The Hidden Agenda of the Law of Attraction

LOA-HicksTheSecretThe Law of Attraction (LOA) was first popularized by Ester and Jerry Hicks in their book The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham in 1981. The LOA was then made famous in 2006 when The Secret book and DVD was first published. For those who are not familiar with LOA, it states that like energy attracts like energy and that everything in the universe, including our thoughts and emotions, consists of energy. The idea that you can create your own reality by simply changing your thoughts is the basic premise of the LOA.

The Control Matrix

nwo_money_controlThanks to the Internet, social media, and the explosion of media devices such as smartphones and tablets, more and more people are waking up to the fact that they do not have control over their lives because those that have the most money are controlling the economic, political, and social aspects of life for all on this planet. Environmental destruction, pollution, war, and all kinds of crimes against humanity have been done with the power of money or in the pursuit of money. Money is the ultimate tool of control. Without it, their control system would collapse.

Those Who Control Information Controls “reality”

Matrix movie posterThose who have the most money are those who actually manufacture the money and therefore have an unlimited supply of money. With this unlimited supply they can buy or create any media outlet such as newspaper, book, or magazine publishers, and radio, TV, cable, or Internet broadcast networks. They can also create public education systems and libraries where they can control what information is taught or transmitted to children and adults. Those who control the flow of information to the masses, controls their “reality” which essentially dictates what is possible and what is impossible. This reality can be a false “reality” and a very small “reality” (hence the word reality is displayed here as lowercase r, not uppercase R), a convenient box to contain the masses in. If you have only been exposed to certain information in your lifetime, then that is all you will know and see and think is real or possible.

The Deception of Mainstream vs. Alternative: Playing Polar Opposites

TheAttractionOfPolarOppositesWith this in mind, it is extremely important that each person carefully evaluate each piece of information they are being exposed to whether it comes from mainstream media sources or alternative media sources because both media outlets have actually already been infiltrated by the Control Matrix. Those operating the Control Matrix understand how the human psyche works so much that they can predict what the masses will do in response to certain information exposure. With this intimate understanding of the human mind, they are always one step or more ahead of the masses and they work accordingly to ensure the masses never escape the Control Matrix box. For example, they have already predicted that people will eventually realize that the mainstream media is always spewing out essentially the same type of information over and over again but just packaged in many different ways. As a result, they have created alternative media outlets to help keep those who deflect from mainstream media captive. This same tactic is applied to mainstream religions. The New Age movement was created to catch all those people who deflect from mainstream religions. You will also see this in political parties with usually only two dominant choices supposedly opposites of each other. Their understanding of human reverse psychology led them to package mainstream information in a way that will eventually make people want or do the opposite knowing that both are false information with the Truth usually completely out of the confines of these polar opposites.

Mainstream Religion vs. New Age Movement: Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

two-sides-of-the-same-coinMainstream religions were created to teach that there is an all-powerful God (or group of gods) who controls everything so you do not have any control over your life (i.e., the Master-slave relationship). This God rewards and punishes depending on how well you behave and act according to God’s rules of morality. This is a convenient way to explain why bad things happen in the world and therefore keeps the populace from trying to fight against actual injustices because they are perceived as either deserved punishment or that the perpetrators will be punished by God anyways either in this lifetime or when they die and go to “Hell” or reincarnate into a lower caste or a life of suffering. Because of the black and white teachings of right and wrong in mainstream religions, it has a tendency to make people feel superior or of moral authority if they abide by or help enforce the commandments through reward and punishment. This has unfortunately led to much blood shed and deaths in the name of religion.

