Speaking/Group Engagements

Group presentations, workshops, classes or seminars allow Ngoc and JAL to make their knowledge, gifts, and expertise available to individuals at a more affordable rate. Topics and activities can be customized to meet the needs of the participants and can cover anything listed on the Ardent Light web site. Speaking engagements may include presentation slides to help illustrate or demonstrate ideas and concepts and provide visual examples. Engagements can be booked with just Ngoc or JAL, or Ngoc and JAL can be booked together if both are desired.

In-Person Engagements

Ngoc and JAL are available for long-distance travel if their transportation, room and board, and childcare (if both Ngoc and JAL are booked) expenses are paid for upfront. This is in addition to the fees listed below. Client is also responsible for the cost (if any), acquisition, arrangement and setup of:

  • Location or room to host the engagement
  • Projector or large screen T.V. to display any presentation slides
  • Microphone and speakers to project voice and audio to a large audience

Ngoc and JAL will be responsible for the creation and development of any presentation slides and can provide:

  • Their own laptop to play any presentation slides
  • PC to T.V. equipment to connect the laptop to a digital or analog T.V.
  • A podium (if needed and if location is within driving distance)

Online Engagements

Ngoc and JAL can also do real-time, Internet audio/visual streaming engagements using the client’s online video/audio conferencing technology of choice. Client is responsible for any associated costs with technology procurement, access, setup, and usage, including any teleconference charges. The following are some popular online video/audio conferencing technologies that can be used:

  • WebEx or Skype Video Conferencing – to make this more cost effective, can use free account to connect just one computer in audience location and project its screen onto a wall or large screen T.V. for everyone in the room to view
  • Livestream or Ustream – this allows participants to participate from the comfort of their own homes since all they need to do is go to the web site to view the live event. Free version includes periodic interruption with advertisements and online chat.


The fees below cover Ngoc and JAL’s time and labor only and do not cover any related technology and location booking fees, travel, room and board (if long-distance travel required), and childcare expenses (if both Ngoc and JAL are booked). The fees in the price sheet below are based on actual number of participants per hour for group engagements with either Ngoc or JAL (if both, just double the price).

# of People Per Person/Hour % Discount
5 (minimum)