I-Ching Readings & Dream Interpretation

I-ChingThe I-Ching (also known as the Book of Changes) is an ancient Chinese divination tool that is useful for not only predicting future outcomes based upon current thoughts and actions, but is also useful for receiving Divine guidance and solutions to any problem in life, including dream interpretation. The I-Ching consists of 64 hexagrams whose meanings are described in the text using an ambiguous and intricate metaphorical language which can be accurately interpreted by intuitive or psychic readers.

How an I-Ching Reading Works

The client starts by asking the oracle (the I-Ching) a question. The following are some guidelines that will help make the reading even more accurate and effective:

  1. The question should not be a yes-no question (a question that just requires a yes-no answer).
  2. The client should be as relaxed (e.g., in a meditative state) as possible when asking the question.
  3. The client should only ask one question at a time and should not try to “test” the oracle. An honest intention is paramount.

The reader (i.e., JAL) will then perform the reading and interpretation to answer the client’s question with as much detail as the client needs. Depending on the number of questions asked, I-Ching readings can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes (one hour).

$20 for one I-Ching reading