Our Motherland: The Land Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Free-YourselfIt has been another eight months since our last update in June 2014. Shortly after that last update, on July 30,2014, we moved onto the Ardent Light Motherland and what an amazing adventure and growth experience it has been since. We are so happy to announce that since then we have been and are forever free from the slavery of rent/mortgage, the water utility bill, and we never have to buy bananas again! We vow to never sell our motherland for all generations to come so that this FREEdom can be passed on to our children and their children for our entire family lineage. We feel this is the most amazing legacy anyone can leave behind to their children: the ultimate true and real financial FREEdom (see the Our Motherland page on the main site to learn more).

The Land Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


Saenz family at the 200 ft waterfall at the beginning of the dry season.

We knew the land we bought was a very rare find and very beautiful, but we had no idea the magnitude of natural beauty it had until we moved onto the land and experienced it day in and day out and had time to really explore it. When we bought the land, we were only aware of four waterfalls and pools, but after we moved onto the the land, we have now identified at least 20+ beautiful waterfalls and pools on the land with more yet to be explored or discovered. The property is situated in such an idyllic location surrounded by multiple mountain ranges from which numerous mountain springs bubble up from the ground at the mountain peaks flowing down the mountains and merge into three rivers that cross through the property forming numerous cascading as well as plunging-type waterfalls and pools. They are so incredibly beautiful that I find myself easily overwhelmed by the vision of Paradise all around me that it brings such tears of joy and gratitude every time I am under one of the waterfalls.

Ngoc enjoying one of the cascading waterfalls from the "Goddess" 50ft horsetail waterfall.

Ngoc enjoying one of the cascading waterfalls from the “Goddess” 50ft horsetail waterfall.

This is the first time we have ever lived for an extended period of time in nature, surrounded by nothing but greenery, forests, wildlife, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, pools, and valleys. Every day we are presented with gorgeous unique vistas and scenery as cloud formations, sunlight, mist, wildlife, water, and wind patterns are never exactly the same from moment to moment. Without having to go to a zoo, we have seen many beautiful, majestic hawks fly close by us, all kinds of interesting bird and insect species we have never seen before, a large fresh-water crab in one of our rivers, an adult howler monkey peeling a banana from one of 500+ banana trees on the property, five cows and a horse wandering onto our property and eating our grass, several snakes, frogs, and a bobcat. Without ever having to go to a botanical garden, we have seen so many different species of plants, trees, and flowers that we have never seen before on the property. Now the concept of camping seems very foreign to us as we don’t need to go camping anymore to experience nature. We can simply live in nature with all our modern conveniences.

For a lot more photos of the waterfalls and pools, see the Ardent Light Motherland Facebook album. For many new videos, see the Ardent Light Motherland YouTube playlist.

Why Nature is Never Boring

Allegra playing in the 200 ft Weeping Tree waterfall pool at the beginning of the dry season.

Allegra playing in the 200 ft Weeping Tree waterfall pool at the beginning of the dry season.

With so much natural beauty and wildlife, the artificial, man-made objects of the city no longer seem interesting to us and are actually quite boring in comparison. Living systems are so much more intricate and miraculous and forever changing and unique that even modern day scientists have trouble explaining exactly how these living systems work. An artificial man-made object in contrast, can be a lot easier to figure out and learn how it is made or how it functions.

Juan El Chemi in one of the pools from the Goddess 50 ft waterfall

My oldest son Max while transplanting a fruit tree on our farm one day told me that he remembered back in California when he would watch commercials for toys on T.V. and thought they were the most amazing things created and that now he realized that they were mostly just made out of dyed plastics and was not actually interesting at all (and actually were quite dumb and stupid, in his opinion). He said they were so easy to figure out compared to the living plants that he now gets to work with daily. He finds geological wonders, plants, insects, birds, and other animals far more interesting and amazing, forever making him wonder and wanting to learn more about them. This made me wonder about the time when children just played in nature (e.g., forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, rain, etc., the original Playstation) and with just natural living things (e.g., plants, insects, birds, animals, humans) but with the advent of the monetary system, the concept of artificial, man-made “toys” was invented as a way to keep on selling toys to children knowing that they soon would become bored with them and want some new toy.

Time Slows Down in Nature


View from our outdoor dining area of a gorgeous rainbow over the valley.

