Beyond the Earth Matrix: Soul Harvesting in the Cosmic Matrix & How to Free Yourself

As economic systems around the world continue to create more stress and suffering, record numbers of people are now turning to psychics, channelers, mediums, spirit healers, and even entheogens such as ayahuasca as a way to alleviate personal suffering or find meaning in all this. As I wrote in The Hidden Agenda of the Law of Attraction article (the most popular article on the Ardent Light web site), the Control Matrix is always a step ahead of the populace in predicting their behavior to ensure that the populace is always trapped inside the Matrix. In the article below, I explain the nature of the invisible Cosmic Matrix which is always there to capture those who want to escape the Earth Matrix. The good news is that the Cosmic Matrix has one big weakness which I expose in this article to show how we can all achieve Total FREEdom for ALL.

cosmic-matrixMore and more people are now waking up to the reality of the Control Matrix we were all born into on Earth (referred to as the Earth Matrix) thanks largely to social media sharing of articles and videos on the Internet exposing the dark hidden agendas and practices in government institutions, educational systems, banking and monetary systems, religious institutions, corporations, police and military industrial complexes, entertainment industry, and media. However, most people are not aware of the Cosmic Matrix which is vastly larger and seemingly infinite because it is beyond 3D time and space in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions. Since most people’s consciousness is fixed in 3D reality, the higher dimensions are invisible to them. To understand what is in these higher dimensions, we need to first understand the power of the human form/vehicle/body-mind.

Prisoners of Our Own Mind: The Creation of Entities & Dark Non-Human Beings


Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ Sistine Brain

The unique thing about the human vehicle is that it was given the same Universal Mind that created all things in existence. The energy of its thoughts have the potential to become crystallized or take on some energetic structure, shape or form only when there is intent or intensity of emotion that becomes frozen in time (e.g., a traumatic event, a repetitive emotionally-charged thought). The crystallization of thought energy creates a life form (in psychology it is called an unconscious program), an energetic seed that can germinate and sprout over time via events that trigger it (see Energy Crystallization for a more technical explanation). All life forms seek to be fed energetically to sustain itself and grow. As it grows it eventually becomes conscious of its consciousness at which point it becomes an internally created entity and can now surface and take over you with its own will and you will have no control over your action momentarily and you will feed it with your reactions to your involuntary action (see Spirit’s Journey for a more technical explanation).

Sistene_BrainIf you continue to ignore the past event that created it, fail to heal completely from that event, fail to learn its lessons, or fail to grow spiritually from that event, then the entity can grow and develop so much that it becomes a dark non-human being capable of higher levels of intelligence and therefore have more power to manipulate and control humans. At this point the dark being can eventually take full possession of the human vehicle by driving the human to commit suicide so that its soul can be harvested so that the human vehicle in its next life incarnation will be completely under their control with the human spirit trapped in the back seat. The dark being can become so powerful that they are capable of possessing multiple human vehicles at one time and shapeshift the human form into their own form. The dark beings can have a variety of energetic or physical appearances depending on the issue or set of issues that created them in the first place. The more common ones that have been written about or documented are demons (Christianity), winged serpent gods (Far East and Central America), archons (Gnostics), anunnakis (Sumerians), jinns (Islam), chitauri (Zulu), snake brothers (Hopi), flyers (Central America), and star people, grey aliens, draconians, reptilians, nordics, and pleiadians. Almost all high-level government and military officials, heads of multi-national corporations, and celebrities are controlled and/or possessed by dark beings. This is the Cosmic Matrix we rarely hear about and explains why there are so many wrongs in the world and why so many things we have been taught or that are occurring is backwards thinking and backwards behavior that goes against Life instead of supporting Life on Earth. For example, to prevent us from knowing that we actually created these beings, lies have been circulating about these beings actually being our creators (e.g., Annunakis) based on some false evidence of Sumerian tablets (Chaukeedaar, 2011).