The New Age movement was designed to be the opposite of mainstream religions in that instead of humans being the slave, we are actually the Master, we are a God in our own right, able to “create our own reality” (including what is right and wrong, who is attracted into your life, and how others treat you) through the LOA. For a person who has lived a life of a slave (i.e., unhappy with their life, feel they have no control over their life because it is not turning out the way they want it to be), learning that they actually have full control over their life is extremely appealing and addicting. It’s like someone who has been poor all their life who suddenly wins the jackpot lottery and now has millions. They end up wasting the money quickly on useless self-aggrandizing things to make up for the powerlessness they experienced before. Similary, the LOA is typically used to self-aggrandize, typically with money, fame and power, and to separate themselves from those with “lower” vibrations. For those who try to use the LOA to help others (e.g., through group meditations for world peace, etc.), the LOA has successfully kept these people from taking any real action to fix the world’s problems. The Truth is that we live in a physical world with a physical body for a reason. Meditation on peace or the solution is a good thing, but we must ultimately take action to create that solution in the world. The physical solution does not magically appear on its own. It’s thoughts that drive emotions and emotions that drive physical action and physical action that creates physical reality. The LOA purposely omits the physical action part for a reason.

Master-Slave Paradigm: The Essence of Satanism

master-chooses-a-slave-obeysBoth mainstream religions and the New Age movement were designed to promote the Master-slave relationship in the human psyche. The only difference is that mainstream religions condition humans to have a slave mindset and the New Age movement condition humans to have a Master mindset. The Master-slave paradigm is actually the fundamental essence of Satanism as you can see in the four pillars of Satanism of the Church of Satan (Boggs, 2015):

  1. Self-Preservation: even if it hurts someone else
  2. Moral Relativism: what is good for you is right, what is bad for you is wrong, even if it hurts someone else
  3. Social Darwinism: a ruling class gets to direct the herd because of their superior intellect and genes
  4. Eugenics: improving the genetics of the human population through selective breeding and sterilization

Each satanist wants to be a Master, but that means someone else has to be the slave. Those who believe in the mainstream religions will be the slaves and those who believe in the New Age teachings will be the Masters. Both teachings are important in order to have Master-slave relationships.

Truth Mixed With Lies

truth-mixed-with-liesI have found that there is so much misinformation out there usually mixing Truth with lies that it either confuses or tricks people, or leads them to the wrong conclusion, action, inaction (the worst), or misunderstanding. To help me separate the Truth from lies, I pay more attention to what is not said or what is missing because I have found that the things that are most important for Life on Earth to thrive is oddly missing from the vast majority of media out there. The three major Life-giving and Life-supporting things we need to be focused on to solve all our problems on this planet are: (1) Live in Nature by reforesting all the deforested and destroyed natural habitats (restore Mother Earth to her former pristine natural state) (2) Free yourself from the monetary slave and government systems by becoming self-sufficient by living and cooperating together in a network of tribal communities (3) Free yourself from your own personal demons/slavery/prison by turning your attention to your own internal pain and allow that pain vibration full expression (feel it fully, do not be afraid of pain or feeling the pain of others) so that it can be freed into the BLISS vibration that it really is. It becomes pain because you have avoided feeling it fully and therefore becomes repressed. Any vibration that is repressed slows down and becomes dense and heavy. Remember that pain is just a vibration. “E-motions” are just “e”-nergy that needs to be in “motion”, energy that needs to flow.

Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. ~ Bruce Lee

LOA Scares People Into Avoiding Doing Their Shadow Work to Heal/Cleanse Themselves

shadow-work-carl-jungThe LOA can mislead people to conclude that they should avoid all negative thoughts and emotions because they will manifest as war and other negative things. That is completely FALSE and is backwards. Anything backwards goes against Life. Notice that the word LIVE spelled backwards spells the word EVIL. Evil is simply living your life backwards such as backwards thinking and backwards action. Without the ability to feel your own pain and other people’s pain, you will become disconnected from yourself and from others. You will not take the right actions to heal your own pain and the pain of others so that you can purify your physical, emotional and mental bodies. You can meditate and think good thoughts all you want, but if you do not feel your own existing pain and the pain of others (including Mother Earth and all her other creatures), the dense vibrations cannot become the higher vibrations (i.e., you cannot go through the healing process) and therefore you cannot become your higher dimensional self (i.e., become enlightened) and therefore you will be ineffective metaphysically as well as physically (i.e., you will not take the concrete physical actions needed to effect physical changes in the physical aspect of this world).

