Our “Fall” From Grace & Our Return to Eden

Costa Rica Waterfall Guanacaste

Waterfall in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often referred to as a paradise because it is the most biologically, nature-intense place on the planet due to it’s geology, low population, climate, and government protective laws. Living in paradise is simply living in Nature. Having lived in Costa Rica for 11 months now and seeing the amazing transformations, insights and spiritual growth we have experienced, we have confirmed our intuition that the solution to all our problems is to return to living in paradise, which is living in Nature.

The Most Famous Story of Humanity

holy-bibleIn order to understand this, we need to understand when all our problems started and we do not have to look any farther than the most famous story of humanity from the most famous and widely read book in the world: the Bible. The Bible is by far the most famous and therefore influential book in human history. However, like with any text, it can be mistranslated, misunderstood or misinterpreted to fit certain personal or group agendas and hence lies its many controversies. However, if it is understood with a pure mind and heart, its undistorted information can be enlightening, inspiring, and lead our way back to paradise. Whether you believe the story is true or not, it’s value lies more in its ability to give us insight into what has happened to us and how we can solve our real world problems.

The Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve, Genesis Chapter 2In Genesis chapter 2 of the Bible, Adam and Eve lived in a paradise called the Garden of Eden, surrounded by nothing but Nature, no houses, no roads, no cars, no electronics, etc. They did not even need clothes. They did not need to farm or eat much for that matter (an occasional fruit perhaps) so they did not worry about sustenance. They lived in harmony with all plants and animals with pure air and water. In fact, all plants and animals were created specifically for the first humans to support them in various ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Adam was actually given the power to name each specie and define its purpose. They only knew and experienced Life and all that was Good. They did not know or experience Death or all that was Evil.

There is scientific evidence that the Earth was originally uniformly tropical due to tropical plant fossils found in every part of the world. The Biotic Pump Theory is to date the most physically plausible theory explaining with the knowledge of physics how Earth was once a uniformly tropical paradise with no tornadoes, hurricanes, or other harsh or erratic weather patterns. It also explains how we can re-establish that paradise all over Earth again, if we wished, or at least in areas that need it. In addition, archaeologist Marija Gimbutas found archaeological evidence of a period of time on Earth when there was no evidence of war, famine or monetary system, and instead a time of bounty, peace, and essentially a Garden of Eden.

Marija Gimbutas

The “Fall” From Grace

In Genesis chapter 3 of the Bible, Adam and Eve encounter the infamous Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge who God warned of and who eventually tricked them into eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This chapter is where some mistranslation can be detected if read with a pure mind and heart, especially where it seems that it is God that punished Adam and Eve by evicting them out of the Garden of Eden and cursing them with hardship and suffering. If God is suppose to represent all that is Good, Pure and the source of Unconditional Love, the act of punishing and cursing should stand out as extremely contradictory to this notion of God. In any case, it is clear that all suffering started to occur after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. They now knew not only Life, Good, and Happiness but also their opposite Death, Evil, and Suffering; in other words, their consciousness was exposed to the opposite of all that supports Life, ushering in the world of Duality and Conflict. This episode in human history was referred to as our “Fall” from Grace. A Google search definition of the word “Grace” states:

(in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

Once again, by applying pure Logic, it seems very characteristic of God (the Source of all Good, Purity, and Unconditional Love) to give freely his/her Love and Blessings regardless of whether one deserves it or earns it, to forgive freely all sins. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that God would be the one to kick Adam and Eve out of paradise and make them fall from Grace. Adam and Eve had only known Good so it was easy to trick them into eating the apple because they had no concept of Evil yet. It is logical to conclude that when one exposes one’s consciousness to negativity or impurity, one can expect negative or impure outcomes whether that manifests as thoughts, emotions or ultimately actions. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. A peaceful, loving or joyful consciousness cannot produce negative thoughts, emotions or actions. Therefore, God did not kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, but their tainted consciousness led them to destroy the Garden of Eden, essentially moving away from God.

The Greatest Gifts of All

Three GiftsAs any great loving parent, God wanted his/her children to be truly free, unlimited, autonomous and beholden to no one, not even to God. To do this, God gave us all that he/she had: the gift of the Power of Consciousness, the gift of Free Will, and the gift of the Light of Love/Grace.