The good news is that even though these dark beings were given life by the Universal Mind, they themselves do NOT have have a Universal Mind to create other entities or beings (and they never will). Therefore they are highly dependent on us for survival and they are not creative in their tactics (similar to the story of Frankenstein). The best they can do is mimic human behavior and psychology and work with existing knowledge. Human beings on the other hand, due to their power of creativity and power of Unconditional Love, can be unpredictable as a result once they have awoken to their full potential and are ready to heal.

Discarnate Human Beings or Ghosts

discarnate-humansDiscarnate human beings are those who have usually died an untimely death, meaning that it was either traumatic (full of intense negative emotions) or they were not ready to accept their death (happened too quickly or unexpectedly). For this reason, they hang around the earth plane and attach to the living in order to sustain themselves here and live vicariously through those with physical bodies. They are naturally attracted to those who share similar issues and can attach to them through the holes the physical humans have in their aura. In the case where one person is murdered by another human being, that person’s spirit will most likely attach itself to the murderer because it does not want to die and cannot forgive the murderer for what they have done. The murderer is usually in a negative state of mind so that would easily allow the spirit of the deceased to enter them. Similar to entities and dark non-human beings, the discarnate human being can slowly take possession of the murderer over time where their thoughts and emotions becomes the murderer’s thoughts and emotions. The same can happen when a person kills an animal that does not want to die and the person is in a negative state of mind.

The Divine Purpose of Entities & Dark Beings

buddha-maraBelieve it or not there is a divine purpose for the creation of entities and dark beings. To understand this we must understand the nature of the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind seeks to create (expand, experience cause and effect, Duality) and then destroy (collapse to zero point or Void once done with the creation experience). The period of time to experience its creation can be of any length from a fraction of a second to millions of years or more. When a negative experience is created, the entities/beings created from that experience serve to keep that experience alive in time and propagate itself to the present and then the future until the person is ready to revisit the original causal event and heals and learns from it. This is the Law of Karma. The creator of the event will experience the cause and effects of its own creation as the victimizer and then as the victim (or visa versa) to experience fully the event from multiple perspectives until it is well experienced and understood. Even if you cannot recall the original past event (because it occurred in a past life or occurred too early in life), healing from the most recent version of that past issue can also have the effect of erasing that entity through all its related events through time. With the issue gone, there is nothing to feed the entity/being with so it can disintegrate (unfreeze or de-crystallize) back to the pure light from which all matter is composed. This can only happen when there is no one else with similar wounds or insecurities that they can attach to. That is why it is so important for each of us to do our inner work to make our outer work of achieving FREEdom from monetary and government systems so much easier. We can work together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation free of interpersonal conflict. On the other hand, it’s the interpersonal conflict that will give us the opportunity to heal and become whole again if we use them as such. What better feedback than a mirror?

How Entities/Beings Can Attach/Possess Multiple People Simultaneously

beware-of-sexually-transmitted-demonsThe entities/beings attach to a person’s energy fields via energetic hooks, tentacles, or cords. This is how an entity/being can attach to and feed off of multiple people. Since they exist beyond 3D, they are not bound by space and time so the people they attach to do not have to be living close to each other. The only requirement for an entity/being to be able to attach to another person’s aura or energy field is a weakness or opening in that person’s aura. Common ways weaknesses or holes can be created in a person’s aura are:

  • Emotional or physical trauma, prolonged period of suffering or unhappiness
  • Any surgical procedure that involves cutting into the human body (also cuts into the aura). Being unconscious under anesthesia also opens up your aura. This is the reason why clairvoyants see many entities/beings hanging around hospitals, including earthbound spirits which are the spirits of deceased human beings who were not ready to die or did not accept their untimely death.
  • All mind-numbing or mind-altering drugs and alcohol whether addictive or not, including psychedelics and entheogens. For example, marijuana and ayahuasca users have been reported by clairvoyants to have the most holes in their aura and therefore the most entity/being attachments (Evatt, 2013; Calise, 2014; Holistic Evolution, 5/2/2016).
  • Having meaningless, selfish or deviant sex with another (sex not based on genuine love for the other). The entities/beings attach through the base and sacral chakras.
  • Any form of unconsciousness (e.g., lapse in conscious memory, fuzziness, or drunkenness) whether it be due to anesthesia, drugs, alcohol, fainting, or coma. Whenever your conscious mind or alertness is gone or impaired, the entities/beings can get in.
  • Rituals, initiations, and ceremonies, especially of the occult nature, but not necessarily. This is why secret societies use rituals so much. It opens the auric field of the person so entities/beings can attach, enter, or possess them. Even rituals, initiations, or ceremonies with good intentions can lead to entity/being attachments if performed by those with entities or other beings/entities are invoked for their help, guidance, or assistance. The request for help is an act of giving their power away to these beings/entities (i.e., opening up holes in their aura, creating a weakness or vulnerability). Only negative beings/entities would interfere or respond to the request because positive beings know that humans have chosen to have this earthly experience in order to perfect or evolve their soul and interfering would be considered cheating and counterproductive. In short, higher dimensional beings are in other dimensions for a reason and should not be messing with 3D beings while we are in 3D.