Without the hustle, bustle and clock-ruled busyness of the cities, living in nature is so calming and relaxing that time seems to slow down or its concept disappears all together. Without the glaring lights, noise, pollution, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of the cities, the sounds of nature at night naturally lulls us to sleep and the sounds of nature in the morning naturally wakes us up. We feel more at peace and in tune with the rhythms of nature, sleeping with the rest of nature’s creatures and waking up with them, too. Our yoga and meditation practice has become so much more powerful, easier, with much longer lasting effects that more easily carries forth into our day to day activities.

Nature Shields Us From the Tentacles of the ‘Matrix’

One of dozens of newly discovered waterfalls

One of dozens of newly discovered waterfalls

We feel as if the “Matrix” does not exist in nature, that somehow it loses its power in the natural environment. It could be the fresher, cleaner air, the chemical-free, oxygenated, negative hydrogen ion-rich mountain spring water, the calming and healing sounds of nature, and the significantly less EMF radiation. Walking barefoot on the earth instead of on concrete or asphalt or other artificial surfaces, allows us to receive the amazing number of free electrons from Mother Earth through the soles of our feet. The free electrons act like antioxidants protecting our cells from free-radical damage, neutralizing any unstable positive ions and the effects of harmful radiation (e.g., excessive UV, EMFs, nuclear). See Dr. Mercola’s articles about grounding to learn more.

Our Wastes Have Suddenly Become Valuable

One of many waterfalls and pools on the motherland

Living in nature also makes you realize that your excrement and urine are no longer considered ‘wastes’ but actually extremely valuable for building top soil, soil fertility, and composting. Since the old wooden house on the land had a lot of problems initially with plumbing, we had to excrete and urinate outside for a while and noticed how much plant growth resulted in the areas where we deposited our ‘goods’. We have plans to create compost toilets and eventually low-flush toilets connected to biodigesters to produce methane gas for cooking, heating, and electricity generation, as well as rich, liquid fertilizer for our garden beds. We also learned that different species of animals produce manure and urine with somewhat different beneficial microorganism content and nutrient content and therefore it is a great idea to have a variety of animals as a part our our man-made ecosystem. In permaculture systems, it’s not about creating a farm, but creating an actual, symbiotic, self-maintaining or very low-maintenance ecosystem that mimics as closely as possible nature-made ecosystems which includes animals, insects, fungi, and microorganisms. The only difference being that the plants and animals in a man-made ecosystem are deliberately selected to support humans. See 300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam video for an amazing example of a permaculture food forest that has sustained 28 generations on just two acres of land with very little work or maintenance.

People Interested in Intentional Community or Ecovillage

Trey at the 50 ft Goddess waterfall at the beginning of the dry season

Trey at the 50 ft Goddess waterfall at the beginning of the dry season

Shortly after we moved onto our motherland and without advertising locally or telling others that we had the intention of forming a community, we have had a steady number of people in Costa Rica who are interested in joining an intentional community or ecovillage reach out to us asking if they could visit us and get a tour of the land. This surprised us as we were not ready yet to talk about it publicly as we just moved onto the land, but since quite a few people were interested, we started talking about it with them. What happened after that was simply a destiny unfolding. Though many were interested, many factors needed to be considered before they can actually join the community. One of the main obstacles to overcome is money, especially having enough money to sustain themselves while the community is in the process of becoming self-sufficient and having enough money to help contribute to the building of the ecovillage’s infrastructure. We are happy to announce that Trey Abernethy is now officially a part the Ardent Light Tribe and we hope the others can join us later when the monetary issue is resolved. Click Trey’s name above to learn about Trey and the amazing array of self-sufficiency skills he is adding to the community.

Tribal Living (Building Community)

For those of you who are tired of the current situation in this world, who know deep within that this world should be and could be a much better place for all to live, who cannot and will not accept or resign ourselves to the way it currently is; we want to offer an alternative view of this world, a glimpse into an alternative history of what really happened to us and therefore a better understanding of what the solution could be for a bright future for all. In this New Year, may everyone listen to their heart’s deepest wishes, dreams, and visions. Never forget or forsake them for your heart is the heart of all humanity and of every living rock, tree and creature. Follow your heart and it will set everyone free…To learn how tribal living can offer true financial FREEdom, reclaim individual sovereignty, and how the monetary system created government systems, see Tribal Living (Building Community).