It’s Descension Not Ascension

descension-wholenessAnother backwards concept that is being promoted by the New Age movement is the idea that we humans are going through a process of “ascension” in which we are increasing our vibrational frequency becoming less physical and therefore “lighter.” The truth is that we have always been multidimensional beings with a more dense physical self (i.e., our physical body) as well as a less dense or less physical self (i.e., emotional and mental bodies) and a non-physical self (i.e., Higher Self and Bliss body). We are actually going through a process of “descension” in which our Higher Self is finally able to descend and inhabit our physical body. What is happening now on Earth is that more people are undergoing the process of “awakening” in which they are cleansing (detoxing) their physical and energy bodies (i.e., mental and emotional bodies) enough so that their Higher Self can descend and fully integrate into their physical body. So instead of being controlled by parasitical entities, we will finally have our multi-dimensional self reunited or “whole” again with our Higher Self in control of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. When this happens, we are considered at our fullest potential and can do wonders in this physical realm. Without our Higher Self in our physical body, we tend to do or say things we regret or are not proud of. We feel incomplete as if a part of us is missing and that we do not have full control over our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Our physical bodies are not in as good of a shape as we’d like, or our emotions and thoughts seem to have a mind of their own.

Beware of Channeled Entities

false_teachersThe New Age movement also promotes opening certain parts of your energy body so that supposedly higher dimensional beings that claim to be beings of “light” or highly evolved spiritual beings who want to help us can communicate with us. Beware of channeled entities that claim to be loving beings of Light. Good entities would not interfere in our lives here on Earth because they respect our FREE will and know that it would be cheating our spiritual evolution if they intervened to give us answers or to save us. Only dark entities would want to contact us in an effort to influence our thinking and ultimately actions or inactions (Dragonfly Wisdom, 2015). Once you allow them into your energy field by communicating with them, it is very difficult (but not impossible) to get them out. Stop giving your power away to these beings by listening to them and seeing them as beings that are wiser and more powerful than you. Instead, focus on deprogramming yourself from all the Lies you have been taught since birth so that you can have the wisdom to discern Truth from the Lies and so that you can be reconnected to your Higher Self, the only higher-dimensional being you need. There is such a thing as Absolute Truth and it is a lot simpler than you think. It is simply the embodiment of FREEdom on Earth (as opposed to Master-slavery). Once you only follow Truth you will see the true cause of all our problems on this planet and therefore the true solution. See Our ‘Fall’ From Grace & Our Return to Eden to learn more.

Inaction: The Most Dangerous Thing We Can “Do”

silence-inaction-martin-luther-kingYet another backwards concept promoted by the New Age movement is that the planet Earth is raising its frequency either of her own free will or in response to the bombardment of cosmic rays from the center of our Milky Way galaxy and therefore we are advised to do nothing and just simply raise our own vibration by either just changing our thoughts to positive ones or just loving and forgiving others (without doing the shadow work necessary to actually get to the natural forgiving or loving state) to match that of Earth so we can make it into the 5D (fifth dimensional) Earth where all the problems we had before will be gone. Once again, the main “fruit” that the New Age teachings bear is inaction. The truth is that Earth is raising her vibrational frequency only in response to our vibrational frequency because we are all connected. As more people wake up, detoxify, and deprogram themselves, their frequency would naturally rise as their Higher Self descends into their physical body. Doing nothing would actually keep our shadows in the dark and we know the unconscious mind is a million times more powerful and faster than the conscious mind in terms of capacity to hold and process information. How can we raise our vibration if we are only using our conscious mind and avoid looking into our unconscious?

For example, Kryon is a popular group of beings who claim to be the Love of God and are channeled by Lee Carroll. According to Kryon’s The Lightworker’s Handbook, Earth is going through a spiritual energy shift that will automatically awaken humans all across the world as time goes on so there is nothing one should do other than to look forward to it and welcome it. If however, one wants to speed it up for oneself, Kryon says there are spiritual masters in higher dimensions humans can call on and ask them to enter them so they can experience spontaneous and rapid healing and awakening. For many humans who are struggling on Earth right now, this channeled message is a dream come true because there is no work on their part, no learning, no lessons from their Earthly experiences, nothing to prove their spiritual worth through the experience of Duality, Law of Cause & Effect or Law of Karma. Everyone will be enlightened without having to do anything and can even speed it up by asking these entities to come into them. Inaction and waiting to be saved via entity possession of the human vehicle is exactly what these dark non-human beings want to guarantee their food source and therefore survival and growth.

