Energy Healing

Reiki CharactersEnergy medicine originated thousands of years ago from the far east and treats physical and mental conditions at their root which is the level of energy or spirit. According to this discipline, each person not only has a physical body but extending beyond and throughout the physical body is an invisible electromagnetic field called an aura, also referred to as the energy body. This electromagnetic part of us is invisible to most people because we have been trained to be in a state of stress (beta waves in the brain), not a state of relaxed alertness (alpha waves in the brain). In order for your brain to be able to perceive auras, it must be in an alpha wave state. Most people have become so use to stress that they are not aware that they are in a constant state of stress. This is why tension develops in certain areas of the body over time without the person being aware that they have tense parts of the body producing inflexibility and eventually disease or other imbalances. When in a state of stress, our ability to perceive even our physical surroundings become more narrow let alone perceiving anything more subtle than physical matter. For those who regularly practice meditation or other alpha wave producing practice, they can see that auras actually have seven layers to them providing all kinds of information such as the current condition of your physical body, your emotions, thoughts, belief systems, past experiences, and even future blueprint. They saw that physical ailments starts in the energy body before it manifests in the physical body.

The Origins of Western Medicine

Western medicine was developed from a period when most people have become accustomed to living in stressful conditions thereby losing their ability to see the energy body. As a result, it saw only the physical body and thus developed a system for treating only the physical body. The first type of treatment involved manipulating or cutting out or repairing body parts through surgery. Later, it was discovered that body parts could be manipulated using less invasive but still physical means such as the ingestion of chemicals/drugs and radiation. This is the reason why western medicine excels in treating physical problems caused by physical damage such as sewing back fingers that were accidentally cut off in an accident. However, it has problems treating physical symptoms caused by non-physical means such as emotional or mental blocks. It is estimated that as much as 70% to 80% of all client visits to the doctor are due to psychosomatic illness which are physical conditions caused by emotional or mental stress (Rice, 2000). When these psychosomatic illnesses are treated with physical means, the physical body actually becomes weaker because the underlying problem is untouched and the outer physical problem is exacerbated.


Energy medicine refers to using any of the physical forms of energy (mechanical energy, sound, heat, light, electrical, and magnetism) as well as non-physical Divine or Life-Force energy in the treatment of physical and mental conditions. Reiki, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Biofield energy healing, Divine Physical Healings, and magnet/light/sound/ crystal therapy are all forms of energy medicine.

Reiki is a Kanji Japanese word that means Universal Life Force Energy (Rei means Universal, Divine, Spiritual, Sacred and Ki means Life-Force Energy). Life force energy (also called Qi or Chi in China and Prana in India) is the invisible spiritual energy that animates and gives life to all living things. It is infinitely abundant, always positive or high-vibration, and is the essence of all creation. It flows throughout the body and aura through specific energy channels called meridians or nadis. Chakras or energy vortexes are formed where these nadis meet and cross each other. There are seven major chakras that correspond to a person’s physiology, mental, emotional, and spiritual developmental level in life (see Yoga article for more information about each chakra). Physical and mental illness are the result of blockages in this life-giving energy flow. By directing this life-force energy to various parts of a person’s physical body and aura for a certain period of time, physical and mental illness naturally go away as blockages are cleared and the body and mind are restored to their original state of balance.

Dr. Mikao Usui

Picture of Dr. Mikao UsuiReiki energy healing is said to be the form of energy healing that Jesus Christ used to cure blindness, heal wounds, and raise people from the dead. Since his death, the practice and knowledge of this form of energy healing became hidden until it was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) on the 21st day of his fasting and meditation in March 1922. Dr. Usui  was born in Japan on August 15, 1865 and had been studying energy healing for many years but wanted to learn a way to heal others without depleting his own energy. He fasted and meditated for 21 days to find the answer. It is said that he attained enlightenment on the 21st day under a waterfall that is still considered a sacred site for enlightenment till this day. Shortly afterwards in April 1922, he started offering Reiki to the public, calling it “the spiritual medicine of many illnesses.” He quickly became famous due to the many miraculous healings he was able to perform. The facility where he practiced Reiki became so popular that he had to move the practice to a larger facility in February 1923 just outside of Tokyo.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata

Picture of Dr. Chujiro HayashiIn 1925, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi became a student of Dr. Usui and took over the practice when Dr. Usui died on March 9, 1926. Dr. Hayashi practiced and taught Reiki to only a few and refused to teach women Reiki. Reiki became popular in Japan but mainly stayed within Japan during this time.

