Ardent Light Healing Yoga

JAL MeditatingGoing way beyond the “aerobics” yoga you would typically find at a gym and some yoga studios, Ardent Light Healing Yoga (ALHY, pronounce ahli) is a therapeutic, holistic fusion of Ashtanga Yoga (for physical strength and flexibility), Iyengar Yoga (for strengthening conscious mind through focus and concentration), and Kundalini Yoga (for strengthening intuition or connection to heart/spirit). Developed by JAL, ALHY targets the right balance between flow and steadiness, flexibility and strength, inner fitness and outer fitness, and intention and concentration. With ALHY expect not only to take your body to new frontiers but also expect to take your mind along with it.

What Makes ALHY Unique

  1. Strategically combines three holistic forms of yoga (Asthanga, Iyengar, Kundalini) to reconnect and balance your own Holy Trinity (Body-Mind-Spirit)
  2. Participants are taught the health benefits of yoga poses as indicated by ancient yogic sciences. Each class targets a specific health condition, e.g., weight problems, cold/flu, allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart problems, etc.
  3. Incorporates pranayama (healing through breath) and end in meditation and Reiki because yoga was actually intended to prepare your mind and body for meditation. Most people find it difficult to sit still during meditation finding their body restless and their mind wandering. ALHY classes are specifically designed to remove all nervous energy from the body and train the mind to be still enough for meditation.
  4. With the right instructions, ALHY makes the body and mind work together so that the benefits obtained from the practice are deep and long-lasting, extending way beyond the temporary euphoria and rush of endorphins to a more permanent well-being that transfers into your daily life. Your focus, concentration and perception of reality become clearer and deeper as you are replenished with vital, life energy to be more productive and make better decisions for yourself in your day-to-day life. ALHY becomes your ALLY.
  5. ALHY recognizes that all bodies are different and have different ranges of mobility. Therefore, it tailors the practice to your body and recommends the appropriate use of props in such way that the full benefits of Yoga are still experienced.
  6. ALHY instructs fully each pose and breath technique so you will learn Yoga like Yoga teachers do in their teacher training classes so that you can actually do the pose on your own outside the classroom and even teach others.
  7. ALHY stresses safety above all, instructing the key points to maintain a safe pose and a correct flow from one pose to another along with its corresponding breath technique.
  8. ALHY is the closest to a private yoga session that you can get from a group class as the instructor intuitively customizes each class based on the needs of the students.

What People Are Saying

“This is the best yoga class I have ever had!” ~ Jennifer Orban

“Each time I go into the class, I always come back out supercharged. The last one before yesterday’s class I was feeling rather a bit unsettling in parts of my body, namely my stomach for some reason. As we progressed through the class however, that pain and irritable feeling disappeared. Sometimes when I come into the class, it may feel as though I come in with only a portion of my full energy, like 75% if you were to give it a percentage. When I come out however, it feels like it jumped to 300% and just feels amazing. It just feels awesome that I am able to keep pushing forward and seeing how it opens even more doors for me as I keep feeling, hearing, and seeing more and more. Sleeping was good, at first it took me a couple minutes to fall asleep but after I did, it felt very relaxing. I woke up early in the morning but it was a bit too early so I went back to sleep. When I did wake up for the first time though, I felt very energized although I didn’t get as much sleep as I do other times in comparison. When I woke up the second time, I felt a bit tired however, my take is that I slept for a short period of time and it was mainly when I did not need any more sleep. Thank you again for the wonderful class last night!” ~ Sterling Tran

“At the end of the class, I felt very good and was full of energy despite my fasting that day (only had some fruits, vegetable broth, and apple juice). In the class I was able to do advanced yoga movements and poses that before were difficult for me. It gave me the perfect level of “challenge” without creating frustration. I really did need to strengthen my abdomen because I only do running and no “core” exercises. The meditation towards the end was fantastic. I felt so relaxed and peaceful. Thank you for everything!” ~ Zoila Thaliffdeen

“Hi JAL, I slept really well and felt great on Saturday. I had already done a lower body work out in physical therapy that morning so I was sore already. The yoga actually made me feel much better. I would like to RSVP for the next class, this coming Friday. I thought you taught it and explained very well. I especially liked the downward dog positioning on the wall first. I always enjoy your teaching! Thank you!”
~ Tamani Deering

How Does ALHY Work?

