Enlightenment: Freedom From All Suffering

wb051432Enlightenment, translated from the Sanskrit and Pali word bodhi refers to the state of absolute freedom from samsara or all forms of suffering, addiction, and ignorance. Enlightenment is a permanent shift in consciousness allowing one to constantly see the real nature of Reality, a reality that is so perfect and absolute it destroys all illusions. From this new perspective, all fear is gone because there is nothing to fear any more. The individual is considered untouchable by the illusion of Life. Historically, enlightenment has been portrayed as an extremely difficult state to achieve limited to only a few in the world who have perfected themselves through a thousand lifetimes such as Gautama Buddha. Thousands of years later, more and more people are waking up to the Reality of who they really are because they too have already evolved to a point in human evolution where it is not necessary anymore to continue the illusion. The truth is that everyone is actually already enlightened, but they are just pretending not be enlightened because they have their own evolutionary timeline in order to have certain experiences on Earth. Their human self if not aware of this pretense but their spiritual self is always aware of this pretense. Most of us actually become enlightened upon death because the illusion of the physical world is stripped away and we are forced to experience ourselves as spiritual beings. We forget this state when we reincarnate back into the Earth plane.

The New Era: Golden Age of Humanity

December 21, 2012 (Winter Solstice) marks the beginning or birth of a new era, a new planet, and a new humanity. It is the time of the year of the 365-day Solar calendar when the time of darkness reaches its maximum and will begin to recede as the amount of daylight increases. What makes the 2012 Solar Year Winter Solstice even more significant is that it is also the Pleiadian Year Winter Solstice which occurs only once every 25,860 years (the time it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around the center of the Pleiadian cluster) and the Galactic Year Winter Solstice which occurs only once every 225 million years (the time it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around the Milky Way galaxy). It is the day when the Earth is farthest away from the center of the Pleiadian cluster and our Milky Way galaxy and thus the maximum amount of darkness. In astrological and spiritual terms, we are in the deepest depths of darkness, as distant from the Divine Light/Source as we can get which is great news because that means we have hit rock bottom and will now bounce back up into a new Golden Age of Enlightenment.

The New You: The Seven Stages of Enlightenment

Though most people think of enlightenment as a final stage to attain, it can also be considered a gradual process of awakening with distinct stages or phases one goes through. It is not uncommon for many now to experience glimpses of later stages of enlightenment and then return back to their current state. The good news is that everyone without exception eventually progresses through all stages. Each stage of enlightenment corresponds to one of the seven chakras in our energy body (see Yoga article for description of each chakra). The following describes each stage:

  1. Survival/Status stage (root chakra) – This first stage is actually considered a stage of no enlightenment or zero enlightenment. In this stage, we are more concerned with either physical survival (getting food to eat and a place for shelter and sleep) or physical status such as earning lots of money, making our physical bodies attractive, living in big homes, driving fancy cars, having impressive job titles, political, economic, social, and political power.
  2. Desire to Do Good stage (sacral chakra) – We have a desire to do something creative or social that would benefit others beyond our immediate family. We start thinking about the purpose of our life but are not sure what it is yet.
  3. Identification of Life Purpose stage (navel chakra) – We discover what our purpose is in life and use our newfound clarity and will power to act upon it.
  4. Internal Focus stage (heart chakra) – We realize that all answers come from within our heart as we start to move our focus from the external world into our internal world and stop reacting to external input or stimuli.
  5. Control over the External World (throat chakra) – We realize the illusion of the external world and how we can actually control what manifests in the physical world through the power of our word or intention.
  6. Oneness stage (third eye chakra) – We see the true nature of Reality, that we are really all a part of the same radiance, where the division between ourselves disappear. In this stage, you see yourself in everyone and everything and treat everyone and everything with such awe and respect. It is in this stage that we can merge heaven and earth, the non-physical and the physical, and all duality.
  7. God-Realization state (crown chakra) – We merge with God and only God exists. The beholder becomes the radiance itself. There is no one to behold the radiance. This state is also referred to as the Void or Emptiness that is beyond all time and space, but from whence everything came. People who achieve and stay in this last state of enlightenment can not hold onto a physical body for more than a few weeks. For this reason, it will be extremely difficult to find anyone in this stage of enlightenment still living in a physical body on earth.

