Kundalini Yoga – Wahay Guru Mantra Meditation (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

The Kundanlini yoga version of Wahay Guru Mantra Meditation (as demonstrated by Ana Brett in Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras) works on your first, second, third, and fourth chakras. If you are not familiar with the chakra system, please read the Yoga article before attempting to do this pose.

Tips: To see a larger image of any picture below, click the picture. It is not necessary to look exactly like the picture shown. Approximate a pose as best as you can, or follow the modified version of the pose (if available) if a pose is too difficult. Poses should get easier over time with regular practice. The goal is to eventually look like the pictures below.

1. Sit in Meditation pose. If you cannot cross your legs, you may sit in a chair or lie down on your back.
2. Contract the rectum muscle and sing wahay guru (roughly translated as “the Ecstasy of Consciousness”). Contract the sex organ muscle and sing sat nam (“the Truth Within”). Contract the navel and sing hari hari (roughly translated as “Creative Infinity”). Contract the diaphragm up under the rib and sing ram ram (roughly translated as “the Embodiment of Bliss and Salvation”).
3. Relax the diaphragm and sing wahay guru. Relax the navel and sing sat nam. Relax the sex organ and sing hari hari. Relax the rectum and sing ram ram.
4. Then repeat the process contracting and releasing to this rhythm and mantra: wahay guru sat nam hari hari ram ram (while contracting up), and wahay guru sat nam hari hari ram ram (while relaxing down). Do 12 sets. Click the mantra links in this paragraph to hear a sample.
5. Inhale while raising your arms up and stretch. Then exhale while shaking your hands a few times in the air, and then relax.