Biodynamic Organic Farming

Though the standard organic farming principles of avoiding all man-made chemicals is a good step in the right direction, Biodynamic organic farming goes way beyond standard organic farming to also address the energetic, cosmic, and spiritual aspects of our physical world. With the current levels of agricultural and environmental pollution, Biodynamic farming will be key to quickly healing the earth and ourselves and to permanently reverse the environmental devastation because it addresses the root cause of all backwards behavior and thinking: our disconnection to the invisible world of spirit and its forces.

Discovered Over 100 Years Ago

Rudolph Steiner

Biodynamic farming was discovered over 100 years ago by an Austrian scientist and philosopher named Rudolph Steiner who made incredible breakthroughs in various fields with his greatest contribution in agriculture. After World War I, many farmers were not able to grow food due to the destruction of soil from warfare, chemical weapons, and many other problems. During this time of agricultural disaster, Steiner gave a series of eight lectures which have since become famous, and the foundation of Biodynamic farming. Using his methods, the farmers of Europe were able to restore their land and start thriving again. However, another war soon followed, and with the dawn of modern day “for profit” chemical-based agriculture shortly after that, much of Steiner’s discoveries were buried and forgotten, until the last two decades…

Cannot Be Explained By Mainstream Science

The methods of Biodynamic farming will seem very odd to the newcomer or person who does not understand that this world (including ourselves) are a lot more than just physical. For this reason, mainstream science cannot explain why it works. Biodynamic farming can:

  • Produce the most incredible tasting and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables way beyond that of conventional, or even organic farming
  • Have amazing healing effects on the human body and the earth, turning dead soil and dead plants into alive, incredibly radiant life giving soil and thriving plants
  • Greatly increase harvest yields of all fruit and vegetables

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