The following table shows the seven stages of enlightenment and how they correlate to the seven chakras, seven dimensions, and levels of awareness:

Stage Chakra Dimension Awareness Example
1st Survival/Status root 1D point rocks, minerals
2nd Desire to Do Good sacral 2D point, line plants, lower animal kingdom
3rd Identification of Life Purpose navel 3D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time humans, higher animal kingdom
4th Internal Focus heart 4D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart astral/emotional body
5th Control Over External World throat 5D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind mental/intellectual body
6th Oneness third-eye 6D* point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind, soul causal body/soul
7th God-Realization crown 7D point, line, width, length, height, volume/space, time, heart, mind, soul, spirit spiritual body

* 6th stage of enlightenment is the ideal state for living on the new 5D Earth. We need 6D awareness to perceive a 5D reality.

The New Earth: Stabilizing in the Sixth Stage of Enlightenment

The ideal state for existence in physical bodies on Earth, is the sixth state of enlightenment which corresponds with the fifth dimension of consciousness. Many are now experiencing this state of enlightenment and even the seventh state of enlightenment but are unable to maintain it for too long. As time goes on, there will be more opportunities for stabilizing in this sixth stage. Divine Openings are enlightenment initiations that provide these opportunities for those who have already experienced the higher states of enlightenment but could not sustain them, as well as initiate the permanent process of enlightenment in those who have never experience any of the higher states of enlightenment. The amount of time it takes for a person to go through the various stages of enlightenment varies depending on where the person is currently in their own evolutionary path on earth. When someone has stabilized in stage five, they are ready for a special enlightenment initiation session designed to awaken them into stage six and stage seven and then stabilize in stage six. Optional Life/Health/Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Intelligence training, Pranayama, Yoga, and Meditation practices help accelerate the process of enlightenment and stabilize at the sixth stage.

Enlightenment Initiation/Acceleration (Divine Openings)

Divine Openings are given by Ngoc Luzardo who was initiated by Lola Jones as a Divine Opening Giver on January 15, 2011. These sessions have the power to open your seven major energy centers so that any emotional blockages stuck in your energy and physical body can naturally move out leading to an increase flow of Divine energy through all the chakras. Some refer to this as the rising or uncoiling of “kundalini,” a Sanskrit term that means coiled. Others may refer to it as being “touched by the Holy Spirit.” Red, yin kundalini is a dense coiled energy that sits at the base of our spine restricting the flow of energy through our chakras. It is uncoiled during and after Divine Openings unblocking the flow of energy through each chakra. As it rises through each chakra, all emotional issues related to that chakra are released. Issues that you may or may not be aware of surface for a complete mental and spiritual detoxification. Divine Openings also opens the crown chakra so that golden, yang kundalini energy can come down through the crown and unite with the red kundalini to stabilize the awakening process. Divine, clear, radiant kundalini energy is also activated and emerges first from the heart chakra and then from each of the other chakras which safely and permanently initiates and accelerates the process of enlightenment.

Divine Openings energy is an activating energy. It activates your Divine Self (i.e., Higher Self, Larger Self), your Universal Intelligence, and your Divine Blueprint. It’s about waking up the whole you, reconnecting and activating 10 new strands of DNA that were called “junk DNA” by the medical establishment. Upon spiritual awakening with Divine Openings, your entire reality shifts. Questions you’d grappled with for a long time are answered as your Divine Intelligence awakens, or those old questions simply become irrelevant from your new perspective. Your blind spots start coming to the surface giving you the opportunity to free yourself from their unconscious grip.

Different From Oneness Blessings, Deeksha, Matrix Energetics, Reiki

Not all spiritual enlightenment energies and spiritual healing energies are alike. Just like different radio stations vibrate at various frequencies with some more powerful, broadcasting more megawatts, Divine Openings is more powerful and with with a higher intention. Not only are all energies different in purpose and scope, they also have different “strengths of dilution”. For example, if Pure Source is a “100% concentrate”, a lot of energy work modalities out there is about a “20% tincture” of Pure Source. Divine Openings is actually not “energy work”, it’s much more than that. This Grace is more than energy – it’s also light and intelligence, intention and pure power. It is a very high concentrate of Source Energy/Light/Intelligence and works quickly and en masse.

