Our Path to FREEdom

This page will document and track our own path to FREEdom as defined in The Path to Total FREEdom For ALL article. May it inspire you to do the same.

Eliminate rent/mortgage (obtained access to land debt-free)
Eliminate car loan/debt
Eliminate water bill (currently using river water but working on hooking up to spring water)
Eliminate cable/TV bill
Eliminate health, life, and home insurance bills
Eliminate child-related expenses
90% Make our own personal care items
Make our own household cleaning items
Build our own home
Make our own furniture
Grow our own food and medicine
Make our own dishes and pots
Make our own fabric, clothes, bedding
Make our own heating and lighting fuel
Eliminate car fuel expense
Eliminate electricity bill
Eliminate gas bill
Eliminate trash bill
Eliminate telephone/cell phone bill
Eliminate Internet bill
Eliminate domain name registration and web hosting fees
Eliminate car liability insurance, vehicle inspection certificate, driver’s license medical exam
Eliminate car maintenance and repairs
Eliminate appliance maintenance and repairs
Eliminate property and inactive corporation taxes