Numerology – Pythagorean (Western) System

pythagorean-numerology-systemNumerology is the ancient study of the occult (i.e., hidden) meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value, and each number has a unique cosmic vibration. Combining the letters in your name and the date of birth provides a unique interrelation of vibrations. This personal combination gives insight into your character tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations, and life purpose as an integral part of the cosmic plan. Numerology is one of many tools used to gain insight and understanding into oneself and others. Though there are a variety of systems of numerology, the most popular today is the Pythagorean (Western) system of numerology because it not only uses birth name and birth date, but it also uses all nine numbers (1 through 9) and therefore provides a much more comprehensive reading (Token Rock, 10/28/2015). With this numerology system you can learn about your:

  • Karma— What you over-did or under-did in previous lifetimes. Karma is all about balance of experiences, not about retribution, reward or punishment. If you were a monk in one lifetime, then you will be a party animal in the next life time to balance out your experience of earthly Life because the ultimate purpose of Life is to experience all of Duality. You exist to experience ALL.
  • Destiny— What you said you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. To accomplish something, you usually (but not always) would already have the knowledge or skill set required to do so from previous lifetimes. Destiny does not mean you are guaranteed to accomplish it. It just means this is what you had planned, but it is ultimately up to your day-to-day decisions and actions that will determine whether it will actually be accomplished or not in this lifetime.
  • Lifepath— What you want to learn (or the lesson to learn) or experience in this lifetime. This is usually a knowledge or skill set that you have not yet acquired from previous lifetimes and therefore would like to acquire  in this lifetime.
  • Motivator— Who you really are at the soul level, which is really what motivates you.
  • Personality— Your ego persona you chose to interact with the outside world. It’s how others perceive you but not who you really are.
  • Personal Year — Your guidance or advice for the current year with each subsequent year being the next number in the numerical sequence or count. For example, if the current year is 2015 and your Personal Year number for that year is 3, then the Personal Year number for next year 2016 will be 4, and the year after that would be 5, and so on up until the number 9 and then it simply restarts at 1 and repeats the sequence over and over again for the rest of your life.

“Ngoc’s numerology service was more than just a reading. She really took the time to explain the ways these themes manifest in my life and how to break the cycle. It was like hearing an objective look at my life story. 100% accurate. All of the themes she presented were easily recognizable as being present in my life, but now that I’m so much more aware of them I feel like I’ve been given an upper hand on my circumstances. Past experiences are given a new light and current experiences seem to be giving me the option of proving through action that I’m ready to act on my new understanding of self. I’ve dabbled in astrology and had many readings of different kinds before. All were helpful but I can say that Ngoc’s numerology session was the among the most in depth, thorough and eye opening. I don’t know how it works but it definitely does. To sum it up, I gained the awareness I needed to start making better choices that have a direct impact on my life. It’s powerful stuff. Thanks Ngoc! I mean every word of it. It’s amazing how since that session I’ve been synchronistically put in the right place at the right time to prove I’m ready act differently.” ~ Former Client

“I greatly appreciated the numerology session and was surprised how true the reading rang to me. Ngoc was very generous with her time, patient and explained and answered questions thoroughly. I felt that it offered me many insights about my life and how I relate and find purpose in the world.  Probably the most beneficial aspect was that it offered me another tool for compassion and understanding. By understanding my numbers and their significance and the numbers of others around me I feel better able to cultivate forgiveness, gratitude and compassion because the information helps me understand where someone (or myself) are coming from. Ngoc’s numerology reading was a beautiful gift and inspiration to me.” ~ Former Client

“I am a skeptic with an open mind and numerology is an esoteric science which I do not fully understand, however I was giddy as a schoolboy to have Ngoc do a reading for me.  I really like the ease of communication and the way she explains things and puts things into perspective. It was a nice way to engage in deep reflection, taking stock of myself, my relationships, my goals, my past, present and future. I especially appreciate illuminating my interactions with others through this lens. I would say that I felt a connection to about 85% of the reading and it has given me much to contemplate in myself and realizations to put into practice with others. I really took to heart the relationship aspects of the reading and an acceptance of things.  I am also making an effort to balance myself – be more in my heart – so I took up the guitar again and will be traveling with it from now on. Thank you Ngoc.” ~ Former Client

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