The Truth of ONEness & Co-Creation

co-creationThe Truth has nothing to do with the Master-slave relationship at all because Master-slave relationship creates inequality and therefore imbalances or disturbances in the field of ONEness and Co-Creation. The Truth of ONEness is that we are really One Being that has split itself into Many so that it can experience itself. Each of us together creates the One physical Reality we share and therefore we all have equal responsibility (which is total responsibility) for this One physical Reality. Since we co-created our current physical Reality of Hell on Earth, we can now co-create Heaven on Earth through Unconditional Love (i.e, the awareness of our Oneness or Co-Creation) which helps us avoid conflicts so that we can physically work together in harmony to achieve real physical improvements on this planet. See Unconditional Love: The Only Thing Worth Fighting For to learn more.

Those who believe in the LOA are shocked to learn that JAL and I do not believe in LOA nor do we practice its teachings. They are shocked because they can see how we are starting to create the world of our dreams with our amazing Motherland, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and integrity, financial responsibility, and ability to inspire the hearts and dreams of many. For example, two weeks after moving onto the Ardent Light Motherland, we met Trey Abernethy which pushed us to start working on our Ardent Light Community document which outlines how we can live and work together successfully as a Tribe to achieve our collective dream. Two weeks after that, we had more people interested in checking us out which pushed us to put together an Accommodations page on our web site. Three months later we were pushed to put together an Internships/Retreats page on our web site because we had a person who wanted to intern with us. Because we have been getting a steady stream of interest and because we wanted time to adjust to all these changes we needed to experience, we did not advertise or push the fact that we have some level of accommodations or that we even have an internship program. Even the start date of our first building construction was actually set due to two people who wanted to intern with us for the purpose of learning how to build with cob. I feel like I am just watching a movie seeing our destiny unfold it’s been such an amazing and exhilarating experience. The real secret to creation is in the Truth that we all share the same Heart and it is the most powerful creative force in this Uni-verse. When we re-establish our connection to our collective Heart and create from this place of Co-Creation, the power of One will be unleashed and the realization of our collective dream will be inevitable. To summarize in my own words what JAL wrote about in his book Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality–How to ‘See’ the Unseen and Break Free From the Suffering Caused By a Narrow Perception of Reality, we either align ourselves with the One single Reality we all share, or we will be left behind.

JAL and I actually focus on what we don’t want or don’t like about ourselves and our world in an effort to understand it, heal it, or find the true solution. The LOA teaches that what we focus on expands and manifests so we should only focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want. Our approach is the opposite of this LOA teaching: as we focus on and clear out our own shadows we are more able to connect to our collective Heart and start creating with others the world of our dreams.

Why Some Say the LOA Works For Them

co-creation-pieces-of-puzzleWhen someone says the LOA works for them, they are really saying that it works for them some of the time or most of the time, but not 100% of the time. When you ask them further whether they have the body they want, the health they want, the love relationship they want, the money they want, the lifestyle they want, and the world peace and environmental restoration they want, the answer is always no. So if the LOA is so powerful, then why does it not work all the time? It cannot be a law if it only works some of the time. If it was so powerful, all the world’s problems will be gone by now and each person would be truly happy (not just superficially happy). The answer lies in the fact that we are co-creating reality. Each person is NOT creating their own reality. We are all co-creating a single Reality so when the LOA seems to work in one incident, it is because someone else had the same or complementary thought or desire and the two of you came together and co-created the exchange.