Favorite Entity/Being Places to Gather

crowd_of_people_smoking_cannabisTo minimize or avoid picking up more entities/beings (especially if you have holes in your aura, which most people do), avoid the following places that have a lot of stagnant, heavy energy:

  • Being in a crowd, e.g., concerts, festivals, parties, religious gatherings. Because there are so many people in a crowded place, it is easy for your conscious mind to shut down or be distracted by all the energies there. Also because these crowds tend to have people doing drugs or alcohol or put into an altered state of consciousness, entities/beings tend to gather there for an energy feast.
  • Cemeteries where the energy of death and decay and emotions of sadness, depression, anger, regrets, grief, despair, loneliness, or sorrow are frequently felt
  • Pubs, bars, strip clubs where people are most likely drinking alcohol or taking drugs or looking for selfish or unholy sex to numb or escape from their pain or unhappiness
  • Hospitals, mental institutions, and prisons where people are most likely to be full of entities/beings and the drugs that are given to them creates even more holes in their aura.
  • Places where dark rituals have taken place, including the famous “energy” places on Earth such as Stonehenge or Machu Picchu

How to Permanently Get Rid of Entities/Beings

demons-should-be-afraid-of-you-laurell-k-hamiltonThe best way to get rid of entities/beings permanently is to learn and heal from all your past and current issues. If you or someone else removes the entities/beings from your aura without you learning why or how they were created in the first place, you will have missed the purpose of their existence and the entities/beings (or other similar ones) can simply reattach to you later on when your defenses are down again. However, removing the entities/beings can be a good emergency relief, allowing you to recuperate enough to more successfully do the required shadow or healing work to prevent them from coming back in. Remember that removing entities/beings from your auric field does not automatically close the holes. The only thing that will actually close or seal the holes in your aura is the actual healing of the particular issue that caused that hole in the first place.

Reconnecting Your Holy Trinity

spirit-mind-bodyThe real Holy Trinity is actually the connection between our Body (physical body), Mind (mental and emotional bodies), and Spirit (our non-physical body that we share with everyone and everything in existence; therefore there is actually just one big spiritual body which our Higher Self is a part of). Before we can reconnect our own Holy Trinity, we need to obtain mastery or full control over our physical, mental, and emotional bodies which will then allow us to establish a strong connection to our spiritual body. Most people today cannot claim to have mastery or full control over their physical, mental, or emotional bodies. If they did then they would have perfect physical and mental health. No one in their right mind would want physical or mental health issues, yet many on Earth are suffering from some form of physical and mental health issue. This naturally indicates a lack of control or mastery over their multi-dimensional bodies. The following is a suggested shadow healing process I have used successfully for myself and my clients. It is holistic in that it comprehensively addresses all four multi-dimensional bodies or aspects of our self (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical). Our goal in life is to attain mastery over each of our four bodies. It’s like driving a car with each tire representing a body. If we do not have much control over each tire then the likelihood of us getting into accidents in life or not getting to our desired destination will be very high. In conjunction with the four-step process outlined below, I highly recommend reading Chapter 8 of JAL’s book Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality — How to ‘see’ the unseen and break free from the suffering caused by a narrow perception of reality and doing the 40-day Awareness of Reality practice detailed in the Appendix to support you energetically through the healing process. The special combination of yoga, pranayama, Qigong, and martial arts in the Awareness of Reality practice is designed to help you energetically thaw out and remove stuck issues thereby increasing your intuition and insight allowing you to more easily make connections and find the answers you are looking for which will significantly help speed up the healing process outlined below.

