Terms & Conditions of Service

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions of service at any time. Please view this page for the most recent version. Printing this page can only be effective as of the print date.


All information collected or disclosed online, over the phone, or in person will be kept strictly confidential unless required by law to be disclosed for the safety and well-being of the client or any other person. All information disclosed by the client to either Ngoc or JAL stays with only Ngoc or JAL. For example, if information is disclosed to Ngoc, Ngoc does not share the information with even JAL unless JAL’s expertise is needed for therapeutic purposes only.

Pledge of Non-Judgment & Compassion

Clients can be assured that they will not be judged in any way and will always be treated with compassion and respect during any of the services provided by Ardent Light. This helps foster and build trust and provides the foundation for honest and open communication which is critical to the effectiveness of any service.

Payment for Services

Cash or bank debit or credit card payments for service must be made before service is rendered. If paying by bank debit or credit card, click the Add to Cart button for the item on the Online Store page and follow the instructions on the Shopping Cart page that appears to complete the transaction via PayPal. See Payment by Credit Card or Bank Debit for more details. Since we moved to Costa Rica, we can no longer accept checks as payment.

Gift Certificates

Ardent Light services make the most meaningful, life-changing, and life-enhancing gifts. Instead of buying family, friends, and coworkers another product or service that do not do much to address the root cause of their problems, you can pre-purchased hours of any service provided by Ardent Light and give them as gift certificates. You can pre-purchase hours in the Online Store.


Client can request a refund for any class/service that has not yet been rendered or provided if notice of cancellation is received within the following timeframe:

  • 48 business hours advance notice (from the date and time of the class/service) is required for all Ardent Light Yoga small group and privates.
  • 120 business hours advance notice (from the date and time of the class/service) is required for all Ardent Light Yoga for Corporate and Schools

Refunds cannot be made for services already rendered or provided and for classes/services that are scheduled within the timeframes listed above. In addition, if client received a discount for prepaying for multiple classes/services, then refunds will be made based on the non-discounted price since client will not have met the requirement to receive the discount if they ask for a refund. For example, if client buys six sessions for $60 in order to get each session for $10 each (instead of the full price of $20 each) and client has already received one session and wants a refund, client will receive a refund of $40 ($60 minus $20 is $40) since the price of one session without the bulk discount is $20.

Privacy Policy

Please see the Ardent Light Privacy Policy page for details.

General Terms & Conditions

Please see the Ardent Light Terms & Conditions page for details about our general terms and conditions.