Why Some Say LOA is Not Applied Correctly When It Does Not Seem to Work

believing-is-seeingSome LOA coaches say that you must really believe in something (e.g., world peace) in order for it to happen. This makes sense in that if you really don’t believe something is possible, then you will not align your emotions and take actions to achieve it. It is interesting though, why someone would not believe that something good such as world peace is not possible. What is it inside of us that makes us believe it is not possible? If we really do “create our own reality” then why not create world peace? If I alone was that powerful, why not do the right thing and create world peace? It’s because we really do not believe we ALONE are really that powerful. It’s because deep within our soul knows the Truth about Co-Creation.

carl-jung-unconscious-fateAnother thing that some LOA coaches teach (including myself in the past) is that the LOA doesn’t work for some people because they are still transmitting negative thoughts subconsciously to the Universe despite all the affirmations and visualizations they are doing. This is a Truth mixed with the lie. It is true that our unconscious is a super powerful processor and if it has shadows in it then it will contain negative thoughts. The negative thoughts (even if they are unconscious thoughts) will lead to negative emotions and therefore negative behavior or actions. That’s why it’s so important to do our shadow work by examining all the things that bother us about other people and then look within ourselves to remove the “hot” button instead of blaming others for it.

Healing Yourself Heals Others: Holographic Healing Misunderstandings

heal-ourselves-heal-earthBecause we are all just One giant being that has split Itself apart so it can experience Itself, it makes a lot of sense that each of us created each other so we do have total responsibility for the Whole, like a hologram, with each part containing the Whole. With this Truth, it makes no sense to blame others anymore for any personal conflict or problem or any problem in this world. Instead, it should simply motivate us to work together on this physical plane to fix all our own problems. We cannot work together in the spirit of harmony, cooperation and love if we are blaming each other for offenses instead of taking responsibility for healing the part of us that created the offense (i.e., the victim and the victimizer are actually One and the same). When you focus on healing yourself (i.e., get humble and responsible enough to do your own shadow work), you will then be able to heal others just by your presence (if the others are willing and ready) or at least be in a much better position to heal others.

holographic-universeSome people misinterpret this hologram analogy thinking that just one person can change the entire world since within them contains the whole. The fact that each person contains the whole does not mean that each person on their own then can change the whole. Similar to how we all started out as one cell, when the cell divides into multiple cells to form a human body, all cells end up containing within them the same DNA. However, to help cells differentiate and specialize into different types of cells with different functions, only a select part of the DNA is allowed to be expressed in physical form.


Disney’s “Mulan” 1998 film

When we heal or free ourselves of a particular shadow, it can no longer be a “button” that can be pushed by others and therefore others will not be able to successfully project onto you their shadow anymore because it will no longer be re-enacted (or appear as coming from you) anymore. For example, if person A projects their own shadow onto person B and person B projects a similar shadow onto person A, then person A gets “confirmation” that it is really person B’s shadow and not his own (and person B thinks the same of person A). Then the shadows of both person A and person B remain unconscious or in the dark. However, when you do your own shadow work, you will eventually become a clear mirror for others so if they do not like what they see in the mirror when they project, they will go away of their own accord. Those who like their own reflection will stay. Those who see someone ugly looking back, will leave, unless they recognize it as themselves and want to change it. The person who is now a mirror will be able to help this person if they are open to it.

tipping-pointAs each cell in this Cosmic body becomes healthy again, it will be able to help the surrounding cells and eventually reach a tipping point in which the number of good cells vs. bad cells (similar to the number of good gut bacteria versus bad gut bacteria) will take over and restore the entire Cosmic body to holistic health again. This is the fundamental essence of Co-Creation. By awakening to our holographic nature, we will want to co-create with each other in harmony, otherwise, we know we would be killing Our One Self. This is the seemingly paradoxical lesson each of us needs to learn. We are separate entities that need to enjoy itself as One and we are One entity that needs to enjoy itself as separate entities.

The “Only Love is Real” Teaching

A person in Facebook posted the following in response to this article for which I am very grateful for because it is another product of the LOA that I missed (and that I use to teach and believe in) that really does need to be explained.