Picture of Hawayo TakataIt wasn’t until an American born Japanese woman named Hawayo Takata came to see him in desperate physical condition that Reiki began to expand beyond Japan. Mrs. Takata had just escaped an operation after heeding an internal voice that kept on telling her not to undergo the operation that doctors insisted that she must have to save her life. After 4 months of Reiki treatments, she was completely healed of her original condition and was absolutely convinced that she needed to learn Reiki. After much begging and pleading from Mrs. Takata, Dr. Hayashi finally agreed to teach a woman Reiki. Mrs. Takata became a Master Reiki Teacher after three years of study with Dr. Hayashi. She trained and taught many people and ended up initiating 21 people to be Master Teachers in Hawaii before her death in 1980. Since then Reiki has steadily grown and spread all over the world with the original system still in tact but with some differences in whether the Reiki training is split into three or four levels and which special sacred Reiki symbols are used. This resulted in two styles of Reiki: Traditional and Non-Traditional Western.

Traditional Japanese vs. Non-Traditional Western Style Reiki

Since Mrs. Takata was the first to introduce Reiki to the West, her style of Reiki is considered the non-traditional Western style and Dr. Usui’s the traditional Japanese style. The traditional Japanese style of Reiki splits the Reiki training into four levels whereas the the non-traditional Western style of Reiki combines the last two levels into one. Both styles use special sacred Reiki symbols and words which are used to focus your attention to access certain healing frequencies for specific purposes such as healing mental or emotional imbalances, distance/remote healing, future/past healing, soul/spirit healing, grounding and balancing, and multi-purpose Reiki energy-enhancing symbols. Mrs. Takata taught her students to only send energy through the hands and had strict standard procedures and hand positions for every treatment so that consistent results are produced when teaching students and when healing clients. As Reiki grew more popular in the West, non-traditional elements such as learning about the chakra system, auras, using crystals, tuning forks, and even drumming were later added to the Western style practice.

Dr. Usui’s original Reiki style was based on using one’s intuition to help guide the healing session so there were no standard procedures or hand positions and students were trained on how to channel energy not only through their hands, but also through their heart, eyes (Gyoshi-ho), and breath (Koki-ho). Dr. Usui also taught Gassho meditation (an effective meditation for beginners with wandering minds), Kenyoku or dry bathing which is a method for cleansing ones energy, Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho, a method for clearing negative energy from objects, Enkaku chiryo a method for sending healing to someone who is in another location (remote/distance healing), and a method for providing treatment for a future/scheduled event (e.g., during and after giving birth for smooth delivery and fast recovery).

What Happens in a Reiki Healing Session

The client is usually asked to lie down face up on a massage table (though it can also be done with the person sitting in a chair or lying face down on a massage table) with their clothes on and close their eyes and focus on their breathing in order to be in a meditative state during the session. Taking long deep breaths (belly breathing) helps the client quickly relax and enter meditation. Meditation helps the client open their body and aura to receive Reiki energy, removing any energetic barriers created by stress or tension. Soothing meditation music is often played in the background to help clients relax and meditate. Some Reiki practitioners may also use candles, incense, crystals, stones, and Tibetan singing bowls to clear and create the energy of the space. Depending on how the Reiki practitioner was trained, some may lay their hands an inch or more above different parts of your body or some may be guided to place their hands directly on your body either lightly or with some pressure. Clients may ask the practitioner to only lay their hands above the body without touching it if the client is not comfortable with touch. Any of the Western or Japanese elements of Reiki may be used during the session depending on the training the Reiki practitioner received.