Power of Consciousness

The Gift of ConsciousnessThe gift of the Power of Consciousness gave us the ability to create through consciousness as it can give rise to thoughts which in turn creates emotions, and finally drives actions or materialization. Everything that ever existed first appeared in consciousness before it became material form. It is the power of God himself/herself.

Free Will

The Gift of Free WillThe gift of Free Will gave us the ability to choose and decide for ourselves what should be in our consciousness and therefore our thoughts, emotions and our actions. This is the ability to decide our own destiny, what we want to experience. However, since each individual was given free will, our decisions, actions and their effects will be to the extent of others’ free will resulting in what is called Co-Creation.

Light of Love/Grace

The Gift of the Light of Love/GraceThe gift of the Light of Love/Grace gave us the ability to be the Light of Love/Grace and to emanate the Light of Love/Grace to others. The Light of Love/Grace is what connects us all together in perfect harmony. It is the essential glue that holds the fabric of the Universe. Without it, chaos and darkness and ultimate self-destruction will ensue. However, like any other gift we can decide to use it or ignore it. The gift of free will gives us that ability.

The End of Grace & the Creation of the Monetary System

monetary-slave-systemIn the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve lived in a state of Grace in which everything was easy and freely given regardless of whether it was earned or not, or put in more modern terms, a gift economy. Once their consciousness was exposed to dark concepts and knowledge, naturally thoughts of the opposite of Grace were formed and thus the monetary system was soon conceived as the human population grew in size and things that were once free like food and simply helping each other now had to be earned through hard work and be exchanged for money. Everything had to be earned and nothing was free anymore. Life became an endless toil of hard work, suffering and stress. Those who wanted to work the least tried to accumulate the most money through the quickest means possible often sacrificing others, quality and the environment in the process. Some even owned slaves, indentured servants, or treated others like slaves in order to maximize profits. When outright slavery was outlawed, they found other ways to enslave others so they would not have to work as hard.

Technology & the Suppression and Disfigurement of Nature

To fuel the monetary system, products and services had to be created and be sold. Technological inventions, professions and jobs were created to develop these products or provide these services. To make sure people actually bought these products and services,  advertisements, sales, marketing, television, radio, telephone, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and the Internet were created to convince people they really needed them. To continue to sell products and services, new ones had to be constantly developed to remain competitive and they had to be created and provided as cheaply as possible to maximize profits. Life became increasingly more complicated as a result as more people were convinced that they needed more things and more services in order to survive or be happy.

Modern ConveniencesThese products and services became known as “modern conveniences” and thus was born the beginning of urban living. Cities became convenient places where a large number of people can live and therefore a large number of people you can sell products and services to. A city was also where you no longer grow your own food, but you have to buy it. You also had to pay for the amount of water and electricity you used, etc. You are no longer self-sufficient, but completely dependent on the monetary system. Since you have to pay for everything you need or want, you either had to find yourself a job or create a business. This began to split apart families as jobs or business opportunities were often located in different cities, counties or even states. Splitting families into the smallest unit possible also created more consumers because each family unit needed their own set of cookware, appliances, etc. thereby creating more demand for products and services whereas before they were shared amongst a larger group of people.

Schools were created so that parents could work to earn more money so they can buy even more products and services. Schools were also great ways to train children from an early age how to be a good consumer and wage earner as well as a way to weaken the bond between parent and child so that by the time the child reaches adulthood, they will be more than willing to leave their parents and become their own family unit.

giant-cityTo create a city, many wildlife plant and animal habitats were destroyed to build roads, sidewalks, parking spaces, housing, schools, government buildings, and office buildings. Entire forests were destroyed which started disrupting the weather patterns as trees were especially designed to trap carbon dioxide and keep moisture in the area so clouds could form and rain could fall thereby preventing deserts from forming. To create many products, the Earth was literally raped and pillage for all kinds of resources in the form of oil, minerals, metals, water, etc. The lush Garden of Eden now became mostly asphalt and concrete with a lot of pollution in the air, water, and food due to the many man-made chemicals created to make things cheaply and maximize profits. Everything in a city and around a city became tainted with the pollution. The few plants and trees that were planted in parks and scattered around the city were not enough to combat the pollution as more and more people became disconnected from Nature living most of their day surrounded by four walls in an artificial environment with artificial lights (e.g., incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs), artificial air (e.g., air conditioning units), artificial food (e.g., prepackaged processed food), artificial water (e.g., chemically treated dead tap water).

