Enlightenment: Freedom From All Suffering

wb051432Enlightenment, translated from the Sanskrit and Pali word bodhi refers to the state of absolute freedom from samsara or all forms of suffering, addiction, and ignorance. Enlightenment is a permanent shift in consciousness allowing one to constantly see the real nature of Reality, a reality that is so perfect and absolute it destroys all illusions. From this new perspective, all fear is gone because there is nothing to fear any more. The individual is considered untouchable by the illusion of Life. Historically, enlightenment has been portrayed as an extremely difficult state to achieve limited to only a few in the world who have perfected themselves through a thousand lifetimes such as Gautama Buddha. Thousands of years later, more and more people are waking up to the Reality of who they really are because they too have already evolved to a point in human evolution where it is not necessary anymore to continue the illusion. The truth is that everyone is actually already enlightened, but they are just pretending not be enlightened because they have their own evolutionary timeline in order to have certain experiences on Earth. Their human self if not aware of this pretense but their spiritual self is always aware of this pretense. Most of us actually become enlightened upon death because the illusion of the physical world is stripped away and we are forced to experience ourselves as spiritual beings. We forget this state when we reincarnate back into the Earth plane.

The New Era: Golden Age of Humanity

December 21, 2012 (Winter Solstice) marks the beginning or birth of a new era, a new planet, and a new humanity. It is the time of the year of the 365-day Solar calendar when the time of darkness reaches its maximum and will begin to recede as the amount of daylight increases. What makes the 2012 Solar Year Winter Solstice even more significant is that it is also the Pleiadian Year Winter Solstice which occurs only once every 25,860 years (the time it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around the center of the Pleiadian cluster) and the Galactic Year Winter Solstice which occurs only once every 225 million years (the time it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around the Milky Way galaxy). It is the day when the Earth is farthest away from the center of the Pleiadian cluster and our Milky Way galaxy and thus the maximum amount of darkness. In astrological and spiritual terms, we are in the deepest depths of darkness, as distant from the Divine Light/Source as we can get which is great news because that means we have hit rock bottom and will now bounce back up into a new Golden Age of Enlightenment.

The New You: The Seven Stages of Enlightenment

Though most people think of enlightenment as a final stage to attain, it can also be considered a gradual process of awakening with distinct stages or phases one goes through. It is not uncommon for many now to experience glimpses of later stages of enlightenment and then return back to their current state. The good news is that everyone without exception eventually progresses through all stages. Each stage of enlightenment corresponds to one of the seven chakras in our energy body (see Yoga article for description of each chakra). The following describes each stage:

  1. Survival/Status stage (root chakra) – This first stage is actually considered a stage of no enlightenment or zero enlightenment. In this stage, we are more concerned with either physical survival (getting food to eat and a place for shelter and sleep) or physical status such as earning lots of money, making our physical bodies attractive, living in big homes, driving fancy cars, having impressive job titles, political, economic, social, and political power.
  2. Desire to Do Good stage (sacral chakra) – We have a desire to do something creative or social that would benefit others beyond our immediate family. We start thinking about the purpose of our life but are not sure what it is yet.
  3. Identification of Life Purpose stage (navel chakra) – We discover what our purpose is in life and use our newfound clarity and will power to act upon it.
  4. Internal Focus stage (heart chakra) – We realize that all answers come from within our heart as we start to move our focus from the external world into our internal world and stop reacting to external input or stimuli.
  5. Control over the External World (throat chakra) – We realize the illusion of the external world and how we can actually control what manifests in the physical world through the power of our word or intention.
  6. Oneness stage (third eye chakra) – We see the true nature of Reality, that we are really all a part of the same radiance, where the division between ourselves disappear. In this stage, you see yourself in everyone and everything and treat everyone and everything with such awe and respect. It is in this stage that we can merge heaven and earth, the non-physical and the physical, and all duality.
  7. God-Realization state (crown chakra) – We merge with God and only God exists. The beholder becomes the radiance itself. There is no one to behold the radiance. This state is also referred to as the Void or Emptiness that is beyond all time and space, but from whence everything came. People who achieve and stay in this last state of enlightenment can not hold onto a physical body for more than a few weeks. For this reason, it will be extremely difficult to find anyone in this stage of enlightenment still living in a physical body on earth.

The following table shows the seven stages of enlightenment and how they correlate to the seven chakras, seven dimensions, and levels of awareness:

Stage Chakra Dimension Awareness Example
1st Survival/Status root 1D point rocks, minerals
2nd Desire to Do Good sacral 2D point, line plants, lower animal kingdom
3rd Identification of Life Purpose navel 3D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time humans, higher animal kingdom
4th Internal Focus heart 4D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart astral/emotional body
5th Control Over External World throat 5D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind mental/intellectual body
6th Oneness third-eye 6D* point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind, soul causal body/soul
7th God-Realization crown 7D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind, soul, spirit spiritual body

* 6th stage of enlightenment is the ideal state for living on the new 5D Earth. We need 6D awareness to perceive a 5D reality.

The New Earth: Stabilizing in the Sixth Stage of Enlightenment

The ideal state for existence in physical bodies on Earth, is the sixth state of enlightenment which corresponds with the fifth dimension of consciousness. Many are now experiencing this state of enlightenment and even the seventh state of enlightenment but are unable to maintain it for too long. As one continues their quest for self-knowledge and self-healing, they will be more able to stabilize in this sixth stage. The amount of time it takes for a person to go through the various stages of enlightenment varies depending on where the person is currently in their own evolutionary path on earth. See the Monogamy: The Ultimate Path to Spiritual Enlightenment article for the safest and most effective path to enlightenment I have found to date.

Beware of Divine Openings, ThetaHealing, Oneness Blessing/Deeksha, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, and Other Energy Healing Modalities

We no longer recommend energy healing modalities after our own personal experience either as practitioners or receivers of energy healing modalities. We have learned that that they can provide relief in some areas of your life but eventually worsen other areas of your life. The overall effect is to delay our process of enlightenment which is essentially our ability to permanently remove all wounds and insecurities thereby preserving and even increasing the conscious and unconscious negative energies entities and dark non-human beings need to sustain themselves (see Beyond the Earth Matrix: Soul-Harvesting in the Cosmic Matrix & How to Free Yourself blog article to learn all about higher dimensional entities and beings). The problem with energy healing modalities is that they work directly with your energy field which is your subconscious mind making it very easy to not only change things there but make you vulnerable to hyper-dimensional interference in the form of misleading channeled information masked as “intuition” or guidance from “Source”, “God”, or other supposedly benevolent being; vampiric or parasitical energy feeding; and/or even possession.

Below are others who have discovered similar things about these “energy” healing modalities: