Kundalini Yoga – Butterfly Pose (2nd)

The Kundanlini yoga version of Butterfly pose (as demonstrated by Ana Brett in Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras) works on your second chakra. If you are not familiar with the chakra system, please read the Yoga article before attempting to do this pose.

Tips: To see a larger image of any picture below, click the picture. It is not necessary to look exactly like the picture shown. Approximate a pose as best as you can, or follow the modified version of the pose (if available) if a pose is too difficult. Poses should get easier over time with regular practice. The goal is to eventually look like the pictures below.

Pose Modified
1. Have the soles of your feet together. Hold your feet together with your hands. Elongate your body and angle forward. Press your sternum (chest) towards the floor. Use your elbows to accentuate the stretch by pressing them down on your legs further and outward. Do Long Deep Breathing through your nose as you hold the pose with your face and upper body down towards the floor. Work the inner thighs. As you inhale say to yourself mentally Sat, and as you exhale say to yourself mentally Nam. Sat Nam means “the Truth is within” in Sanskrit. Do this for about 7 breaths. If you cannot put the soles of your feet together, just put them as close as you can. Do not worry if you cannot put your body all the way down. Just do your best. As you continue to practice, you will become more flexible.
2.  Inhale deeply, then exhale while pushing the body and legs down some more until the end of the exhalation.
3. Then inhale as you raise your head and upper body (come back up) and then pound your inner thighs with your fists to massage your inner thighs.