What’s in a Divine Openings Session

Each two and a half hour session includes the following (in the order listed):

Prayer or Intention Setting Setting an intention for the session via a silent prayer or visualization is a powerful way to focus yourself and send a message to your innermost self to materialize what you want during and after the session. To maximize the effectiveness of the Divine Openings, it is highly recommended that you do a Holistic Health Consultation with Ngoc first if you are not clear yet what your emotional, mental, and physical issues are and their root causes. Having this specific knowledge will make the intention setting a lot more powerful and focused.
Kundalini Yoga Spine Warm-Up Gentle Kundalini yoga and Sufi warm-up exercises for the spinal cord help prepare the body for the Tibetan yoga that follows.
The Five Rites (Tibetan Yoga) The Tibetan Five Rites is an ancient “Fountain of Youth” exercise for healing, rejuvenation, and longevity practiced by Tibetan monks (includes alternative poses for those with less flexible bodies as well as an option to visualize doing the practice if person is unable to do any form of yoga at all). The Rites help remove blocks on the level of the physical body and energy body. It activates the seven major chakras and harmonizes/synchronizes their spinning paving a smooth path for uninterrupted flow or rise of Divine energy through the chakras.
Chakra Fire Breathing Circle The Chakra Fire Breathing Circle further activates and energizes each chakra and synchronizes their spinning with each other as well as harmonizing the participant’s chakras with the chakras of the Divine Openings Giver.
Divine Mother Hug Divine Mother Hugs are great for gently opening and softening the heart chakra, soothing you and allowing you to soften up any resistance inside you. Even if you do not feel anything, it still works on the energy and non-physical levels of your being. Divine Mother Hugs help prepare you for the accelerating energy of a Divine Opening.
Divine Opening Participant sits in silent meditation as the enlightenment initiation begins. When the initiation is complete, the participant is instructed to lie down for at least 15 minutes to allow their physical and non-physical bodies to attune itself to the highly organized and intelligent Divine field of resonance invoked by Ngoc.
Divine Physical Healing It is not uncommon for physical symptoms or problems to miraculously disappear during or after a Divine Opening as a side effect of the releasing of energy blockages. It usually happens some time after the session when the person is asleep because during sleep, the mind goes through periods where it shuts off or quiets down which then removes any resistance in them (this is why everyone looks like an angel when they are asleep). However, as an added bonus, participant will also receive a Divine Physical Healing which is specifically geared towards the physical healing of the body. Divine Physical Healing sessions may be given independently of a Divine Opening session if a person wants to focus more on the physical healing of their body (see The Future of Medicine for details).
Book Study Discussion Group Ongoing, online support in the form of a self-paced, yet interactive online book study discussion community facilitated by Ngoc is provided to participants after their first Divine Opening session to help them maintain their attunement to the Divine field of resonance, help successfully release surfaced emotions, and share their experiences and inspiration with others. Membership in the online book study is free to participants and the only material that needs to be purchased (if participant does not already have it) is the Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality–How to ‘See’ the Unseen and Break Free From the Suffering Caused by a Narrow Perception of Reality book which also features a powerful 40-day yoga, qigong, martial arts, and emotional recapitulation practice in the appendix.

After my first Divine Opening I felt less anxious, “lighter”. I loved reading the first Chapter of the book, it gives me peace and hope to finally find a state when as Ngoc says everything flows easy. I seem to find ways to solve problems more easily. My relations with others as my coworkers are so much easier. After my second Divine Opening with Ngoc I felt wonderful. During the session I saw visions of tons of paperwork flying away. I believe that means my worries about bills and deadlines will ease up. I see that vision again often. No more anxiousness, I can see how my shyness goes away when in a group. Decisions at work go through without effort. I see people beautiful even if before they were my least favorite. When I feel an unwanted feeling invading me I try to make it go through me without getting stuck. I need more practice at that though. My energy level has gone up without doing anything different. I can’t wait for my third D.O. session! Thank you Ngoc! – Jennifer M. Peters

