Kundalini Yoga – Frog Pose (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

The Kundalini yoga version of Frog pose (as demonstrated by Ana Brett in Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras) works on your first, second, and third chakras and improves your cardiovascular capability, nerve strength, and makes you a more potent person. If you are not familiar with the chakra system, please read the Yoga article before attempting to do this pose.

Tips: To see a larger image of any picture below, click the picture. It is not necessary to look exactly like the picture shown. Approximate a pose as best as you can, or follow the modified version of the pose (if available) if a pose is too difficult. Poses should get easier over time with regular practice. The goal is to eventually look like the pictures below.

Pose Modified
1. Get on your fingertips and toes, heels together and off the floor, arms are inside your legs in front on your fingertips.
2.  Inhale while straightening your knees and lowering your head as your butt goes up with knees straight (as much as you can) keeping your fingertips on the floor and your heels slightly off the floor. If you need to modify this you can let go of the floor as you rise and lower your heels to the floor.
3. Exhale while bending your knees and raising your head back into the starting Frog pose position (step 1 above). Continue inhaling and exhaling going up and down at a moderately fast pace. Careful not to slam your knees. Straighten your legs gracefully. Do a minimum of 7 sets or a maximum of 21 sets.
4. After your last set ending in an inhalation with your butt up in the air, exhale while putting your hands behind your lower calves and bringing your head to your legs for a good stretch.
5. Get on your knees, sitting on your legs with your hands are on the sides of your hips. Lift your sternum, relax your diagram, and do about 7 sets (inhale and exhale) of Long Deep Breathing through your nose.