Our Experiment in Tribal Living

Since most of us have never lived in a tribal community before (at least in this lifetime), we only have the guidance of our own heart and the hearts of others who yearn for community. See the Our Experiment in Tribal Living article to learn what we feel and have learned so far are the main elements for successful tribal living.

“Schooling the World” Documentary Must-See

I have waited a long time for this documentary. It reveals what I have felt for some time now. It uncovers evidence of the real purpose of the public school system across the world: which is the implementation of a monetary-based system to benefit a few elites and to destroy self-sufficiency, gift communities, and Mother Nature. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Real freedom comes only when we free ourselves of the domination of Western education, Western culture and the Western way of living.” As JAL said: “This video is about education becoming indoctrination in the belief that a culture is superior to other. This has been the tragedy of this so-called ‘civilization.’ Terrible the twisted minds of a few in power! Watch this video now because this video is a gift. Feel the hearts of those who have been and are oppressed so we can do something about this injustice.” See Schooling the World documentary.

Our Homeschool Curriculum

Switching from the conventional school system to homeschooling our kids was one of the best decisions we have ever made, albeit a very hard transition for us especially in the beginning. See the Homeschool Curriculum page to read about our lessons learned and what our children are learning, including their most recent homeschool project, the Cob Brick Test, which is now captured on video displayed towards the bottom of the Homeschool Curriculum page. Video narrated by JAL and edited by Renzi Luzardo. Includes footage of the Ardent Light Motherland and where we plan to start building guest/intern cabins.

Inspirational Music by Ardent Light Tribe Members

Music, words and images are powerful mediums of consciousness. Unfortunately, they have been used by mainstream media to manipulate and control the masses with fear and backwards programming that goes against Life instead of supporting and honoring Life. Their technique is to have the appearance of Truth in the foreground with Lies in the background to bypass our conscious mind and program our unconscious mind (see Consciousness Detox to learn more). This is a call to all spiritual warriors. Please encourage others to stop supporting or participating in the destructive physical wars and join us in the real war that is going on now within our consciousness. Our consciousness is currently being held hostage and tortured and we need spiritual warriors to help free humanity. It is time to lead with our collective Heart because the truth is that we all share the same heart. We know without a shadow of a doubt deep inside us that this world should be a much better place for all to live. We cannot and must not accept or resign ourselves to the way it currently is. One of the many ways to re-write our history and start a new story of humanity is to re-write the lyrics of mainstream music and re-create or replace any of its associated images with Life-supporting images. See the Inspirational Music page for examples of music that was reinvented or written, and sang by Ardent Light Tribe members or supporters to help spread the message of Total FREEdom for ALL.

Waterfalls Tour & Accommodations


Top view of 2nd waterfall and pool from the 200 ft waterfall.

Since we have received quite a bit of interest in people coming to see our land to enjoy its many waterfalls and beautiful vistas, we now publicly offer waterfalls tour day-passes and accommodations for those who want to stay overnight. Since we have so many waterfalls and pools on our land, most end up staying overnight in order to enjoy more of them. In our experience, you could easily stay a whole week and still not have seen and experienced all the waterfalls on the land. It is probably the only land in Costa Rica where you can actually come and name new waterfalls that have not yet been discovered, it is that amazing. We still have not explored all the waterfalls on the land yet, especially those that require traversing up or down the river through dense rainforest jungle. See the Waterfalls Tour and Accommodations pages to learn more.

Internships & Retreats

A close up view of one of the waterfalls with pool at the top of the 200 ft.

A close up view of one of the waterfalls with pool at the top of the 200 ft.

Internships are great opportunities to learn and obtain hands-on experience in a particular area of study. They are also a great way to get to know existing Ardent Light tribe members and for tribe members to get to know you if you are interested in the possibility of joining the Ardent Light tribe. We offer three types of internships: Self-Sufficiency internships, Holistic Healing internships (personal healing or self-discovery retreats), and Total Freedom internships (combines both types of internships). All internships include unlimited enjoyment of the 20+ waterfalls and natural pools at the Ardent Light MotherlandArdent Light Healing Yoga classes every morning, accommodations, and organic food for the duration of your stay. See Internships/Retreats page for more information.

Lisa’s Travel Review of the Ardent Light Motherland

Lisa Beyersdoerfer at one of many waterfalls formed by the Weeping Tree 200 ft waterfall at the beginning of the dry season.

Lisa Beyersdoerfer at one of many waterfalls formed by the Weeping Tree 200 ft waterfall at the beginning of the dry season.