I do feel lighter and seem to find answers easier. Love feels me up so easily. I was able to come up with a beautiful greeting to my Persian friends for new year, so effortlessly, I could not believe it myself. I feel more secure when presenting my ideas at work. Things as simple as planning dinner seem to come about easier. I am not woried about the future like I used to. I live more in the present. I am guardian of a couple of international students and seems that it has become so clear to me now that my role in their lives is so much more than just a guardian. I am responsible of how they develop, how they do in school and how they feel about themselves, I am able to love them as my children. I have felt unexplained emotions like sadness or joy. I am able though to let the feelings go through me easier, with less stress. I do feel my center more solid, stronger. I have had many blissful moments and things bother me less for sure. Problems and issues are getting solved just but me letting them follow the course of things. I have felt the downloads of energies. It was a new bliss and I am not sure if anybody notices it, because I have not heard any comments but it feels great! My body moves easily when I walk, like my knees are so relaxed… I have resolved a relationship with my brother. It is amazing, talking to him is much easier, no jealousy or judgement involved, it is great! I just came back from a 3 day backpacking trip. It was amazing to enjoy nature and the people in the group from this new enlightened mode. I had such a great time, the words that came out of my mouth effortless were always appropriate, caring, smart. I was able to see the positive in others at most times. My son told me I was weird. I am a much stronger person. I realize how much more than just a brain and a body I am. I am not afraid of death. I know I am part of this continuous human evolution. I have definitely experienced the initial steps: relaxation, sense that all is fine…I am experiencing oneness and unconditional love, but it comes in waves and when it does it feels wonderful! – Mara Klein

I’ve been receiving Divine Openings from Lola Jones’s book “Things Are Going Great in my Absence: How to Let Go and Let the Divine Do the Heavy Lifting” and from her Level 1 Online Course for about 2 years now. What was different about receiving it from Ngoc? Well, she received visions during the sessions, and her revelation of it guided me and encouraged me. And sometimes, her vision would be the same as the one I received during the session, and so it would confirm what I experienced! The pre-session activities such as the Tibetan Five Rites enlarged my pipes, making the Divine Grace flow more easily. There is not much talk until after the session, which helped me drop my story and feel my feelings. And since these sessions, I’ve felt a profound peace and a sense of safety, love and support. I’ve also become more creative and I recently wrote my two best poems that moved people to tears totally effortlessly! Thanks, Ngoc! 🙂 – Breakthrough Awakening Kundan

In the past, every time I write a new poem that is awesome, I’ve always been afraid that my next poem won’t be as awesome. This fear has sometimes blocked me from writing new poems.This is also because I rarely edit my poems. They usually come out as complete poems all at once, and if I don’t like what I’ve written, I just scratch it out and write a completely new one – thus, no editing. Yet, shortly after receiving a Divine Openings from Ngoc Luzardo, I wrote a new poem 2 days in a row that I KNOW are awesome! I am no longer afraid that my next poem won’t be as awesome. Neither do I expect myself to write a new poem every day. I am just very relaxed about this. 🙂 I think this is a HUGE breakthrough for me! So, Thank you! 🙂 – Breakthrough Awakening Kundan

I had several Divine Openings and since Divine Openings my life is totally transforming for the better. I feel that I vibrate on a higher level, I have more energy and my heart is opening up to new experiences. Even people around me noticed the difference. Prior to Divine Openings, I set the intention that I wanted to experience spiritual awakening and higher vibration. Divine Openings has been exactly the answer for this quest. My mind is cooperating amazingly with Divine Openings. I am very grateful that Divine Openings came to my life at the right time. I am very excited about what the future will bring with this higher level of awareness. After Divine Openings everything started to speed up in my life. I was faced with situations that i was not willing to face before, which helped me to resolve and let go of some “luggage”. I feel more confident and in peace with myself. I just have an inner knowing (most of the time) that everything is in a perfect order. I also noticed that people react to me differently, and i react to others differently as well with less judgements and more compassion. After Divine Openings I see things differently and negative events does not effect me that long, I find it easier to get back to balance. Feeling this openness constantly helps to let go of things that does not serve me anymore. I practiced meditation before Devine Opening, I always liked it, however, after Divine Openings my morning are much deeper and feels better. I cant get enough of it! Now even during the day I crave for meditation when I feel out of balance. When I am in a happier state, it is easier to see thing that I appreciate in my life. Before Divine Openings I focused on those things that was not working in my life more, now I notice more things that are going great in my life, spite of the fact that sometime the situation did not even changed. I definitely felt that group of people around me affected my way of thinking. I feel like now that I am developing my own Devine self, it is easier to stay in a higher vibration regardless of the environment. I feel a very big shifts in my relationships after Divine Openings… My relationships on all levels are transforming, becoming more loving and accepting. Relationships that were not good for me simply exits of my life and new and better relationships are coming in. It is amazing how relationships can transform when one person is more open and more loving. I definitely noticed that my self-talk became more positive and loving since Divine Openings.  – Gizella Turbok

I am beginning to work out my problems, everything is coming clearer I am gaining my self~control and mastery. I am using my voice to communicate in many new different ways. I am getting mixed feed back on both ends. I am still struggling a~bit. It looks good from here. It is a very healthy experience. – Richard Van Schaick

