permaculture a designers manualPermaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison that is short for “permanent agriculture”. First taught by Bill Mollison in January 1981, permaculture is a strategic method of growing food and raw materials that creates stable, productive, diverse, low-maintenance, and resilient natural ecosystems. These natural ecosystems not only provide food, but also energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable, self-regulating, and harmonious way. He developed the principles and practices of permaculture by studying patterns in Nature. As Bill Mollison states in his book Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual:



The end result of the adoption of permaculture strategies in any country or region will be to dramatically reduce the area of the agricultural environment needed by the households and the settlements of the people, and to release much of the landscape for the sole use of wildlife and for re-occupation by endemic flora. Respect for all life-forms is a basic, and in fact essential, ethic for all people…The role of beneficial authority is to relinquish power (return function and responsibility) to life and to people; if successful, no further authority is needed. The role of successful design is to create a self-managed system.

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