  1. Mental Body — Identify intellectually the root cause of the issue you want to resolve or heal. Go back as far as you can. If it goes back into past lifetimes then have a past-life regression session done to recall those memories. Otherwise, just focus on the current life event that repeated itself from past lifetimes.
  2. Emotional Body — Use the Recapitulation method to release energetically the toxic emotions, spirit attachments or negative energetic cords, and entities attached to the event.
  3. Spiritual Body — By this point you should have a lot more clarity about what really happened to you. Now it is time to apply the lessons learn and spiritual wisdom you have gained. Imagine the event again but this time with the lessons, wisdom and compassion you have gained and imagine how it could have been different. Recreate the past event in your mind to an ideal but realistic situation. What would you have done or said differently? What changes in your life would you have made to prevent the event or make the event positive? Once you are done changing the past event in your mind, you are now ready to have a real or actual heart-to-heart conversation with the person involved in the event to “make right your relations” by explaining to them honestly what happened to you, what you were thinking and feeling at the time, and what you have learned from the event and what you wished had happened instead based on the recreation of the past you just did. This is a great time to go through the process of forgiveness or to ask for forgiveness. At this point, you should not be overly emotional but are able to speak with deep compassion and understanding not only for yourself but also for the other person. This step ensures the negative energetic cords that you severed with the person in step 2 do not grow back. If the person is not living, then have a heart-to-heart conversation with their spirit as if they can hear you.
  4. Physical Body — Take behavioral or physical actions to counteract and undo the bad behaviors or bad habits you picked up as a result of the event or series of events in the past. For example, if you have a bad habit of not doing what you say you are going to do or by the time you say you are going to do it, then make sure you say things only if you are sure you can do it and make sure you do it by the time you say you are going to do it. Keep on doing this until you completely break the bad habit and formed the good habit in its place. By this point, this particular hole in  your aura should be gone or be completely healed so that no entities can ever get back in.

If you are struggling to do all this by yourself, you are welcome to do the 40-day Awareness of Reality practice with JAL and the Reconnecting Your Holy Trinity with Ngoc at the beautiful 60-acre Ardent Light Motherland in Costa Rica. See the Internships/Retreats page for more information about our very affordable 42-day Holistic Healing Internship or the Total FREEdom Internship at our mountain paradise.

See Monogamy: The Ultimate Path to Spiritual Enlightenment to learn about a powerful vehicle which will not only allow you to do this shadow work process a lot more effectively, but its ramifications promises to bring about a true evolution of Unconditional Love on Earth.

Dark Beings Can Perform Healings Too


Infamous John of God healer in Brazil

One of the biggest deception going on in the Cosmic Matrix is energy healers working with beings to do their healing work or people (psychics, mediums, channelers, shamans) channeling information from supposedly benevolent or enlightened beings. These beings are actually dark beings posing as light beings (e.g., angels, ascended masters, plant spirits, or advance aliens/ETs) and are actually performing real healing that is effective for people, or providing some accurate esoteric information. There is a misconception that dark beings would never do anything good and that they always do harm. However, dark beings are more than willing to share accurate (mixed with inaccurate or misleading) information, powerful techniques, or perform miraculous healings in exchange for energetic attachments to hosts. There is always a price to pay when working with dark beings masquerading as light beings. Being 4D/5D in nature, they can take on whatever form or appearance they wish to deceive so be aware of psychics, energy or angel healers, channelers, shamans, and mediums (most of the ones I have met look physically or energetically drained). Many dark beings are working through human beings who have opened up their psychic centers so these dark beings can push their parasitic control agenda. They usually feed the person’s ego by giving them “supernatural” powers through their assistance and many of them make a good living off of this and even fame while satisfying their desire to do good in the world. There is nothing wrong with opening up your psychic centers as this is a natural part of being human, but to work with beings from other dimensions is unnecessary and can do more harm than good. These beings hope that others will be so impressed and satisfied with their healing results that they will bring more people to them and even better yet, they will want to be a “healer” too and work with the being to heal others.