If you are in Fear and do not know self and love self and trust self, then everything will appear as an “Agenda”… Created by an “Other”. When you are in knowing, accepting, and allowing you will be free. When you are in the place of love, all experiences you encounter on your soul path are for You. There is nothing against you. There is nothing to Fear. All is…Love. The only Real ~ The only One. ~ Cami Jo

little-soul-and-sunFirst of all, Love cannot be the only thing that is real because Love cannot exist without Hate or Fear which is their opposite or counterpart. Now if she said that the only thing that is real is the VOID from whence everything came from, then I would agree that only VOID is real. However, Love, being born from Duality cannot exist without its counterpart Hate or Fear. How can you truly know or experience what Love is without having the experience of Hate or Fear? How can you really know or experience what Light is without the experience of Dark? This is actually the whole point or purpose of our existence here. In this respect, Duality is such an amazing gift for us. Before we experienced physicality, as souls we had the knowledge of everything, but had no “experience” of that knowledge. It’s like reading a hundred books about the mountains of the Himalayas and being really fascinated by it but never actually traveled to the Himalayas to experience its wonders. There is no substitute for experience and the only way for a soul to experience what we know is through a physical world of Duality. The Little Soul & The Sun children’s parable by Neale Donald Walsch, famed author of Conversations With God, illustrates this point beautifully and explains the whole purpose of our existence with each other on Earth. This physical world of Duality was created in response to our deep soul yearning to “experience” what we already know.

stars-cant-shine-without-darknessBecause we cannot experience Love without experiencing Hate or Fear, I have a deep respect for those who play the role of Darkness in this world. It is devoid of glory and requires that one hurts themselves (dim their Light) to become Dark. This is why I have such Love and Compassion for them as well as those who are hurt by them. I only have this ability to Love because I myself have experienced a lot of Hate and Fear in my life (both as a victim and a victimizer) and undoubtedly in many previous lifetimes.

keep-calm-and-do-nothingThe “fruit” that the Only Love is Real teaching bears is once again inaction in the form of just “knowing, accepting, and allowing you will be free” which is equivalent to putting your head in the sand like an ostrich or covering your eyes, mouth, and ears like the monkeys (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil). It’s like saying I will accept and allow genocide, rape, child molestation, and human organ trafficking. If you are the Control Matrix, this is exactly what you want the masses to do: which is to do NOTHING about the injustices of the world or the suffering of our fellow neighbors.

solipsismThe “when you are in the place of love, all experiences you encounter on your soul path are for You” part of the Only Love is Real teaching is actually a worldview called solipsism which is the view that everything in existence exists just for you (including other people in your life) and that you are the only thing that you can be sure is real and you (your mind) actually created everything in your life, including other people. Essentially that you are the center or master of the universe. According to ex-satanist Mark Passio, this view originates from satanism and therefore allows them to justify many of their actions.

yin-yang-explainedI have done the Only Love is Real teaching before and I learned that it was separating me further and further from the ones I love. I later learned that it was also called “spiritual bypass” in which one ignores the suffering around us because it does not fit our sense of Love being the only real thing. It did not make sense to me that I was the only one in this state of Bliss and Love while others were suffering around me. If we really wanted to be the expression and embodiment of Love on this planet we would help others naturally come to this realization of Love by going through their own darkness. Once they reconnect with their own pain and then heal it with its opposite Love, they will naturally be comfortable with handling other people’s pain and help them through the healing process of Love, too. When each of us heals our own wounds, we have no more “buttons” people can push and therefore we can really work together in peace and harmony (devoid of conflict but full of synergy) to clean up the pollution and heal the devastation done to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants and free ourselves from the monetary and government institutions of slavery. This once again is exactly what the Control Matrix does not want us to be able to do. Working together in synergy we can do amazing things.

Laws of Physics & A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

Someone in Facebook asked me if I ever studied the laws of physics or ACIM. I have a basic understanding of both. For those who want to learn why LOA is NOT a law in physics, see my husband’s article and video The Law of Attraction Scam: Learn the Real Spiritual Law as he has studied quantum physics in depth (he has a PhD in Engineering Mathematics and loves this kind of stuff).

For those who are not familiar with ACIM, it is a course that consists of a 669-page student textbook, a 466-page student workbook, and a 92-page teacher’s manual published in 1975 by Dr. William Thetford (Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University at the time) and Dr. Helen Schucman (a Research Psychologist hired by Thetford). According to the official web site of ACIM:

A Course in Miracles was “scribed” by Dr. Schucman between 1965 and 1972 through a process of inner dictation. She experienced the process as one of a distinct and clear dictation from an inner voice, which earlier had identified itself to her as Jesus. Helen Schucman’s scribing of A Course in Miracles began with these words: “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.”

