Our Motherland

The Motherland concept as defined in We Have Found Our Motherland! and Our “Fall” From Grace & Our Return to Eden was taken from the Anastasia Ringing Cedars series of books. Ngoc was introduced to these books on April 13, 2014 by Elena Ross (founder of Finca Amanecer) after Ngoc expressed to Elena the need for humanity to start living as a tribe or larger family unit again on their own land. The books were a beautiful confirmation of the vision of the future that Ngoc saw in humanity’s collective heart over seven years ago (as of 2014).

Why the Land is Truly Our Mother

Our Motherland is the land we call our permanent Home on Earth for all generations to come so that past, present and future generations will be forever united in our tribe’s special Space of Love or our own Garden of Eden. The land is our Mother as she will give birth to all kinds of sustenance not only for ourselves but also for all the creatures that live with us on the land. She will nourish us and nurture us and be an endless supply of Motherly Love and Divine Grace. From her womb, she will freely give us not only pure water, organic food and medicine, but also materials to build our homes (provide us shelter) and furniture; organic materials to make our own natural personal care and household cleaning items; bio-fuels for our cars, machinery, heating, lighting and cooking; waterfalls and rivers to generate electricity; organic cotton and hemp to making clothing, bedding and curtains; clay to make pots and dishware; and hemp to make our own biodegradable veggie-plastics.

Our Deepest Heartfelt Wish

Our deepest heartfelt wish is that every human being on this planet find and reunite with their long-lost tribal family (blood or soul-related) on their own Motherland and experience the Heaven that was always meant to be on our beloved Mother Earth.

What Others Have Said About Our Motherland

Rich and I arrived at our planned “scouting excursion” destination on Saturday, stunned! We beheld a true “paradise” panoramic that neither pictures or words could describe. Nestled there is Ardent Light community. We had an exhilarating time with Ngoc and Jal, and their incredibly bright children. Ngoc and Jal were generous hosts, offering us nourishment (most delicious banana-coconut milk smoothies) grown on their land, yummy delicacies from their garden and local pejibaye. On their property (about 60 acres) we toured only a small section, including an impressive waterfall and the central area where they now live and work. They shared with us their projects in progress: permaculture design, greenhouse and gardens, water catchment, sites for communal living (kitchen and work spaces), the view from the future yoga/workout pavilion is beyond spectacular and areas for houses, cabinas, even tree houses, all for developing a self-sustainable, ultra-self-governing community. This excursion alone is worth the whole trip. ~ Carolyn Trimmer

Your energy and spirit at Ardent Light fills my heart with love and joy. I will be bringing you home in my heart. Stay true to your destiny here. Your love is healing…I miss you guys so much, but have grown an ENTIRE new heart from my beautiful ArdentLight-land-experience! OMG. It’s as if the entire weekend was one long meditative breath that I had been yearning for some time now…my senses are still vibrating with all your kick ass energy you and your new home have shared. I can’t thank you enough how important the trip was to me. I can’t thank you enough how the experience there changed me — for just a handful of simple reasons, really. Anyway, it was obviously one of the best trips ever! No doubt!! ~ Lisa Beyersdoerfer (read Lisa’s official travel review)

There is a wonderful feeling of freedom in Costa Rica! Especially …. Under one of your favorite waterfalls! Paradise in Costa Rica! Thank you for sharing the wonderment of your world with us that day and the following Sunday too! Awesome moments to cherish for a lifetime! Missing all of you! So love your amazing family! Truly … The most magical rain forest on Planet Earth! My mind, body and soul yearns to return to paradise! And to this loving family of nature! So love my Costa Rican family! Awesome parents raising three extremely awesome children! ~ Marjie Paton

So good Ngoc and Jose Alberto Luzardo… You guys have an amazing vision on the 60 beautiful acres here at Ardent Light. I am humbled by it all, truly.  ~ Brad Axelrad, FaceYourDragon.com

It’s the sort of place I’ve been looking for and thinking of for years. Can’t wait to be there again. ~ Juan El Chemi

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