During the treatment, the Reiki practitioner can receive messages and insights in the form of visions, auditory guidance, bodily sensations, feelings, or direct knowledge from angels, archangels, ascended masters, saints, ancestors, spirit guides, animal spirit guides, or elementals. It is like having access to the client’s subconscious to bring forth blind spots that have hindered their progress or caused their ailments. The client may also have spontaneous insights into their problems during the treatment which can also feel very liberating. Each Reiki session is unique for each person as Reiki energy always goes towards the areas that are most needed and manifest differently for different people. Some may experience sensations of warmth or heat occurring near the practitioners hands, tingling sensations, see lights, colors or images, experience emotions such as happiness, deep relaxation, or release conscious and unconscious emotional issues that were previously stuck or blocked. Some may fall peacefully asleep by the end of the session.

The client is usually asked at the end of the session to drink lots of water to aid the body in eliminating any toxins that have been been loosened in the body so they can be excreted through the body’s normal waste channels.

Results and How It Works

Almost all clients report feeling really relaxed and peaceful afterwards and most report an alleviation or symptoms or removal of all symptoms. To permanently eliminate symptoms (heal the underlying cause) so that they do not come back, additional Reiki sessions are usually needed over a certain period of time depending on the extent of the blockage or problem. Reiki is great for both chronic and acute or trauma conditions including surgery and recovery from surgery. Wounds heal faster, bleeding stops more quickly, shock to the body is reduced along with any pain or illness. Reiki is frequently used for chronic conditions like asthma, high blood pressure and arthritis, and can be used for acute conditions like the flu, indigestion and allergies. When done regularly, it can also be used as preventative medicine to maintain an optimum state of health.

Since Reiki balances your energy realigning you to the flow of Life, it also can smooth out your relationships with family, friends, significant others, and coworkers. It has a cleansing effect on not only your body but on your overall energetic vibration. When your vibrational frequency is high, you automatically feel happy and full of energy. There are instruments that can measure vibrations in Mhz (Megahertz) that have found positive emotions such as joy and gratitude to emit a very high frequency whereas emotions such as anger and hatred to emit a very low frequency (Emoto, 2001). When your overall energetic vibration is high, you are emitting the energy of joy and happiness to everyone thereby lifting them up, too. However, it is important to note that if your “before” state was really low in vibration, it is critical to move up your vibration slowly (via multiple short sessions spaced over time) to avoid major detoxification symptoms where the body and mind go through a such a fast detoxification, that you actually feel worst physically and mentally afterwards as physical and emotional toxins are released from your system through wide-opened floodgates. This may result in physical symptoms such as rashes, boils, headaches, chills, fever, perspiration, cold or flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, reappearance of old aches and pains, increased bowel movements, dizziness, and breathing difficulty. This may also result in mental or emotional symptoms such as sudden depression, anxiety attacks, reliving or remembering forgotten traumatic events from the past, or projecting them onto current situations or people in your life. It is a really powerful process of purification removing all low vibration physical, emotional, and mental toxins by raising them to the surface which in essence is raising their vibration to the original high level of the universe.

The Medicine of the Future

Energy medicine is growing in popularity because of its effectiveness and the growing realization that we are more than just our physical bodies. Reiki practitioners are now invited to some hospitals to help speed up healing in patients and more nurses are learning Reiki or a version of it called Healing Touch to use with their patients. Reiki is now listed as an Energy Therapy by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a federal government agency of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) that is dedicated to scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). More recently, Reiki was featured on the Dr. Oz show to 3.5 million T.V. viewers as one of his favorite complementary therapies. Dr. Mehmet Oz is a conventionally trained medical doctor who has made frequent appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King, CNN, and other networks, helping to promote alternative and holistic therapies. His wife, Lisa, is a Reiki Master and calls Reiki “my favorite treatment that could change the future of medicine forever.” (The Reiki Digest, 2010)

