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DivorceAs we learned in the Our ‘Fall’ From Grace & Our Return to Eden blog article, the monetary system was responsible for breaking apart families so that they now live in the smallest family unit possible, sadly even as a single parent and their children (see Monogamy: The Ultimate Path to Spiritual Enlightenment to learn more). The lack of daily support and help, and the stress and loneliness people feel skyrocketed as a result. The main reason why many might find themselves feeling closer to friends or coworkers than family members is because they spend more time with friends and coworkers than with family members if you consider the number of hours family members spend away from each other due to school during their childhood and then due to work during their adulthood. In monetary and government systems we actually spend more time with friends and coworkers through school (and extracurricular activities) and work almost all our lives (about 5 days a week, 8-12 hours each day). By the time we come home, we either have homework to do or housework to do or we are just too tired to spend much quality time with our family. Whatever time we do have left on weeknights or weekends is usually spent on entertainment to distract us from the daily stresses and unhappiness instead of actually talking to each other, getting to know each other, and developing a lifelong bond.

How Money & Government Systems Replaced the Tribe

torn-apart-by-moneyMoney and government systems replaced the larger family support that the tribe (or network of tribes or intentional communities) use to provide (or can provide) for FREE. The monetary system forced these small families to work hard to earn money so they could buy or pay for products or services directly, or pay indirectly by paying the government money in the form of taxes and fines/penalties (for not following government rules, regulations, or laws). The following table illustrates how money and governments replaced what tribes use to provide (or can provide given some advancement in technologies) for FREE:

Service/Product Monetary & Government Systems
Babysitting or childcare Need to pay for
Teach their children Pay directly or indirectly for School/Education Institution
Physical protection Pay indirectly for police department
Protection from fire Pay indirectly for fire department and directly for fire/homeowner’s insurance
Emotional help Pay psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches
Medical help Pay doctors, nurses, hospitals, alternative health practitioners, health insurance
Housing/shelter Need to pay for
Food Need to pay for (most food is processed or prepackaged, not fresh)
Utilities & Fuel Need to pay for
Personal Care Items Need to pay for
Household Items Need to pay for
Entertainment Need to pay for
Transportation, Roads Need to pay for directly and indirectly

How Tribes Can Provide Everything for FREE

CooperationOne thing that might be hard to understand is how a network of tribes can provide everything we need and want for free. It is impossible for a single tribe to provide everything for free, but a large network of tribes cooperating with each other can come together and decide who will be responsible for what and with that level of cooperation we can produce and provide all that we need for free including the infrastructure for travel and transportation between tribes such as roads and highways and high-tech items such as cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, airplanes, phones, computers, and the Internet. All we need to do is agree to do our part to provide each other with everything we need for free. We are simply expanding the free sharing, giving, and cooperation that already exists in the nuclear family to the much broader human family.

The Real Financial FREEdom

Many people dream of becoming financially independent and not having to work for someone else anymore. They usually strive to become rich by working very hard for many years putting aside money in the stock market with the hope of retiring with enough money for the rest of their years (if the stock market happens to be a bull market when the person retires). If the person is successful at becoming rich, then the rich person usually keeps on working to get richer. If the person does not succeed in becoming rich, then they wait after working all those years for retirement, when they can receive a small pension (if the pension is not yet depleted by an insolvent government/corporation by the time the person retires) that barely covers their basic necessities. In either case, both forget they have a life to enjoy and share. The truth is that we do not have to wait until we become rich or retire in order to start gaining independence from the monetary system. Instead of retirees using their pension to pay bills, they can use it for creative endeavors because their main necessities will already be taken care of in this model of tribal living.

Tribal living is a sustainable alternative for achieving true financial FREEdom. In the monetary system, as we pay our bills, we are only covering our current expenses, but not our future ones. The only thing we can expect about our future bills in this way of life is that they will go up, and we will need more money to pay for them, thereby keeping us in a vicious cycle of dependency, or as some would call slavery. Now, imagine that as we pay our current bills for those products and services we need now, we are also paying for the future ones in such way that the bills actually decrease over time, and eventually disappear (become zero or free). In other words, as we spend on what we need now to become self-sufficient, we invest to gain true financial FREEdom in the future that will not only last a lifetime but for all future generations to come. Mother Nature is always more generous than Uncle Sam.

How Monetary Systems Created Government Systems

Since money replaced the tribe for everything we needed, money (not the level of bonding with others) then became critical for survival. When an inanimate object is tied to survival, it encourages people to hoard it or even steal it for fear of not being able to earn enough money to survive. The monetary system therefore creates an artificial sense of scarcity. People also soon learned that they could easily have power over others because money was now a powerful object that everyone needed for survival. They then tried to accumulate, hoard, or steal a lot of money in order to “buy” out people and have others do what they want. To protect people from stealing from each other and harming each other, certain people were given the power to protect the populace and they became known as governments, eventually expanding their “social” services over time to not only include police and military, but also fire departments, tax collection, legislators, court systems, prisons, schools, etc. With the establishment of governments, individual sovereignty (the right to govern oneself or one’s tribe or family) was replaced by a large centralized control group that has extensive power over the populace. To understand how the monetary system is the most successful mind control program in human history, see The Most Successful Mind Control Program in Human History.

How to Make Monetary & Government Systems Disappear

This change cannot happen overnight. The right conditions must be created first in order for this to happen. To start creating these right conditions, there needs to be more tribal communities living and sustaining themselves as much as they can off the land. The idea is to start moving people out of the monetary and government systems one by one and into a self-sufficient, sovereign, self-governing tribe by following the suggested steps outlined in The Path to Total FREEdom for ALL blog article. As the 99% realize that there is a viable, alternative way of living (without money but with abundance, the opposite of being homeless), that they would rather work for themselves and their future generations rather than work for the 1%, government, or money, there will eventually be almost no one left in government, police, or military (only the 1% will be left) to enforce the government laws and the game will be over. In the beginning, these pioneering tribes may be living simply and humbly in order to free themselves from the shackles of the monetary system. As more tribes are formed, more modern conveniences will be available as tribes cooperate with each other to produce or provide different or more complicated products or services.

How to Make Tribal Living Successful

Since we are just beginning to form our own tribe at Ardent Light, we are not speaking from personal experience on this topic. All we have is the guidance of our own Heart, a deep desire and commitment to make this work, and inspiration from other already formed tribal communities. Please see the Our Experiment in Tribal Living blog article to learn how we feel we could make tribal living successful.

FREE Books/Publications

We have found some e-books or publications on the Internet that might be useful in learning how to build a successful community and learn skills that would be useful for creating harmony and cooperation among tribe members. For those who learn best by reading books, any good or inspiring books or publications on this topic that we find on the Internet will be put in the subfolder titled “Building Community” in the “Anastasia” Google Drive folder for all to view and download for FREE. Any valuable lessons we learn or experiences we accumulate over time will be posted as blog articles under the category Tribal Living. Other useful web resources will be listed here:

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youtube-logoFor those who learn best by watching videos, any good or inspiring YouTube videos on this topic that we find on the Internet will be added to the “Building Community” Ardent Light YouTube channel playlist. All other good FREE videos about building community we find on the Internet, will be posted here in this section of the page.

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Internships are a great way to experience what is like to live in a tribal community. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, see the Internships, Retreats, Volunteering page.