Though receiving these “healings” may sound great on the surface, if you think about the ramifications of having your issue or problem go away without any conscious work, learning lesson, or change in bad habits and behaviors on your part, then it is just another way to keep the root cause of the problem there. It is not in the best interest of these beings to have the root cause of your issue gone otherwise they will be without food and starve so many times these healings are just temporary and the problem will come back sooner or later if not in this lifetime then in the next. No one can escape the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Karma.

Alcohol & “Plant Medicines”

The word “alcohol” is said to come from the arabic term “Al-khul” which means “BODY-EATING SPIRIT” (also, is the origin of the term “ghoul”). In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. Hence its use in extracting essences for essential oils, and the sterilization of medical instruments. By consuming alcohol into the body, it in effect extracts the very essence of the soul, allowing the body to be more susceptible to neighboring entities most of which are of low frequencies (why do you think we call certain alcoholic beverages “SPIRITS?”). That is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often black out, not remembering what happened. This happens when the good soul (we were sent here with) leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate. The good soul jettisons the body, staying connected on a tether, and a dark entity takes the body for a joy ride around the block, often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage. Our bodies are cars for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity. ~ Stefan Jacobs

I am claircognizant. I believe everyone has a “clair” or psychic ability whether it is through one or more of the five senses or through direct download of information or data from the Ethernet (i.e., our 6th sense, also referred to as claircognizance) which just happens to be my main psychic channel, ability, and preference. The accuracy of a person’s “clair” highly depends on how grounded they are (i.e., how clear/clean their lower chakras are). The problem with “plant medicines” is that people are using them when they are not grounded (i.e., they still have many insecurities/fears/traumas related to their ego or individual self) and so the “plant medicine” opens up their upper chakras or portals giving them all kinds of visions, but at the same time an entryway for 4D/5D beings or entities to come in and implant very misleading “guidance,” “clarity,” and “healing” designed to keep the person from truly obtaining happiness on a human level (e.g., very deep, strong, loving, permanent and passionate monogamous relationship; financial, physical, mental, and emotional well-being; and loving and nurturing relationship with children and other close family members). One of the most misleading teachings of the New Age movement is that spiritual connection/awakening is only about having psychic visions or powers, knowing your life mission or purpose in life (which usually involves helping others in some way), and experiencing Oneness and Bliss. The Truth is that we must completely heal from our Past first (by consciously processing it, not avoiding, negating, or distorting it) in order to have the deep, meaningful, core personal human relationships we all need to be truly happy on both a human (lower chakras) and spiritual (upper chakras) level. Once the lower chakras are taken care of the upper chakras will naturally take care of themselves. We incarnated in physical human bodies on Earth to experience being human, not to be “spiritual” or in spirit form because we are already a spirit. In other words, the primary purpose of our incarnation here in this 3D plane is to learn how to be a healthy and happy physical 3D human being in an environment that does not support that so that we can learn how to embody Unconditional Love in 3D reality to change that unsupportive environment. However, we can only do this when we completely face and process our personal and collective Past and Present. From my experience with people who take “plant medicines” (including my own experience participating in a cacao ceremony for example), the “plant medicines” produce ungrounded people who have amazing visions of the future and spiritual messages (and heal from some issues like drug addiction and cancer, but increase in others issues) but are incapable of making it a physical reality for themselves and others on a more human, Earthly, and permanent basis.

