Renzi Luzardo

Renzi 2013Aspiring Film Producer, Director, Narrator, Editor, Amateur Entomologist

Second son (age 12 as of 2014) of Ngoc and JAL who was born under water in a bathtub at home in less than two hours without any drugs or complications. Known for his unusually high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Renzi is a great mediator and can bring people back into their senses when lost. He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to insects and is fascinated with all kinds of animals, birds, sea creatures, and dinosaurs. He has a gift for making what he is interested in fun and exciting to learn about whether it be through writing, speech, or film.

Fun Facts

The name Renzi is a spin-off of the nickname Renzo which is short for the Latin/Italian/Spanish name Lorenzo which means “crowned with laurels, the crown of victory.” Renzi has no middle name and his name was chosen by Ngoc.

Numerology Chart

  • 7 Lifepath (the lesson you need to learn in this lifetime)
  • 7 Destiny (what you want to accomplish in this lifetime)
  • 2, 7 Karma (issues from past life that need to be balanced or resolved)
  • 1 Personality (how people see you, not necessarily who you really are)
  • 6 Motivator (soul urge, what really motivates you, who you really are)
  • Personal Years (guidance or horoscope for each year, just repeat the number sequence to continue): 2014 (1), 2015 (2), 2016 (3), 2017 (4)2018, (5), 2019 (6), 2020 (7), 2021 (8), 2022 (9)

To get your own free numerology chart, see the Numerology – Pythagorean (Western) System page.



  • Fluent English (native speaker)
  • Beginning Spanish