Awareness of Reality

Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality – How to ‘See’ the Unseen and Break Free From the Suffering Caused By a Narrow Perception of Reality
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With this book, your understanding of spirituality will reach new horizons. These pages unravel the depth of spirituality through its mesmeric simplicity. Have you ever felt a bit curious to find out what this buzz of spirituality is all about and how it can help you? This book will enlighten you. Even if you have already started a spiritual path but still find yourself taking a detour every so often, you might find in this book the fulcrum on which the lever of your mind lifts and removes the heavy burdens of life. This book unveils the wisdom of ancient teachings with the practicality of our modern times. It achieves this purpose through life’s experiences, common sense application and the Seven Pillars of Spirituality, all of which always remind us that if we miss spirituality we miss reality. And if we miss reality, our physical and emotional balance breaks down and happiness eludes us. The book culminates with a powerful holistic practice that has been designed to remove the blockages that interfere with our perception, revealing our full potential−The potential that we realize only when we are fully aware of reality.” ~ summary on back cover of the book

Jose, I have read your book almost 3 times and keep digging out nuggets of gold. What a brilliant piece of work! You are an incredible teacher and communicator! ~ Dean A Banks

I am having to revisit much of my thinking. All of this is new to me, yet very much resonating within me. The words are clear and concise and compelling. I know that this is my new bible, because I will read again and again and again to let what resonates become a permanent isness within me. ~ Stacy Payne

What distinguishes ‘Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality’ is its reliance on real research into historical antecedents and by a reasoned approach to the evidence. That’s right. Dr. Luzardo counts heavily on making sense. Refreshing… The core of his argument, as you might gather from the title, is that spirituality is not some detached corner of reality into which initiates escape the mundane. Spirituality he argues, and I agree, is an ingrained element in every bit of reality, not something that holds us above it. ~ David Stone, author of Amazing Truths About Conscious Awareness: Discovering Ultimate Reality and A Million Different Things: Meditations of the World’s Happiest Man (read entire book review)

Jose Luzardo has written a thought-provoking gem of spiritual contemplation that readers of virtually every point of view should appreciate. Adhering to universal principles and with profound respect for all of his reader’s perspectives, he cogently and concisely presents the fascinating connection between the seen and the unseen. Luzardo lovingly reaches out to his audience in broad, inclusive terms that emphasize the unity and sameness of not only the entire physical universe, but of all reality, including the infinite and eternal unseen realms of spirituality. ~ Mike Valentino, Editor of numerous spiritual books, including several for Christian publishing houses Baker Books and Deep River Books

This book, Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality seeks to broaden our perception of what is real in order to be free from all suffering. It is a champion of both the wesern and eastern traditions of meditation, suggesting a completely holistic understanding of life. ~ Reverend Leo Booth, MTh, a Unity minister, an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and trainer on all aspects of spirituality and recovery from depression, addictions, compulsive behaviors, and low self-esteem. A Certified Addictions Counselor, Rev. Leo speaks at many National and International conferences, plus churches of all denominations. In addition to specific in-services and lectures on religious addiction and abuse, Rev. Leo presents workshops, lectures, and training on a broad spectrum of issues to a variety of organizations and institutions. Rev. Leo writes regularly in Counselor Magazine and recovery newspapers across the United States and is the author of 10 publications, which include Say Yes to Your Life, Say Yes to Your Spirit, Spirituality and Recovery, The Wisdom of Letting Go, The Angel and the Frog and others. Rev. Leo has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and others.

In his honest and thought provoking way JAL takes us through a journey of opening to and understanding our own human nature as we open to the idea that there is much more to be revealed as our perception widens. JAL opens his heart as he offers a tender look at parts of his own life. At the same time he uses his scientific background to take us through Quantum Spirituality. ~ Reverend Glenda Knox, co-founder of Common Ground Interfaith Spiritual Center, Tustin, California.

How to Get the Book

Book is now available at 10 different locations in Southern California (book is offered at a discount at locations with a red asterisk next to it), one location in Costa Rica, and online retailers such as and

Southern California, USA

  1. School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences (SMHAS) – Irvine
  2. Unity Church of Tustin bookstore – Tustin
  3. Temple of Light bookstore – Irvine
  4. Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore (Center for Conscious Living) – Laguna Hills
  5. Visions & Dreams bookstore – Costa Mesa
  6. Crystal Cave bookstore – Costa Mesa
  7. The Latest Thing Books & Gifts – Costa Mesa
  8. Common Ground Spiritual Center bookstore – Santa Ana
  9. Mother’s Market Santa Ana – Santa Ana

Costa Rica

  1. San Isidro de El General farmer’s market on Thursdays and Fridays (ask for Colibri’s Corner) – SORRY, SOLD OUT!

Future Offerings

  • Online book discussion with the author (JAL)
  • 40-day spiritual practice program for those who want to do the practice explained at the end of the book together with others and with the guidance of JAL
  • 2-week spiritual practice training program for those who want guided/customized instructions and training so they can continue on their own the 40-day practice