Ayahuasca goddess as depicted by shaman Luis Tamani

Not everything in Creation or Nature was created for human use because there are many other sentient beings that Mother Nature cares for, too, and have created some plants especially for them or the symbiotic relationship of the ecosystem. If humans did not destroy the environment in the first place and cause such mental and physical misery on this planet, there would be zero need for plant medicines or healing. My goal in this lifetime (to the extent that I can) is to put all healers and doctors out of business (and this includes myself) because the need for medicines and healers indicates that there is human suffering in the world. In the meantime, I do know that plant medicines for the physical body can be very useful. However, plant medicines for mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments are just too easy to abuse and is too dangerous of a path for most people. As much as we would love to take shortcuts and be quickly healed physically, emotionally, or mentally (i.e., not have to do the real work), we will miss out on true spiritual experience and an authentic and permanent awakening of the Heart if we come to rely on plant medicines for our body and mind. Yes, I too have sought healing or transcendence for a long time, but I realized after trying out many of the “cart before the horse” methods such as plant medicines, Sufi dancing, kundalini yoga, transcendental meditation, Tantric sex, etc., that true happiness or spirituality is not about achieving an altered state of consciousness but simply and genuinely healing from our own and collective Past and Present using some very direct confrontational methods using our normal everyday 3D waking-state consciousness in which we have full control and awareness of our being. Allowing a plant medicine to direct our consciousness is NOT taking control of our self, but rather we are relinquishing control or our will power to a plant spirit (i.e., give our power away).

Learn More About Entities/Beings

learn-more-signsIf you are interested in learning more about entities/beings, I recommend the following resources. The only thing I would caution against is that most of them want to sell their entity/being clearing service so that is why they will not let you know that you can actually do this yourself and do it permanently which is why I felt the need to write this article. Some will even say that you cannot do this yourself because it has to be a “life calling” or a purpose you were born with. I would also recommend staying away from those who actually work with other beings to remove entities/beings for you as good beings would never interfere or help in this way.

Similarities & Differences With Bernhard Guenther’s Views

(NEW SECTION ADDED 5/16/2017) Someone asked me recently if I knew Bernhard Guenther because his Piercing the Veil of Reality blog covered similar topics. I actually did not know of him until this person mentioned him so these past couple of days I watched three of Bernhard’s YouTube videos and read several articles on his blog to get a good idea of what his views are. I did not add any of his works to the list above because even though he and I agree on the New Age movement (see my The Hidden Agenda of the Law of Attraction blog article), there were several other areas where our views diverged. If you are already familiar with his blog and have already read this blog article, then you probably already know where we differ. For those who are not familiar with Bernhard and just to summarize, we differ in the following:

  • Though Bernhard agrees there are deceitful hyper-dimensional beings that channel truth mixed with lies, he believes there are also good aliens or hyper-dimensional beings who channel only truthful information. I do not believe good non-incarnate beings would interfere with us in any way for the reasons stated in this blog article. As souls, we incarnate on this Earth plane not to cheat (i.e., receive help from good non-incarnate beings who have all the answers) but to prove our spiritual mettle in the midst of darkness (i.e., lack of information, misinformation, corruption). Good non-incarnate beings would never want to help you cheat anyways knowing that cheating is wrong and would hamper the soul’s spiritual evolution.
  • Bernhard believes in Organic Portals (OPs), human begins who have no souls (and therefore no conscience) who act as portals for these deceitful hyper-dimensional beings. As inferred from this blog article, I do not believe a human vehicle can be alive without a soul inhabiting it or at least connected to it. What happens to create a psychopath is that the soul takes the backseat (for whatever reason such as fear, depression, programming, drugged, crisis mode, etc.) and allows the dark non-human being to take over the driver seat full-time or part-time. Dark non-human beings and entities are not souls and therefore cannot give life to the human vehicle. Believing in OPs has dangerous ramifications. Instead of trying to connect spiritually with the other person, you would simply try to remove your own buttons so they can no longer push them. It also justifies killing OPs since they supposedly have no souls. Either one of these will delay our path to enlightenment by preventing our mastery over our Spiritual body as described in this blog article.
  • Bernhard advocates the use of “plant medicines” to help heal mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. I do not for the reasons stated in this blog article. Allowing a plant to alter your mental, emotional, or spiritual body for you essentially takes control away from you because you do not know how to alter your own mental, emotional, or spiritual body. You are at the mercy of a plant spirit and have no idea what this plant spirit is doing to you exactly. Notice that the Reconnecting Your Holy Trinity method detailed in this blog article is all about you yourself consciously and with full control altering and mastering your own mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.