A former co-worker at Ingram Micro whom I have not seen in 10 years (Lisa Beyersdoerfer) came for a 4-day personal retreat on our motherland from the San Fransciso Bay area. It was so awesome to see her again and catch up after all that time. Here’s what she had to say about her visit:

Your energy and spirit at Ardent Light fills my heart with love and joy. I will be bringing you home in my heart. Stay true to your destiny here. Your love is healing…I miss you guys so much, but have grown an ENTIRE new heart from my beautiful ArdentLight-land-experience! OMG. It’s as if the entire weekend was one long meditative breath that I had been yearning for some time now…my senses are still vibrating with all your kick ass energy you and your new home have shared. I can’t thank you enough how important the trip was to me. I can’t thank you enough how the experience there changed me — for just a handful of simple reasons, really. Anyway, it was obviously one of the best trips ever! No doubt!! ~ Lisa Beyersdoerfer (read Lisa’s official travel review)

Why You Should Love the Cheesy Noni

noniWe are so grateful to have a noni tree on the Ardent Light Motherland! Fresh noni is far more potent than the expensive highly processed noni juice sold by multi-level marketers. It’s one of the few plants that decalcifies your pineal gland (third eye). Noni fruit, flowers, leaves, and roots have been used medicinally for more than 2000 years for its analgesic (painkilling), anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine, and anti-depressant properties. Noni is used to treat a variety of conditions such as cancer, AIDS, depression, anxiety, neurological and autoimmune diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, epilepsy), diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clots, heart problems, liver disease, DNA damage, pain in the joints, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, impotence, digestive and elimination problems, eczema, psoriasis, urinary tract infections, colds/flu, fatigue, and burns (when applied topically and ingested). Adaptogens are plants that have a global balancing effect on all body systems protecting the body from the effects of physical and emotional stress. There are 12 known adaptogens and noni is the considered the “premiere” adaptogen. The antioxidants in noni are also the most effective of all known antioxidants. Noni also contains terpene, a cousin of cannabinoids (the medicinal CBD, not the psychotropic THC component of marijuana) which rejuvenates cells and rids the body of toxins. See the Noni article to learn more.

Our Path to Total FREEdom for ALL

The Our ‘Fall’ From Grace & Our Return to Eden blog article (our most popular or highly rated page on the Ardent Light web site) explained how the monetary system came into existence and how it is the cause of all man-made problems we are experiencing on Earth.  Since there seems to be more interest in the topics covered in that article, a sequel to that article has been written. The purpose of this article is to share a very practical path our family is taking that we feel can help lead to Total FREEdom for ALL that we all yearn for and that we all once had. Total FREEdom for ALL does not mean that each person can do whatever they want in life because ultimately that will take away from someone else’s freedom. Total FREEdom for ALL means the perfect balance of individual and collective freedom. We want to warn you that this path is not easy because of all the brainwashing, programming and conditioning we have been subjected to since birth by the monetary system. The massive deprogramming we need to undertake will require courage, will power, patience, compassion, and a deep desire to free not only yourself, but also other fellow humans, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Ask your heart, which world do you want to live in? A world in which everything has a price tag and you have to work for money in order to pay for everything, or a world in which everything is FREE and you only work for Love and from Love. Buying and selling is not Love. Giving and receiving is Love. It’s time for each of us to be the Love that we really are. See The Path to Total FREEdom for ALL article to learn more.

Going Bananas at the Ardent Light Motherland

3293588-multiple+bananasWe have about 500 banana trees of six different varieties spread out throughout the Ardent Light Motherland making our tribe banana self-sufficient (we never have to buy bananas again). Not only are bananas the most popular fruit in the world, but they have also been used medicinally to treat or alleviate grey hair, hangovers, insomnia, depression, vision problems, low libido, stomach ulcers, morning sickness, upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), constipation, diarrhea, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), muscle cramps, stress, warts, pimples, arthritis, anemia, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, kidney stones, cancer, and HIV or other infections. Bananas are also used to increase and maintain good energy levels, alertness, and concentration. Research showed that among fruits and vegetables proven to be associated with cutting your risk of renal (kidney) cell carcinoma, bananas were the highest. Banana leaves enhance the flavor and nutritional profile of food when wrapped and cooked in them and even the inner core of the tree trunk and flowers are edible and have medicinal properties. We have plans to make our own bio-ethanol from fermented banana, plantain, and pineapple peels to fuel our gasoline cars. We would also like to experiment with making banana briquettes as an alternative to firewood and to reduce the need for deforestation. See the Bananas article to learn more.

