see Crainer we thought that everything was okay. When morning arrived and I worked on preparing breakfast for the family in the kitchen an old medium-size black dog we have not seen before came walking by and eventually sat down on the grass about 14 feet in front of the kitchen window so I got a good view of him. Then it moved closer to our outdoor dining table where I put Crainer’s fruit and seed plates and sat on the grass next to the table. Then the dog eventually walked away. A black dog signifies death (especially an old one) and I got this eerie uncomfortable feeling that Crainer is gone because he was not at his usual place in the morning on the electrical wire line greeting us with his soft chirp. I hoped this was not the case so we all waited all day for a sign of Crainer and even called out to him all around the house and looked for him in all his favorite hangout places. It’s now the evening, the end of the day, no sign of Crainer and his fruit and seed plates untouched which has never happened before since Crainer joined our family exactly one year ago on August 6, 2015.

Crainer’s death coincides with a significant transformation JAL and I are experiencing in our 23+ years of relationship with each other (21 years of holy matrimony as of August 18, 2016 + over 2.5 years of dating). The death of a bird symbolizes the death of the old, bad patterns (in the case of the parrot it is communication) and the birth of a new and healthy beginning (like the mythical phoenix bird that bursts or dies in the fire only to be reborn anew and better than ever). JAL and I are getting glimpses of what I refer to as the third stage of the esoteric path of a monogamous marriage which is the Marital Bliss/Enlightenment stage. The amount of healing and therefore the amount of Love we are experiencing far surpasses any honeymoon phase or a teenager in Love because it is Real and based on 23+ years of solid life experiences together (see Monogamy: The Ultimate Path to Spiritual Enlightenment blog article I wrote to learn more).

We miss you and love you so much Crainer! We will always remember you and you will always live in our Heart…