Bear in ZooTo keep people away from the free things that came from Nature such as natural sunlight, fresh air, mountain spring water, and a variety of plants and animals, people were told that sunlight was harmful and that they needed to buy protection in the form of sunblock, sunglasses, and clothing; air needed to purified by buying air purifiers; water needed to be purified by buying bottled water or water filters; variety of plants could be seen at a fee-based botanical garden; and a variety of animals could be seen behind cages at a fee-based zoo or amusement park. Thus our natural ability to communicate with plants and animals disappeared as we only see them occasionally or from a distance.

Removing Nature (the Garden of Eden) is Removing God

New York City trash

New York City

Once Nature was suppressed and removed through the establishment of cities, the Garden of Eden vanished from many places on earth and therefore God’s presence was almost impossible to feel, hear or see. This is because the Garden of Eden or Mother Nature or the Earth is the physical/feminine representation of God. It is God’s womb or home for us. It is the only place where you can commune with him/her, communicate with him/her, and feel God’s presence. Famous enlightened beings like Moses, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha became enlightened only after spending a long period of time in the wilderness and major religions were founded as a result. They did not achieve enlightenment by studying in universities or by being disciples of other master teachers. They realized God by spending a long period of time in direct communion with Nature.

Restoring The Garden of Eden

Now that we understand how we created the situation we are in now, the solution is simple: we need to re-create this Garden of Eden by rebuilding wildlife plant and animal habitats and make our habitats be in harmony with them. Imagine lush gardens of all kinds everywhere on Earth! Imagine how clean the air and water will be, how rich the soils will be, how much oxygen there will be, how the Earth’s climate will be balanced and stable. With abundant natural plant and animal habitats there will naturally be an abundance of free food as natural ecosystems take care of themselves for hundreds of years in the natural cycle of life. Many plants in natural wildlife habitats are actually edible and very nutritious. We have just been programmed by the monetary system to believe that we can only eat a limited range of mass-produced plants that we call “fruits” and “vegetables” when in fact, we can eat a lot more variety than that and be a lot healthier (Ravensthorpe, 4/24/2014).

Conventional Farming vs. Creating Ecosystems

conventional-agricultureConventional farming was created by the monetary system to make farming seem like a lot of hard work that requires one to buy many “products” in the form of tools, machinery and chemicals to produce “products” to sell in the form of produce. Mass-production of this produce maximizes profits. As a result of this mass production, the food it produces is vastly inferior in nutritional content and is laden with toxic chemicals and/or genetically engineered to produce its own toxic pesticide like Monsanto’s GMOs (genetically engineered organisms). Conventional farming methods make it only worthwhile if the farming is done for a business and not for sustenance for a family because its methods are extremely labor intensive if one cannot afford all the tools, machinery and chemicals for automation. This has scared off many people and prevented people from becoming self-sufficient and therefore kept them dependent on the monetary system.

Permaculture is a much more natural way of cultivation that focuses more on creation of complete natural plant, animal, insect and water ecosystems that includes humans by imitating and even helping Nature. Ecosystems are by nature self-sustaining and self-maintaining and therefore are the least labor intensive ways to cultivate. It does require a deeper understanding of geological and biological systems and how different plant, animal, insect and water species work together for mutual benefit. Permaculture designs yields significantly more produce from a much smaller area of land than conventional farming (e.g., a half an acre can yield more than 200 varieties of fruits, herbs, and vegetables). They even help rehabilitate the soil or land and replenish and restore wildlife habitats while conventional farming does the opposite. They also require significantly less work, maintenance and tools making it very affordable for families. Permaculture gardens typically require only 2 hours a week of work or only 2 months of work in a year with 10 months of free time after they have been established.