Reducing or Eliminating Phone Expenses

Remember that eliminating (or at least reducing) expenses is the key to true and lasting FREEdom and is actually superior to ‘making’ money which keeps you trapped in the monetary system of slavery since we know that the price of everything is guaranteed to go up over time and never down over time due to inflation. See Reducing or Eliminating Phone Expenses to learn how the Luzardo family drastically reduced their phone expenses.

Soursop: The Infamous Cancer Cure

soursopWe are so grateful to have a mature graviola (soursop fruit) tree at the Ardent Light Motherland. One of our favorite tropical fruits and famous for its cancer curing properties, soursop (called guanábana in Costa Rica and other Spanish-speaking countries), has a delicious balance of sweet and sour with essences of strawberry, pineapple, banana, orange, lemon and lime flavors all wrapped into one. Native cultures have long utilized graviola fruit, leaves, bark, roots and seeds to promote relaxation and restful sleep, lactation, fight infection (bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic), malaria, fever, heal liver, wounds, eczema, asthma, cough, flu, inflammation of nasal passages and respiratory tract, heart problems, digestive and elimination problems (e.g., diarrhea, dysentery, constipation), hematuria (blood in urine), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), high blood pressure, diabetes, scurvy, muscle spasms, rheumatism, arthritis, relieve pain, joint inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress, epilepsy, prevent chronic disease (e.g., cancer), and remove head lice and bed bugs.

Mother Nature provides for us so much natural medicine for FREE (if we learn how to forage and cultivate again) that there is absolutely no reason why one should not be in superb physical and mental health. Modern lifestyles are killing us because they are so artificial and far from “natural”. All our woes are due to us straying so far from Mother Nature. We need to return to our Mother again. She will nourish us, heal us, protect us, shelter, clothe and bathe us in her beloved womb we call Earth if we just stop destroying her womb through deforestation and pollution. See the Soursop article to learn more.

Lemons: The World’s Most Versatile Fruit

10887404_10202311563905589_5512591737815673444_oWe are blessed to have five mature rangpur lemon trees (scientic name Citrus limonia, known as limón mandarina in Costa Rica) at the Ardent Light Motherland. Limón mandarina is a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the lemon. It is preferred over other varieties of lemons or limes in Costa Rica because it is easier to peel, juicier (and therefore easier to squeeze), has beautiful orange pulp, and is slightly more sweet than the regular lemons or limes yet still very sour.

Lemons are probably one of the most popular natural medicines in the world due to their potency and multifunctional uses. Being a powerful antimicrobial (bacterial and viral), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it can be used to treat a variety of ailments including cancer, polyps, cysts, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high LDL cholesterol, palpitations, hypertension, arterial calcification, epilepsy, dizziness, headaches, colds/flu, cough, phlegm, sore throat, cold sores, thrush, asthma, fever, scarlet fever, smallpox, scurvy, diphtheria (upper respiratory tract infection caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae bacteria), typhus (bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas), malaria, food poisoning, other bacterial infections, scabies, herpes, internal and external parasites (using lemon peel), diarrhea, constipation, appendicitis, indigestion, nausea, gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhaging, tuberculosis, lung disease, lymph diseases, immune system problems, heavy-metal poisoning, kidney stones, urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), bladder problems, edema (build-up of water in the body), liver disease, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis (using lemon juice and rind), gum and teeth problems (e.g., bleeding gums, toothache), acne, corns, calluses, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis (e.g., cradle cap), nerve problems, anxiety, depression, hypochondria, loss of appetite, listlessness, lack of concentration, insomnia, and beriberi (disease caused by lack of thiamine). See the Lemon article to learn more.

Current Projects at the Motherland

To learn what we have done to date at the motherland, see the Current Projects page. To get more frequent updates from us, join the Ardent Light Community of Friends Facebook group. The purpose of this group is to create a collaborative space for interns, friends, family and other supporters of Ardent Light so they can post questions, ideas, suggestions, feedback, and share experiences, as well as receive day-to-day updates on projects, developments, events, or breaking news at the Ardent Light Motherland. Everyone has the ability to add other members to the group so please feel free to add others who you think belong or would be interested.