Holistic Health Consultation

Holistic health consultations are truly holistic, taking into account one’s degree of spiritual connection, mental well-being, and physical body health to achieve one’s specific health goals or resolve their specific health issues. Though it is true that one can resolve an issue by simply focusing on one aspect of oneself, the changes are either not as quick or not as permanent in that the issue tends to express itself on another level of our being or come back at a later time. For example, those who are physically fit, may neglect their mental and spiritual aspects, those who are spiritually-oriented may neglect their mental and physical aspects, and those who are mentally astute may neglect their spiritual and physical aspects. As a result, we may feel scattered, incomplete (not whole or complete – that something is missing), out of alignment, or out of integrity with our self. In fact, the English word “health” comes from the Old English word hale, meaning “wholeness” so health is actually a feeling of completeness.

Teaching You How To Heal Yourself

Ngoc’s goal is help reduce the need for service providers (including Ngoc) because the very existence of these type of services means there is still excessive amounts of unnecessary suffering in the world. Ngoc collaborates with client to increase knowledge of self and the nature of Earthly existence. Client may learn self-healing and energy conservation, augmentation, and energy mastery techniques as they learn how to cleanse, balance, and harmonize all levels of their being.

Since each person has a unique life experience, what causes one person’s health issue is not necessarily the same as another person which is why individual Holistic Health Consultations can be more valuable. Physical symptoms usually have a physical cause as well as a non-physical cause and that the non-physical cause can cause the physical cause which then causes the physical symptoms. This explains why someone might have a problem implementing physical solutions like changes in diet and exercise because they have not addressed the underlying non-physical root cause. The obsession with money has also caused censorship of accurate information and misinformation to be taught in our schools (including the schools that our conventional doctors, dentists, and nutritionists receive their education from), and disseminated/enforced by our government, mainstream media, and other infiltrated institutions/organizations.

What to Expect in a Holistic Health Consultation

Because of Ngoc’s depth of experience, knowledge, and intuitive capabilities, Ngoc does not need invasive (e.g., blood tests, x-rays, pap smears, mammograms) or non-invasive diagnostic tests (e.g., hair/tongue/pulse/iris analysis, muscle-testing) done to assess what the underlying causes of the client’s symptoms are. Just a questionnaire is all that is needed to get started. No two holistic health consultation sessions are ever alike. They are as unique, inspired, creative, and spontaneous as the individuals who participate in them. Clients can bring in other people into the consultation as needed for the benefit of the client (e.g., translator, caretaker).

“Last year, I had unexpected health and emotional crisis. Health, career, relationships were slipping away from me. Although doctors were trying to find the cause of my condition, something inside me was telling that it is not only physical or psychological. Ngoc was the only person who could understand what I was going through. Looking back now, I feel grateful to have known her. Like a very loving friend, she listened to me with great patience and non- judgment. I felt that I can open up to her and that really helped me to start seeing deeper side of myself. Ngoc truly initiated this beautiful journey of self-discovery for me.” ~ Former Client

“This little note is to thank you for all the love and knowledge you have pass on to me in the last few years, with regards food and supplements… 1st: recommending me chlorella for the dogs… Luna’s allergies are less frequent now, but that’s not all… “JAMES AND I ARE AMAZED” She had a ball on her head for about a year (like a small lump that I was monitoring), I was getting a bit worried and almost gave in and took her to the Vet, because it was getting bigger and bigger, but since she started taking chlorella (only a month ago) the lump is getting smaller and smaller (almost gone) YEA! 2nd. When I went home (FL) two weeks ago I got my blood sample taken to check how good I was doing… For the second year in a row my MD was AMAZED by the results. “A+ he said, you most have good genes” I don’t think so I said… My father died of a heart attack in his 50, my mom and grand mom have heart problems, diabetes killed a few of my uncles, so I know it’s not the genes… IT IS THE WAY I EAT I told him. Now I have people from my church asking me to help them with their eating problems even the pastor’s wife came to me on Sunday suggesting me to start a health ministry or something like that… .” ~ Former Client

First-Time Clients

All new clients are asked to complete a questionnaire to assess their physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and level of spiritual connection during their first two intake sessions. After the intake sessions, Ngoc will review and meditate on the information in the questionnaire for about an hour to tune into the client. Ngoc believes every person has a gift or talent. Ngoc happens to have an ability to recognize key patterns in data, a talent that enabled her to develop a U.S. patented Knowledge Management methodology in her previous career as a Knowledge Management consultant. Ngoc has discovered that this talent can also be used to help others solve puzzles or mysteries in their life including health problems, mental/emotional issues, and spiritual phenomena. After the meditation, Ngoc will write down the insights in a very detailed written recommendation that includes the following:

  1. Physical and non-physical (spiritual/mental/emotional) causes of symptoms and any underlying conditions.
  2. Dietary recommendations (foods to avoid, foods to eat more of)
  3. Supplement recommendations (which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, protein, or oils to take)
  4. Lifestyle modifications (based on client’s amount of exposure to environmental chemicals or toxins from personal care products, household cleaning products, cookware, water, air, radiation, etc.)
  5. Customized Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation practice tailored to the client’s symptoms so they are better able to heal their own health conditions
  6. Exercise modifications or recommendations
  7. Other recommendations as needed (e.g., Life/Health/Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Intelligence skills development, etc.)
  8. The client’s numerology chart, if client would like a personalized numerology reading.

Once the written recommendation is done, Ngoc will schedule three one-hour consultations with the client to review the written recommendation with the client, ask follow-up questions, answer any questions, and make any adjustments or changes to the written recommendation based on client feedback or input. Depending on the length of the client’s recommendation, number of follow-up questions, number of questions to answer, and amount of changes to the recommendation, the review may not all be covered in 3 hours, in which case the client can read the rest of the written recommendation on their own and schedule another 1 hour consultation (or as many as needed) with Ngoc at the rate listed below.

Schedule a Holistic Health Consultation

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