The Divine Opening with Ngoc was special, I saw, heard, and felt the expansion of the Chakras. Feeling more in tuned as a result. Meditating more often and attaining silence of the mind easier. Receiving & giving Unconditional Love has become more of a natural state of being. Acceptance and letting go has become way of Life like ever before. Awareness & consciousness have increased with a new perspective. – Juan El Chemi

Stage Six Enlightenment Initiation Session

A special enlightenment initiation session for the purpose of stabilizing in stage 6 enlightenment is only offered to a participant after they stabilize in stage 5. This session involves looking deeply into the eyes so it must be done in person. Participant experiences stage 6 enlightenment and then stage 7 and then goes back down to stabilize in stage 6. Stabilizing in stage 6 doesn’t mean that you can never go back down to a previous stage but that your new set point will be stage 6 so your ability to bounce back up is easier and more automatic. In stage 6, you are considered beyond suffering, untouchable by Life. You can experience pain without any mental suffering. You see the perfection of Reality at all times, even in the times you temporarily go back to an earlier stage. You do everything consciously or with conscious-awareness. See the 12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening for a good list of what to expect in this state of enlightenment. Eventually you will be able to hold simultaneously the seeming paradox of Absolute Truth (nirvana, the unmanifest, perfection, where there is nothing arising and where nothing bothers you) versus relative truth (samsara, where everything arises, and is currently a very painful situation). The goal is to manifest the Absolute Truth of perfection into the relative truth of this planet  (i.e., creating Heaven on Earth) so the paradox can be resolved once and for all.

Private Sessions (In-Person)

At least three 2.5 hour (or five 30-minute) private Divine Openings spaced at least a week apart are recommended for major shifts and changes to occur in an individual. In-person 2.5 hour or 30-minute private sessions are done at the Ardent Light Motherland. 30-minute private sessions only include the Divine Mother Hug, Divine Openings, and Divine Physical Healing and therefore are available at a significantly lower rate.

$50 for 2.5 hour private session, $20 for 30-minute private session

Private Sessions (Long-Distance)

Skype two-way video conferencing is used for remote sessions. Client will need to install the free Skype software (if they do not already have Skype) and create a free Skype account prior to the remote session. To prepare for any technical difficulties that may arise, remote private sessions are 3 hours instead of 2.5 hours, or 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes for the shortened version. The following are tips for enhancing your experience during the remote session:

  • Be alone if possible to avoid distraction.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones and telephones.
  • Try not to talk or speak during the entire session (unless you have questions). Close your eyes when instructed to go within. This is your silent retreat.
  • Take off any shoes and socks to be barefoot.
  • Wear comfortable clothing or loosen any belts you may have or tight clothing.
  • Have a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket ready. If you cannot sit on the floor, you can sit on a comfortable chair or even on a bed. When it is time to lie down, you can recline the chair (if it is reclinable) or lie down on a sofa, bed, or a yoga mat with pillow and blanket on the floor. Blanket is optional in case you get cold.
  • Light a candle and incense and have any other symbols or objects you consider sacred, spiritual, or in line with your religious faith to help create a sacred space for yourself (optional).
  • At the end of the session, after lying down for at least 15 minutes after the session or upon waking up if you fall asleep, drink about 32 oz. of clean or pure water to help flush all the toxins you released during the session from your body. Bless your water before drinking to make it more potent.

$50 for 3-hour long-distance private session, $20 for 1 hour long-distance private session

Group Sessions (In-Person)

Group sessions are 3 hours and are a more cost-effective alternative to private sessions and includes everything that a 2.5 hour live private session would have except that the Divine Mother Hug, Divine Opening, and Divine Physical Healing are done via pure power of intention for everyone in the group. At least six group Divine Opening sessions (also called Divine Openings Healing Circle) spaced at least a week apart are recommended for major shifts and changes to occur in an individual. See Classes & Events page for any upcoming group sessions. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket to the group session.

$15 per person

Divine Openings For Kids

Enlightenment initiations are not recommended for kids until they are old enough to fully exercise their free will and have appropriate understanding of what is happening to them. Children may have cosmic experiences that cause social disruption and peer and parent concern since their conscious mind is not developed enough to be able to make sense of their experience. Though kids are defined as anyone under the legal age of 18, exceptions can be made for those who are emotionally and mentally older than their physical age. An assessment can be made by Ngoc during a Life/Health/Spiritual Coaching with the child.


