Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Please view this page for the most recent version. Printing this page can only be effective as of the print date.

Payment By Cash or Check

Payments may be made by cash in person upon arrival or right before service is rendered. Sorry, checks are no longer accepted since we moved to Costa Rica. We prefer to accept payment in cash in USD rounded to the nearest ones place (no decimals or coins because in Costa Rica they do not accept coins). If you want to pay in colones, we use the current Venta exchange rate that Banco Nacional (the most popular bank in Costa Rica) would sell USD to us for colones. For example, if the current exchange rate to sell us dollars is 575.50 colones for $1 then you would multiply the $ amount x 575.50 = to get the colones amount.

Payment by Credit Card or Bank Debit

Payments may also be made by credit card or bank debit using PayPal. PayPal is the most secure way for you to pay on the Internet because PayPal prevents us from receiving any of your credit card and bank information. Instead of giving your credit or bank card information to web sites all over the Internet, you just set up that information in a secure and free PayPal account only once and then just login to PayPal when prompted on a web site to pay. You also have the option to pay using your credit or debit card without having a PayPal account. Contact us via our Contact Us page if you want to submit payment via this method and we will send you a PayPal Request for the exact amount due to your email address.

Shipping & Handling Policy

Our affiliate stores (Amazon.com and GHC) may offer free shipping promotions on select products so please click the links in this sentence to find them. Since we moved to Costa Rica, we no longer ship products.

Returns and Refunds

Any product purchases from our affiliate stores is subject to the affiliate store’s return and refund policy.

Prices Subject to Change

Ardent Light reserves the right to change prices of products and services to meet current market conditions. As a result, the prices of any items left in abandoned shopping carts (i.e., user decides to stop shopping and not proceed to checkout) may be lower or higher than when the user initially added items to the shopping cart. The same applies to reorders where a user starts another shopping cart after finishing a previous order to place another order for the same items. Prices may change between the first paid order and the new reorder.

Privacy Policy

Please see the Ardent Light Privacy Policy page for details.

Terms & Conditions of Service

Please see the Ardent Light Terms & Conditions of Service page for details about terms and conditions that apply to services Ardent Light provides.