The Scroungers–Plight of the Hidden

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The Scroungers--Plight of the Hidden


Though written as a very entertaining children’s book (ages 10 to young adult), adults will also enjoy it as a deeper allegorical story about the current human condition told through the eyes of dogs and some foxes. Written by the creative genius mind of Max B. Hundkopf and illustrated by Marsha F. Hopkins. Edited by José Alberto Luzardo and Illena Rosenthal. Published by Ardent Light.



“Pirate, a half-blind stray dog, has always had a nose for things, whether it be searching for the next place to get something to eat, or finding a shelter where he could rest safely. However, time comes for him to use his sense of smell for something he never has before. He is called upon to follow the faint scent trail of another stray and her litter of pups, who had all gone missing the previous night. However, his search leads him to an appalling discovery, one that would change his and every other stray’s life forever.” ~ summary on back cover of book



Praise for “The Scroungers”

Could not put the book down. I devoured it in one sitting and it left me hungry for more. The writing style engaged my five senses so much that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. ~ Joanne Tran (California, USA)

I had the lovely opportunity to read the first couple of pages of this novel by this brilliant young man. It immediately drew me in to the conversation between the characters and I found myself feeling disappointed that I was not available to immediately curl up “with a good book” and read it all the way through. I am buying my copy. I encourage you to too! ~ Carolyn Trimmer

We started reading it last night and I love how great Max is at providing imagery through his words. I felt like I was watching the book! ~ Lissette Garcia

I was very impressed with this young man’s story telling and writing talents. He uses wonderful, descriptive words to convey his story. I loved the suspense and the interaction between the characters. ~ Nancy Woo

I read this book! It is the reality of the human relationships through the eyes of a group of dogs…well written for a child’s comprehension of the world. Thanks Max! ~ Francis Pullin

The Scroungers--Plight of the Hidden

Featured Art

Hartwin as he appears in the Prologue. Art by Punkypants:

Hartwin as he appears in the Prologue. Art by Punkypants:


The first fan art for the book depicting its characters

Fan Letters

The Scroungers: The Plight of the Hidden

*Just keep in mind, that this more of a response rather than a review. My knowledge of writing is pretty small so I don’t think I’m in a place to deeply critique your book(trust me, my writing is terrible). I will maybe try and give some suggestions for any of your other works in the future. Since you are writing a second book, I don’t know what direction you’re going in.

Overall, I really liked this book. You have an expansive vocabulary and your writing is very descriptive. The mystery was well executed and created a feeling of suspense. I finished this book really quickly because I was just absorbed. The descriptions of the settings just pulled me in. I had clear image of each dog in my head and the whole story just came alive.

As for the characters, I really enjoyed them. However, I would have loved to see more about them. If you’re trying to write a series than we’re going to see the same characters throughout. If that is the case than there should be some more characterization. Adding more personality and background to the dogs would really give the reader a more painted picture in their mind. You don’t have to do this all the dogs but do it to the main characters like Pirate and Fenix. Is there a certain story as to how these dogs ended up like they are? Was Pirate born blind? Is there a sort of system these dogs have set up on their own? I feel like one of the main purpose in this book is to raise awareness of animal experimentation, which is great. But if you plan on making this a  series of books then I personally think that there should be some more information about the characters. I’m especially curious about Hartwin’s background. What was his motivation to do what he did? Is there a deeper story to it? It would be awesome if you could kind of explain these things in the future books. I suggest some sort of prequel book.

To conclude, I thought this book was wonderful and definitely recommend it to my friends. I can tell you had a lot of fun writing this book and I am certainly looking forward to more. So keep on writing! Just please take some of my suggestions into consideration. I think you have a lot of great ideas and your books can go in many more directions



(P.S I really liked Eve. She was my favorite character. You should add more on her) ~ Shirley Shah, age 14

How to Get the Book

The book is now available in paperback and ebook formats (see list of retailers below). The ebook file format EPUB is the industry open standard for ebook readers for desktop or laptop computers, most tablets (including Barnes & Nobles NOOK), and smartphones. Amazon Kindle is the only one that uses the MOBI file format. When most people think about ebooks, they think of Kindles, NOOKS, and iPads. What most don’t realize is there are desktop versions of ebook readers as well so you can read them on your desktop or laptop computer. If you want to read an ebook on your computer and don’t have an ebook reader application yet, see Five Easy to Use Desktop eBook Readers to download a FREE ebook reader.



Max B. Hundkopf

Max B. Hundkopf

Upcoming Books by Max B. Hundkopf

Final titles to be revealed upon publishing:

  • Scroungers 2 (currently being reviewed and edited)
  • Scroungers 3 (currently under development)