Specific yoga poses, movement and breathing techniques naturally bring vital life force energies (through increased blood and lymph flow) to specific organs and tissues in the body. ALHY instructors are skilled at choosing the right set of yoga poses, movement and breathing techniques that target the organs and tissues that most participants in the class have issues with. Even if participants do not suffer from the health condition being focused on in a particular class, they can still benefit by helping to maintain the health of those targeted organs and tissues.

ALHY classes are designed into sections where physical activity is directed to both physical awareness and mental awareness. As the body is worked out intensively according to the level of the class, the energy of the participant is built to handle the body and to create a parallel in which life situations are solved with the same energy. This is done through vinyasa flow, asanas, pranayama (breath control), actions (kriyas), energy control, intention, concentration, meditation, all of which are guided by a skillfull ALHY instructor in an optimal way. As ALHY aims at the individual’s mental and physical opening, an ALHY instructor is trained to be open and sensitive to the collective and individual needs of a class. In this way the ALHY instructor can adjust the class accordingly on the spot. This is why an ALHY instructor always pays attention to his or her students in order to perceive their energy, mental attitudes, tribulations and physical limitations.

The physical yoga that the West embraces derives from Hatha Yoga. The most known forms of Hatha Yoga are Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga (created by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 1915-2009) emphasizes a vigorous (vinyasa) flow, or motion, between one pose (asana) and the next in which the breath is synchronized with the motion. In Iyengar Yoga (created by B.K.S Iyengar 1918-2014), the emphasis lies in the steadiness, correct physical alignment, and timing of the pose. Iyengar Yoga promotes the use of props and modifications to gradually master each pose. Kundalini Yoga emphasizes the awakening of inner and subtle energies that increase the awareness and intuition of each participant. It achieves this purpose through a series of specific actions (kriyas) and breath techniques.

Yoga Myths Busted

The following are some common misconceptions of yoga that may prevent one from receiving the full benefits of yoga:

  1. Yoga is just another workout.—Most people think that Yoga requires “bending like a pretzel, stretching like a piece of play dough or having gymnastic skills. Our Western society is so used to competition for recognition that it has embraced Yoga mainly from the physical point of view…But Yoga entails much more than exercises for the body.” (JAL, 2012). Definitely, ALHY makes you work out to take your body to new frontiers but it adds more, much more to that. Yoga means the yoke between body, mind and reality. Yoga entails focus, concentration, living the now in a way that immensely benefits the body. ALHY includes all the dimensions of Yoga.
  2. Yoga is only for the flexible and physical fit.—One goal of Yoga is to make you more flexible and physically fit. ALHY starts with an evaluation of your current physical condition and builds from there tailoring your practice for you to gradually increase your flexibility, range of motion, and physical fitness.
  3. Can’t do yoga when I am sick.—ALHY is adjusted according to your physical condition. You will learn the appropriate poses and breath control techniques that targets your physical condition (based on thousands of years of Yogic Sciences) to speed up your healing process.

ALHY Small Group Classes

ALHY small group yoga classes lasts 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes). Smaller classes allows us to give more personal attention to each individual and customize the yoga to their fitness level and health condition as much as possible. Class sizes range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 20. Classes are held in our open air yoga studio every weekday morning and are FREE for guests who stay overnight. Bring your own yoga mat. See the Classes & Events page for specific schedules and to RSVP. $10 per person or $90 for 10 classes

ALHY Privates

This is the best way to learn Yoga. ALHY privates are truly personalized coaching sessions with full instructions, attention, and personal yoga training as it was in ancient times when Yoga was first taught. An ALHY private yoga class lasts 75 minutes. The class is held in our open air yoga studio at the client’s convenience. Yoga mats and props are provided. 2 people maximum per private class. $40 per private yoga session

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