Bonding & Communicating With Animals

Christian the Lion

Christian the Lion

As we got rid of wildlife habitats, we came into contact with a lot fewer animals and eventually lost our ability to communicate with them. In the Garden of Eden, animals were created to help and bond with humans and be their friends (like domesticated animals), whereas now they are considered “wild” and something to fear and avoid. If you have ever owned a pet, you know that very close bonds can be formed with animals and for those who are really close, some can communicate quite effectively with their animals and animals can be trained to do many different things. These animals do not even have to be “domesticated”, they can be what we now refer to as “wild” animals such as lions and bears. Cases of these special human animal bonds are rather easy to find on YouTube.com, for example. There are even cases of humans that can communicate with animals psychically and the resulting interactions are even more profound and rewarding as animals and humans can understand each other directly and there is no need for conditioning or training or bonding from birth/infancy (see The Animal Communicator documentary) and the relationship is more equal and based on mutual respect and understanding.

Bonding & Communicating With Plants

Hugging a TreeIt is well documented that plants have the capacity to heal diseases. What has been recently rediscovered is that plants can telepathically communicate with each other (Plant Telepathy Breakthrough Cawood 5/23/2012). Indigenous people who live among plants and animals without any prior education or training, know which plants are edible and which plants can cure a particular disease. When asked how they know, they almost always respond that the plant told them so. Shamans or medicine men are known to be able to communicate with plants and animals for the purpose of healing (Communicating With Plants, Herbal Allies).

From this ability to communicate with plants, a special bond and friendship can occur between the human and the plant. Plants have the ability to absorb information from humans not only through communication with them, but also directly as the human handles the seeds of the plant or touches them. With this information, the plant can grow a specific profile of nutrients that are tailored to that human and better meet their nutritional needs and heal any ailments unique to them. This is why those who grow their own food tend to be healthier. For this reason it is very important that each of us grows our own food so that we bond directly with the plant from its infancy as a seed or sapling all the way through its adulthood in order for it to produce the most perfect food for us.

Moving Out of Cities vs. Transforming Cities

One solution is to move out of the city and establish your own piece of Garden of Eden as we decided to do.  Another is to start reforesting and re-greening a city where it is actually most needed. Guerrilla Gardening is a wonderful and inspiring way to start this in a city. Growing your own organic fruit and vegetable garden in your backyard or even window farming inside your apartment are other great ideas to get this process started.

Reuniting Families & Establishing Your Motherland

Findhorn Ecovillage in United Kingdom

Imagine a piece of paradise where extended families live all together as a tribe with each family unit living in a house that the entire tribe helped build. They all help grow and share the food produced on the land. They all share a natural pure water source and generate electricity for the entire tribe. Finding a babysitter and finding a helping hand is no longer an issue. Safety and security is no longer an issue as there is safety in numbers. This piece of paradise can be referred to as your tribe’s Motherland, a special space/womb of Love where all your children will be born and nurtured and where you will be buried and remembered for generations to come (no more being buried next to a stranger in some distant scary cemetery). This space will collect many special and happy memories and the space will be infused with the energy of Love that can be felt for many future generations. The trees planted by your own hand and care will continue as a living legacy of you and continue to live and bare fruit (if a fruiting tree) long after your physical body is gone. Your essence will be felt in those trees by future generations as they sit under its branches.  No family member will ever go hungry and they never have to worry about mortgage or rent as homes are easily passed on to the next generation or new ones could be easily built by the tribe.

Govardhan Ecovillage in India

Marriages will occur between two different tribes and result in new additions to a tribe depending on which tribe the bride and groom decide to live in. The newly married couple may also decide to start their own tribe if there is not enough space in either tribe. The couple and any children they may have will spend a lot of quality time together since there is no need to work for someone else or send the children away to a distant school. The parents and relatives will have more time to share what they know with their children as well as learn from their children’s purity. The tribe can create their own homeschooling curriculum for and by the children in their tribe so children will not be far away from parents and will always be among trusted family members. Deep, inseverable bonds will be created between parents and children as a result, and when the children become adults, they will most likely not want to leave their parents or tribe. There will be no such thing as nursing homes and occasional long-distance visits by their children for elderly parents. See Tribal Living (Building Communities) to learn more.

Deprogram Yourself & Simplify Your Lifestyle

Deprogram and simplify your lifeOnce you live in Nature, you will naturally start to deprogram yourself and simplify your lifestyle. You will become less materialistic and will no longer need a lot of possessions. Possessions by definition “possess” you. The headaches of maintaining, organizing and worrying whether possessions will break, get lost, or stolen will be gone. You will also have less need for artificial forms of entertainment as you will be in daily contact with all family members and have many animals and plants you can communicate with. The need for material things and artificial entertainment will be replaced by meaningful and emotionally fulfilling relationships with people, animals, and plants. Your diet will change to include a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables because of your direct connection with them and therefore your health will significantly improve. To understand how the monetary system is the most successful mind control program in human history, see The Most Successful Mind Control Program in Human History.

