Holistic Healing Services

How We May Help You

It is Ngoc’s deepest wish for every human being on this planet to happy, healthy, and vibrant¬†again. The time has come to end suffering and enjoy the wonders of paradise on Earth again.

A Vision of the Future

When we look into the future, we see a world full of happy, healthy, vibrant people living in harmony with all of Nature and the Cosmos. Everything is FREE. Money and government are no longer needed because we healed our own personal and collective wounds and therefore are able to trust each other again; have individual sovereignty through self-governing, cooperating, intentional communities (ecovillages); share goods and services in a sharing/gift/grace/cooperation-based economy; and restore Mother Earth back to her original pristine state.

Our Individual & Collective Journey Back Home

With the rising costs of health care, chronic diseases, unemployment, environmental pollution, and social, economic, and political injustices, we feel a deep need and urgency to work together synergistically to make life affirming changes in the shortest amount of time possible. We believe that the problems we see in the world are due to a lack of inner FREEdom (enslaved by our own past wounds and insecurities) and outer FREEdom (enslaved by the current economic, social, and political systems).

We have carefully developed holistic healing services that support us in our individual and collective journey back Home. To begin your journey back to Wholeness, make a selection from the Holistic Healing Services menu above.