What to Look For in a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki practitioners vary in skill level ranging from Reiki Level I (or Reiki I) all the way to Reiki Level III or IV (or Reiki III or IV or Reiki Master). Reiki practitioners typically price their fees according to their level of training and years of experience, though some may offer their services for free or for a donation regardless of their level of experience. Reiki healing circles are also popular where anyone can come to receive a short Reiki treatment as a way to make it more affordable. Most Reiki healing circles are donation-based and may also provide newly certified Reiki practitioners a place to practice their Reiki to gain more experience. When looking for a Reiki practitioner, look for an enlightened practitioner, someone who can actually see the Reality of who you really are, beyond the illusion of Samsara. The key to permanent healing is the ability to see the Wholeness and Perfection that we already are – anything less than this is an Illusion. Most Reiki practitioners, unfortunately, view themselves as healers and the client as someone who has a problem, that needs to be fixed or healed. Though the Reiki practitioner may be able to channel healing life force energy, the healing does not last because of the Illusion that both the Reiki practitioner and the client buys into and propagates.

We offer private Reiki healing service in-person in Irvine, California (U.S.A.) as well as distance/remote healing and future healing (virtually across time and space). JAL has been a Reiki practitioner since 2008. He became certified in Japanese Reiki I in July 2008 and Western Reiki I in November 2010. On January 1, 2011 he received his Japanese and Western style Reiki II certification and then became a Reiki Master on September 18, 2011. JAL frequently receives visions that are relevant to the client and works closely with his spirit guide Venerable José Gregorio Hernández who is venerated as a saint in Venezuela and whose guidance saved JAL’s life when he was only four months old. Each session should be no longer than 1 hour for maximum effectiveness. You may prepay for multiple 1-hour sessions. The number of sessions needed will vary depending on the severity of the condition and the unique circumstances of the individual. Most conditions require at least three 1-hour sessions though some conditions may require less or more. The exact number of sessions needed will not be known until after the first session.

Divine Physical Healings

Divine Physical Healings (discovered by Lola Jones, founder of Divine Openings) is a leading-edge form of energy healing that invokes a powerful, highly intelligent and organized Divine field of resonance which the client automatically attunes to. In order to invoke this Divine field of resonance, the practitioner must be able to see beyond the illusion of the imperfections of the physical world and see the Perfection and Wholeness of who we really are. The practitioner must also have a powerful intention – the ability to manifest with the pure power of will and focus (see video to the left for an example of the power of will and focus). In order for someone’s intention to be powerful, they must have a lot of energy and be completely open to the flow of Divine energy. Practitioners develop powerful intentions by not wasting their energy on ego-protecting behaviors, self-importance, meaningless sexual activity (sex without spirituality, love, and devotion), being judgmental, critical, feeling anger, hatred, revenge, envy, jealously, frustration, dismay, stress, and other negative or low-vibration emotions.

In addition to the practitioner’s power of intention, the ability of the practitioner to then surrender to the Divine Presence is another key factor in the healing process. Divine Physicals Healings therefore do not require the practitioner to move or place their hands anywhere as the Divine Presence does the work for the practitioner. The practitioner just needs to be there energetically to hold the intention and be the conduit. During in-person Divine Physical Healings, the practitioner may hold the client’s hand as a comfort measure and look psychically into the client’s closed eyes as the client lies on their back on a reclined chair or massage table fully clothed and covered with a blanket to keep warm if it is cold.

Ngoc Luzardo was initiated by Lola Jones as a Divine Opening Giver on January 15, 2011. A Divine Opening Giver can give Divine Physical Healings in addition to Divine Openings. A lifelong claircognizant (direct knower or direct knowledge intuitive), Ngoc frequently gets visions and direct downloads of knowledge that is helpful to the client during Divine Physical Healing and Enlightenment Initiation sessions.

Schedule a Session

All first-time clients are required to complete and submit a questionnaire that assesses their physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and level of spiritual enlightenment before their first session. The information provided on the questionnaire will help reduce the amount of time spent in the session (which reduces the cost for clients since clients pay by the hour), make the session more productive, and help focus the session on more advance issues.

If you are not a new client, please review your original questionnaire and update it with the new information and resend it as instructed on the last page of the questionnaire. After you turn in your new or updated questionnaire, we will call you to schedule the session and answer any questions you put on the questionnaire.

Reiki Healing Divine Physical Healing
1 hour session — $18 30 minute session — $20