The other major controversy surrounding ACIM is Thetford being a CIA Senior Psychologist and co-headed the CIA’s “Mind Control” MK-ULTRA SubProject 130: Personality Theory, while at Columbia University, between 1971 and 1978 (In Pursuit of Happiness, 2013, Truth in Reality, 2012, Enlightened Spirituality, 2007). Instead of focusing on the source of the ACIM and how it all came about, let’s look at the content of ACIM because that is what we are most concerned with: the ultimate effects of the teachings on people’s behaviors (looking at the “fruits” they bear).

ACIM-3rdEdACIM is another Truth mixed with lies to make the lies more undetectable. The summary of the ACIM teachings on the official ACIM web site and on the Community’s Miracle Center web site is very revealing. Though I wholeheartedly agree about the importance of complete forgiveness and the sacredness of our relationships with each other, the other ACIM teachings goes against the Truth of Oneness and Co-Creation.

ACIM Teaching #1: The Introduction chapter of ACIM states “This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.” To say that this is a “required” course and that you do not have “free will” in this requirement to take the course tells me that there is a Master somewhere dictating and controlling you in this aspect. As a slave, you are “required” to take the course. However, you can take your time and take it at your own pace. This encourages once again the Master-slave mentality with the student being in the slave position and therefore will exhibit behaviors of a slave which is not to question this authority that has “required” this course.

ACIM Teaching #2: The physical world is an illusion or dream created by the ego (not created by God) and is founded on the belief in scarcity, loss, separation, and death. Actually, the physical world is neutral. It is neither good or bad and it is as real as the VOID (the non-physical from whence everything came). In fact, one cannot exist without the other. The physical world is here to stay for eternity like the VOID. The physical world was created because our soul wanted to experience what we already know or this One Being wanted to experience itself by dividing into Many.

ACIM Teaching #3: The student’s goal is to wake up to Reality which is the Christ because only God and his Creation (i.e., the world of knowledge) is real and share one will. The illusory physical world (i.e., the world of perception), however, is made by the belief in opposites and separate wills, in perpetual conflict with each other and with God. The Truth is that God actually gave each of us the gift of Free Will, one of the most amazing gifts of Love that any parent can give their children: the gift of Independence or FREEdom and the ability to create even if it goes against God’s will. It is the true expression of Unconditional Love. Because each of us has free will, it no longer becomes free will if our actions violate another’s free will. It is very possible to exercise our free will without having to infringe on someone else’s free will and thereby avoiding any conflicts of wills. Teaching that God and his Creation should have only one will sounds more like an authoritarian dictator’s dream. Once again, the Master-slave relationship with “God” comes up again.

ACIM Teaching #4: A primary focus of ACIM is to teach the student how to listen and trust the voice of God (i.e., the Holy Spirit) for guidance and direction and ignore the thoughts of their ego. When the student is taught to listen and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and ignore their own thoughts, the student is now beholden to an external entity (once again a slave). The ego itself is not bad. It is actually the only way we can experience our self as a separate, unique individual which is wonderful. However, like any unique individual, we can be corrupted with Lies which lead to negative behavior and hurtful or traumatic situations. When the ego is balanced and whole (i.e., multidimensional again, made complete with one’s own Higher Self), then the ego should not cause us or others any problems. When you are whole and complete, you can trust your own thoughts, insights and intuition. Your own thoughts will NOT sound like a voice in your head. You are your own master (and you are not a master or a slave of someone else). No other entity (including God) is your master. That is God’s greatest gift of Unconditional Love to you. Living with the consciousness of Many (individuality or uniqueness) and Unity (Oneness) simultaneously is the ultimate harmonic experience of Life.