Pregnant women past the second trimester should not receive Divine Openings until after delivery of the baby. Those with serious mental disorders should do a Holistic Health Consultation with Ngoc to stabilize before doing Divine Openings. In addition, alcohol or mood altering drugs of any type interfere with your feeling processes and prevent the full benefit of Divine Openings. Though Divine Openings can help remove any addiction to these substances, it is best to do a Holistic Health Consultation with Ngoc prior to receiving Divine Openings to maximize its effectiveness. Children or people under the age of 18 should not receive Divine Opening (see Divine Openings for Kids above).

Divine Openings deliver different benefits to different people depending on their needs and desires, so do not compare yours to anyone else’s and instead appreciate your own unique Divine Openings experience. Even if you do not feel anything, it does not diminish the power of it. If your mind is very fearful, doubtful, skeptical or if it is creating a lot of resistance within you, do a Holistic Health Consultation with Ngoc to help your mind understand what is going on.

How to Finish What Divine Openings Has Started

Once your main energy channel is opened by Divine Openings, you will automatically release karmic emotional and mental issues from past lifetimes and current lifetimes through your dreams so your dreams will be more vivid or intense. Analyzing, interpreting, and understanding your dreams is important to make your unconscious issues conscious (Ngoc can help you interpret your dreams in a Life/Health/Spiritual Coaching session). Issues that you may or may not have already been aware of that require your conscious attention may also surface during your waking state. Because we still live in a highly toxic world with physical and non-physical pollution in many things, places, information, and people, there is a possibility of your main energy channel becoming blocked or closed again. There are three ways in which this can happen:

  1. Your conscious mind is weak (due to lack of meditation skills, constant exposure to mainstream media, entertainment and programming, and toxins in the body) so it is unable to protect your unconscious mind (your main chakra system) from becoming imprinted with unwanted data.
  2. You have a tendency to think too much (a lot of distracting mind chatter due to lack of meditation skills) and are not comfortable with expressing and feeling emotions (especially negative ones) and have a lot of karmic imprints from either past lifetimes or current lifetime to release through your main energy channel. Thinking too much can interfere with your ability to emote (release emotional energy) which can keep the unwanted energetic imprints trapped in your energy field closing again your main energy channel.
  3. Divine Openings with Ngoc can remove negative entities from the holes in your aura (which is a good first step in the healing or enlightenment process), but the holes in the aura are still there which could allow other entities to enter and feed off of you. The only way to close these holes permanently is to actually make conscious your emotional, mental, and physical issues, understand their root causes, and then take the appropriate physical action or make the appropriate behavioral changes. To learn about entities, the role they play in the human realm, and what creates holes in your aura, see Negative Entities.

For those who meet any of the three conditions above, it is highly recommended to do the following to finish and complete what the Divine Openings has started:

  1. Stop exposing yourself to mainstream media, entertainment, and programming (see Consciousness Detox)
  2. Have a Holistic Health Consultation with Ngoc if you are not clear yet what your emotional, mental, and physical issues are, and their root causes.
  3. After the Holistic Health Consultation, do a  Life/Health/Spiritual Coaching session with Ngoc to develop a specific plan of actions and behavioral changes you need to take or make to complete the healing or enlightenment process.
  4. Receive at least three private Divine Openings or six group Divine Openings (spaced at least one week apart unless you feel you are ready and can handle a faster acceleration)
  5. Participate in the Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality–How to ‘See’ the Unseen and Break Free From the Suffering Caused by a Narrow Perception of Reality online book study and do the 40-day practice in the Appendix of the book. Ngoc reads all posts and participates in the discussion as time permits or if needed.
  6. Meditate daily. If you are new to meditation or have not meditated for a while, start with 5 minutes a day and then keep on adding 5 minutes until you are meditating at least 20 minutes a day. See Meditation article to learn more.
  7. Take an Ardent Light Healing Yoga class at least once a week to connect your mental body to your physical body to complete your sacred Holy Trinity (Body-Mind-Spirit). Divine Openings helps you reconnect your mental body to your spiritual body so now it is important to reconnect your mental body to your physical body to become whole again. Ardent Light Healing Yoga strategically combines three forms of yoga which targets each aspect of your Holy Trinity (Mind-Body-Spirit). If you are unable to attend these classes, continue doing the Awareness of Reality 40-Day Practice to solidify your Holy Trinity.