Free Yourself From the Monetary Slave System

Free yourself from the monetary slave systemThe best way to free yourself from the monetary system is to become as self-sufficient as possible. Growing your own food is one of the most powerful ways to do this not only because you will have free food, but you will have far superior food, one that is many times more nutritious, free of harmful chemicals, and will remove the need for health insurance and eliminate medical and dental bills by keeping you healthy. Eliminate as many bills as possible such as water, electricity, trash, and cable TV. Eliminating telephone and Internet bills will be difficult to do unless the companies that operate them agree to live outside the monetary system which will happen one day as more and more people see the insanity of the monetary system. Trash bill can be eliminated if you do not produce trash in the first place. This will require major lifestyle changes, but will be so helpful to the environment and ultimately to yourself and your loved ones. Remove TV and cable TV as those are major sources of mind programming that keep you stuck in the Control Matrix. Eliminate your mortgage or rent, by either building your own sustainable house on your own land or a family or friend’s land, or by joining an existing ecovillage (a sustainable community of people sharing land and resources). Never give up hope as believing is seeing, not the other way around. Once you say something is impossible, you have given up all possibility for it to happen, but if you continue dreaming and pursuing that dream, it will have a fighting chance to become reality.

Rat raceThose who do not have much money suffer from the stress of paying monthly bills. Those who do have money suffer from the stress and corruption of materialism, consumerism, egoism, superiority complexes, and keeping “up with the Joneses” competitive rat race. As more and more people agree to live outside the monetary system, the monetary system will eventually lose its power. If no one agrees to use money then the piece of paper will have no significance or power and the people who hoard a lot of this piece of paper will lose all their power over others and the game will be over.

Life Without a Monetary System: A True Heaven on Earth

In order to understand what life would be like without a monetary system, where everything is freely shared, we need to compare life in which everything has a price tag and life where everything is free side-by-side:

Monetary System Free (No Monetary System)
Planned Obsolescence Non-food products last a very long time if not forever and made of the best non-toxic materials
Money = Power. Governments bought out by those with money and protect those with money. Quality Relationships = Power. No need for governments. People can govern themselves through the power of relationships, kindness, respect and honor.
Toxic chemicals, environmental pollution,  GMOs, diseases Everything is natural. No environmental pollution. No GMOs. No diseases.
Sales, Marketing, Advertisements, Coupons Friendships are genuine, no ulterior sales motive. No sales calls, ads, marketing gimmicks, coupon clipping.
Conventional Farming Organic, sustainable, eco-friendly farming, permaculture designs
IRS (Taxes) No income tax, no sales tax, no property tax, no estate taxes, no taxes period
Nuclear, Dirty Coal Energy, Gasoline Free energy from sustainable, clean and renewable sources. No nuclear disasters, hydraulic fracking, oil spills, smog, or climate change/instability
Crowded, polluted cities, destroyed wildlife habitats and forests, burning of rainforests, creation of deserts Re-forestation, re-establishment of wildlife habitats, people living in harmony with Nature with ample space, clean water and clean fresh air
Extinction of plant and animal species due to unsustainable economic practices All species are preserved and naturally regulated by the Cycle of Life and ecosystem
Economic incentive for war No more wars since all resources are free and shared
Poverty, hunger, starvation and related illnesses No such thing as poverty, hunger or illness. Everyone has all they need.
Mortgages, rents, loans, credit card debts, bills These things no longer exist since everything is free.
Prostitution, organ harvesting, human trafficking, crime These things no longer exist since everyone has what they need
Pharmaceutical drugs and their deadly side effects Only natural herbal/food remedies which can cure all diseases naturally
Banking industry, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, etc. All money-related entities or institutions no longer exist. No need for accounting or bookkeeping, no more money-related headaches or worries.

Heaven on Earth is a choice we must make, not a place we must find.You can probably think of a lot more to add to this list. In fact, I have yet to think of something negative that is man-made that is not due to the monetary system. All of our man-made problems are due to the monetary system.

Luzardo Family Personal Update

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