ACIM Teaching #5Complete forgiveness starts by our realizing that whatever is happening, we have asked for. We then offer up our perceptions and thoughts about the reality of the grievance to the Holy Spirit and ask for a new perception to be given us. Once the Holy Spirit gives us this new perception we must choose it as ours. This is how grievances are truly let go. Since our brothers and sisters bring us these forgiveness lessons, our relationships are actually our salvation. First of all, the process of forgiveness taught by ACIM is ineffective because it omits a very important part of the forgiveness process and that is to emote (work through the emotions): to feel and express (without any verbal or physical violence) the pain, anger, or hatred to a person (ideally, the person who caused these feelings to arise within you) so that you can then naturally arrive and appreciate its opposite which is Love. Once the emotions are released and out of the way, the mind can more clearly see the “new” perspective and naturally forgive. The reason for this is because we are here to experience Duality. We cannot really experience Love without first experiencing Hate. Otherwise, we are just playing mind games with ourselves and are trying to do another “spiritual bypass” while our shadow gets bigger and bigger. I have this seen in myself and have personally observed in others who follow these New Age teachings a disconnection from their own inner child (their emotional body) and the resulting heaviness of their shadow or emotional baggage around them. There is a sense of denial around them, a fakeness and inauthenticity that forms a barrier between not only them and others, but between their own mind and their own heart. When the mind is disconnected from the heart (the source of intuitive knowledge), your intuition is gone or becomes very inaccurate because the heart is no longer able to inform the mind. In Spanish, the word for heart literally means “the core of reason” (corazon).

In addition, though it is true that we have each agreed to play a role with each other on Earth and that we must eventually completely forgive each other as a result, it does not mean that we do nothing to correct the injustices. It’s one thing to forgive a friend, family member, an acquaintance, or members of the Control Matrix, but it’s another thing entirely to allow the injustice to continue. For this, we desperately need to take physical and coordinated action, something that I have not read about so far in ACIM. Once again, the “fruit” that ACIM seems to bear is inaction because people are seemingly tranquilized or in “peace” with themselves and that is all that matters to ACIM.

Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind & Other Teachings That Emphasize Using the Mind Instead of Emotions (the Heart)

science-of-mindErnest Holmes is the author of the book or course Science of Mind: A Complete Course of Lessons in the Science of Mind and Spirit and founder of the Church of Religious Science. Religious Science, like many New Thought or New Age faiths (including the Church of Scientology), emphasizes positive thinking, influence of circumstances through mental processes, and creation of your own reality. All these teachings bear the same “fruits” of:

  1. Disconnecting people from their emotional body (which is their 4th dimensional astral body) so that 4D parasites can feed off their shadows.
  2. The person’s Higher Self as a result cannot descend and inhabit their physical body and therefore parasitical entities have more control over the person and the person’s path to enlightenment is delayed.
  3. The person not only ignores their own shadow but also the shadow (i.e., injustices) of the world and does not take any concrete physical action to correct them.
  4. As a result, the person does not get to experience Duality or what Love really is because to really experience Unconditional Love (i.e., forgiveness or the experience of the Truth of Oneness and Co-Creation), one must first experience Hate (or any of its related forms).

david-stone-hicks-bookOther Enlightening Reads on the LOA

Do not be satisfied with what I have written above. Learn from others who have critically examined the LOA. The more of us speak up about this, the more Truth will prevail in this world controlled by Lies. I really appreciate the fact that each of us has a unique personality with a unique way of explaining things. If someone doesn’t like my personality or style of expression, they will like another’s, etc. Each of us will appeal to a different audience which will ensure that we will eventually reach everyone. I also love the fact that each of us as unique individuals have a tendency to pick up on different things as if each of us were designed to discover only a portion of the Truth so it will force us to come together to present a more complete picture of Truth.

Similarities & Differences With Bernhard Guenther’s Teachings

Bernhard Guenther

(NEW SECTION ADDED 5/16/2017) Someone asked me recently if I knew Bernhard Guenther because he has some similar viewpoints of the New Age movement. I actually did not know of him until this person mentioned him so these past couple of days I watched three of Bernhard’s YouTube videos and read several articles on his Piercing the Veil of Reality blog to get a good idea of what his views are. I did not add any of his works to the list above because even though he and I agree on the New Age movement, there were several other areas where our views diverged and which are more appropriately covered in my Beyond the Earth Matrix: Soul Harvesting in the Cosmic Matrix & How to Free Yourself blog article, if you interested in learning more about where we differ.