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Music, words and images are powerful mediums of consciousness. Unfortunately, they have been used by mainstream media to manipulate and control the masses with fear and backwards programming that goes against Life instead of supporting and honoring Life. Their technique is to have the appearance of Truth in the foreground with Lies in the background to bypass our conscious mind and program our unconscious mind. This is a call to all spiritual warriors. Please encourage others to stop supporting or participating in the destructive physical wars and join us in the real war that is going on now within our consciousness. Our consciousness is currently being held hostage and tortured and we need spiritual warriors to help free humanity. It is time to lead with our collective Heart because the truth is that we all share the same heart. We know without a shadow of a doubt deep inside us that this world should be a much better place for all to live. We cannot and must not accept or resign ourselves to the way it currently is. One of the many ways to re-write our history and start a new story of humanity is to re-write the lyrics of mainstream music and re-create or replace any of its associated images with Life-supporting images. 

Music By Ardent Light Tribe

The following inspirational music was reinvented or written, and sang by Ardent Light Tribe members to help spread the message of Total FREEdom for ALL. May everyone listen to their heart’s deepest wishes, dreams, and visions. Never forget or forsake them for your heart is the heart of all humanity and of every living rock, tree and creature. Follow your heart and it will set everyone free…

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Let It Grow
Dawn of the Awakening
Free to Be Truly Me
Imagine There’s No Money
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What People Have Said About “Let It Grow”

WOW!!!! Way to go Max! What an incredible job re-writing those lyrics. Can’t wait to see the video! LOVED IT!!!! ~ Sheryl Lynn Coyle-Garcia

beautiful. God Bless you and your wonderful children. ~ Elena Ross

mil gracias por compartir tu sueños e ilusiones a través de esas canciones que interpretas. Finalmente pude escucharlas todas y déjame decirte que tienes bonita voz!! (thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams through those songs that you play. Finally I could hear them all and let me tell you have nice voice !!) ~ Ana Luzardo Flores

Watching your music videos has helped me realize that Freedom is even more far-reaching than I thought. No one is truly free until we are ALL free! It’s quite a paradox actually. We ARE Freedom Itself! Yet, we live in a world where we don’t live as Freedom in the physical, on this Earth. Our task is indeed “descension”, NOT “Ascension”. It’s to bring Heaven to Earth. It’s to bring my experience of being Freedom Itself into the physical embodiment as an everyday occurrence on this Earth for EVERYBODY! ~ Kundan Chhabra

What People Have Said About “Dawn of the Awakening”

♥ beautiful! thank you for sharing 🙂 ~ Patrick Schulte

I love you singing with this melody. Very beautiful!..Ngoc and Renzi, what great creative talent you have within you!! The video is awesome. 😀 Thank you again for sharing with me. I feel honored. ~ Sheryl Coyle

The lyrics are great. Really deep. ~ Bobby Buckter

What People Have Said About “Free to Be Truly Me”

Ngoc, your beautiful voice has brought tears to my eyes. It’s so filled with peace and love, that flows through the words like a tranquil stream. There is much being said here and I can feel the cry of your heart and spirit. The part that especially speaks to me is regarding that pure love that will heal all wounds and insecurities. I am honored. Thank you SO very much, with all my heart, for sharing this with me and posting it on my page. You are truly a beautiful soul, dear friend. ♥ ~ Sheryl Coyle

Thanks so much for sharing that with me. It made me cry in a good way it is so beautiful just like you are. ~ Brenda Hunt

Thank you for this !!! So beautiful ~ Neil Hunter

I listened to Ngoc’s song on youTube. I cried, such a heart touching song. Beautiful…a very Spiritual song ~ Sarah McArthur

What People Have Said About “Imagine There’s No Money”

A lovely twist on John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Beautiful to imagine and create this! Great job Luzardo family! ~ Nina Rao

wonderful. bravo~~~! encore. i am with you. ( in fact there will be no money concept in 20 years, i heard~ ). ~ Gesun Sun Yoo

Awesome! I imagine it everyday! Great job on the lyrics Ngoc and video Renzi! ~ Trey Abernethy

Bien Hecho Ngoc Luzardo. Finalmente pude escucharla y ver el video. Creo que tu versión tiene eco en mucha gente…..Al menos yo siempre me he preguntado como seria la vida sin tanto “plástico”! (Well done Ngoc Luzardo. Finally I could hear and see the video. I think your version resonates with many peopleat least I’ve always wondered how life would be without money!)~ Ana Luzardo Flores

That was beautiful thank you for the share… ~ Patricia Speer

TheShadyOrchestra YouTube Channel by Max Luzardo

Max Luzardo, the creative genius of the Ardent Light Tribe, launched his first YouTube channel TheShadyOrchestra (formerly named MAXOrchestra) on July 8, 2016 to share his musical gifts with the world. His deepest desire is to inspire positive changes, revelations, and healing through his creations.

What People Have Said About “Take a Walk”

Very upbeat! It makes me want to move my body! ~ Kundan Chhabra

Super beautiful. Well done. ~ Kahlil Calavas

Guao!! Talentoso el muchacho. Muy bonita versiòn! (Wow!! Talented boy. Very nice version!) ~ Ana Luzardo Flores

Very Beautiful! ~ Tejal Modi

What People Have Said About “Again”

Awesome! Congratulations Max! Well done! ~ Trey Abernethy

Rich and captivating! Max, I’m so happy that you’re sharing your work with the world. ~ Georgia Benner Ross

Max’s talent is so great!!! ~ MarTa Maki

What People Have Said About “Triage at Dawn”

Holy shit this is awesome! I love it, it sounds like HL2 meets Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Subbed and liked. ~ MegaKosan

This is the most beautiful thing I have listened to, keep up the good work! 😀 ~ Alpha-987

It’s amazing, good job! This gave me a strong Hans Zimmer vibe. Yeah, I can clearly see this being used in a high budget HL movie. ~ mordecai32

The only bad thing about it is that it’s too short. Great job man, keep it up. ~ Wardencliffe56

Loved it. Great work mate. ~ Alexander54

Loved it! wish it was longer though… I know the OST song is short so I understand haha ~ appledude9

Great remix, keep it up! ~ PM_UR_CROSS-STITCHES

Always got a feeling of the unknown hearing this song. It makes me think about the Borealis and the Half-Life 2 Beta. Very well done. ~ wolfcl0ck

Beautiful, always has been my favorite HL2 song. ~ NocturnalGamer

Very good! Thank you so much, enjoyed it a lot! ~ T0lik

Do you plan on doing a longer version ? Because it would be awsome ! 😀 ~ Salfa_Afir

Very good! ~ Kermit-the-Forg

What People Have Said About “Still Alive”

This was amazing. ~ Coding Ethan

What People Have Said About “Unturned Menu Theme”

This is epic, Honestly great job! ~ AnimaticFreak

Love it! ~ Sarefecius

Fantastic bro! This is so good! Brings a tear to my eye a little. ~ bnds3

Cool meme. ~ Eggo Jefferson

“Inspirational Rap & Hip Hop Music” Ardent Light YouTube Playlist

The following playlist features inspirational rap and hip hop music we have found on YouTube: