The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Humanity & How to Reverse It To Co-Create Our Future

evolution-of-blind-acceptanceHow is it possible for a few to rule over or control the many? The many certainly outnumber the few yet many feel powerless in the face of the few who are really in control of this world we are living in. If this is not the case, then the will of the many would manifest in the world and not disease, starvation, war, genocide, and environmental destruction of the Earth. As I have explained in The Most Successful Mind Control Program in Human History, the few have controlled the many through the monetary system of slavery. However, in order to prevent the populace from figuring this out, they had to make sure the populace was not intelligent enough to figure this out. They not only created the perfect system of enslavement, but they needed to make sure the slaves were dumber than they were so they could not figure out how to escape the system or Control Matrix. It is very hard to control intelligent slaves and it is much easier to control dumb slaves. Dumb slaves will take anything you say as true and not question it.

Intelligence is the Ability to Perceive Truth & do the Right Thing

Three-Dimensions-of-IntelligenceWe have been programmed to believe in school that there is only one kind of intelligence and it is the one that is based on IQ test scores. Though I was told in 4th grade that I scored high on IQ tests and qualified for the GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) program, I did some of the dumbest things in my childhood and most of my adulthood. Though I was really skilled at memorizing, regurgitating facts, and seeing patterns, I was really unskilled at discerning what is true and what is false in life. This ability to discern Truth and utilize what we know as true in the most logical, effective and efficient manner is really what intelligence is all about. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the original meaning of the word intelligence (n.) late 14c. is:

the highest faculty of the mind, capacity for comprehending general truths

In other words, intelligence is the ability to understand and discern what is true and what is false and accordingly take the best course of action. We could memorize or learn all kinds of false information which would lead us to make bad decisions and take unwise actions. This is why it is so important that we learn first to discern true information from false so that we can make good decisions and take the right actions. As I stated in The Hidden Agenda of the Law of Attraction, those who have the most money are the ones who actually print the money (control the banking industry) and money is their ultimate tool of control and power because they can buy or control media, education, information the public receives, corporations, and governments. In other words, they control the “reality” we perceive and experience. Without money, their Control Matrix or false “reality” will collapse.

How to Discern Truth

within-nature-lies-the-cure-for-humanityWith this original definition of intelligence, how do we become intelligent or discern the Truth? To answer this question we need to understand how false information is created in the first place. When we look at all the sentient beings on this planet, the only sentient being that is capable of creating false information are humans because of their higher levels of consciousness, free will, and “superior” brains. All other creatures on this planet are following their natural instincts or genetic programming of procreation and survival and have no real ability to demonstrate free will to the level that humans can. With free will and higher consciousness we can at our own will make up or fabricate false information which leads to unnatural behavior and thinking and therefore is harmful to us or others. Anything that is harmful to us will create an imbalance within our own body and mind or in the ecosystem of the planet causing it to malfunction or be unnatural. Anything that is unnatural goes against Nature or goes against Life. Therefore, one can logically conclude that Nature is where Truth is. Mother Earth, the Universe, and Life are the original creations of God and therefore can be considered Truth and anything going against them is false. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the original meaning of the word false (adj.) is:

intentionally untrue, lying (late Old English);  fake, incorrect, mistaken; treacherous, deceitful (Old French fals, faus); contrary to fact or reason, erroneous, wrong (early 14c.)

To summarize, Truth then is anything that supports Life (our true Reality) or all that is natural or from Nature. Anything that harms Life (Reality) or Nature is false. This is how we can discern Truth and become more intelligent or Life-supporting.

Dumbing Us Down By Removing Us From Nature, All that is Natural, & God

art-is-mans-nature-nature-is-gods-artGiven this understanding of Truth, it would make sense that we would learn many Truths (and become more intelligent) by living in and observing Nature which is God’s original creation or design: all the wonders of the planet Earth and the Universe, including ourselves. How can you do this if you are removed from it and surrounded with false information living in a mostly artificial or unnatural environment? The public school systems are largely based on textbooks with few opportunities to really learn in Nature. The few who control the many understood this so they created the monetary system which inherently encourages artificial ways of living that removes Nature and all that is natural from us. A lot more money can be made with the manufacturing of artificial products rather than things that naturally occur in Nature. So much of the Western modern lifestyle is artificial and it is literally killing us and our planet all in the pursuit of profits. See Our ‘Fall’ From Grace & Our Return to Eden to learn more about how the monetary system led to the removal and destruction of Nature and how Nature is really the feminine physical aspect of God and the only way to really commune with God or understand or discover God. All answers and solutions can be found in Nature. Nature always has and always will provide all that we need to be happy and healthy. There is no disease or malady that Nature cannot cure if enough time is spent in Nature. The Earth is our Home and is one of the most perfect of God’s creations. Every species of plant and animal has a purpose and place in God’s creation. We just need to spend more time observing and interacting with each species to discover what their purpose is on this magnificent planet we call Earth. Scientists to this day do not completely understand all the inner workings of Nature and new species of plant or animal are still being discovered (Live Science, 12/25/2015). This is the ultimate testament to the brilliant Mind of God, something we as humans actually all inherited, but were deliberately dumbed down as we will continue to learn in this article.

i-believe-in-god-only-i-spell-it-natureIn addition to the monetary system, religions were created that taught us that Earth is more like Hell or Limbo and that Heaven is some other invisible place. This made the followers avoid trying to make Earth a better place to live and instead focused on trying to get into the invisible place of Heaven by attending or volunteering their time or money to churches or temples and studying and reciting scriptures. Before any of the world’s mainstream religions existed, there was paganism which is simply the recognition of the Truth that Nature is of Divine origin and therefore there was much joy and co-creation to be found in Nature. The pagans really loved and respected Mother Earth and took really good care of her. In fact, the word pagan stems from the Latin paganus translated loosely along the lines of “country dweller” or “rustic”. It was used by the Christians to label all non-Christians and to associate them with being uncivilized (that is outside of civilization as civilization was viewed as living away from Nature in cities and towns). There was a smear campaign against paganism to make the populace associate it with heathenism, barbarianism and animal sacrifice–all of which are unfounded. The pagans were the most spiritual people for they loved all of God’s creations and all that is natural, Life-supporting or True (The Energy of Life, 2007).

As we can see by the alarming rate of deforestation, desertification, and species extinction worldwide, Nature is being removed from us and destroyed. The result is only an unnatural artificial environment and climate instability that cannot support Life but instead leads us to more environmental destruction, disease, mental stress and imbalances, and ultimately an early death.

To reverse this, try to either live in a more natural setting or bring Nature to you by growing your own food indoors and outdoors wherever you have available space (including vertical space and window sills). If your place is too small or you need more room, look for an unused spot in your city or town and see if you can grow food there. You may need to seek permission or actually change city laws to allow you to do this. Get inspiration and ideas from the Gangster Gardener Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA. Reforest and plant trees and vegetation wherever possible. Join an ecovillage or hybrid intentional community to team up with others to make the effort larger and even more impactful and effective (see The Most Successful Mind Control Program in Human History to learn more about these communities).

Dumbing Us Down By Teaching Us the Wrong Diet

Amit GoswamiAnother very effective way to dumb down the populace is by teaching them to eat things that will clog up their body, intestines (the largest brain in the body), and brain to make them more sluggish and less effective. See Humanity’s Evolution to Vegetarianism, Veganism & Breatharianism for an eye-opening exposé about the natural diet of humans and some tips on how to successfully transition your diet to reverse the dumbing down effects of a wrong diet.

Dumbing Us Down Through Toxic Chemicals

dumbing-down-through-chemicalsToxic chemicals and heavy metals in our vaccines, dental amalgams, pharmaceuticals, supplements, food, air (e.g., chemtrails), water, personal care and household cleaning products, clothing, household items, and building materials are also very effective at dumbing us down as most toxic chemicals disrupt our endocrine and nervous system leading to calcified pineal and pituitary glands and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia (Dumbing Us Down, 5/18/2009). The toxic form of fluoride, for example, has been shown in numerous studies to lower IQ which is why it is commonly added to municipal drinking water in the U.S. and in table salt in countries that cannot afford water fluoridation (Fluoride Action Network, 12/25/2015).

To reverse the effects of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, start the process of detoxification described in the Humanity’s Evolution to Vegetarianism, Veganism & Breatharianism blog article.

Dumbing Us Down Through Stressful Environments

Stress ManAs stated in The Path to Total FREEdom for ALL, the monetary system was designed to keep us in a chronic state of stress, to keep us in our reptilian brain or the fight or flight mode. I have not met or heard of anyone living in the monetary system who does not experience stress on a regular basis. Numerous studies show that chronic stress not only is bad for our physical and mental health, but it significantly lowers IQ as well by shrinking and damaging our brains over time (Ropeik, 3/23/2012, Khalsa, 1999).

To reverse this, see the links at the bottom of this article for inspiration and ideas on how to get out of the monetary system as soon as is possible.

Dumbing Us Down Through the Education System

dumb-down-george-carlinThe public education system was designed to dumb people down by training them to believe that people are just blank slates that need to be fed information in order to become knowledgeable, intelligent, or skilled. The system is typically based on textbooks (usually with mostly false or useless information) in which students are expected to read and memorize and maybe do some practice exercises in class and at home and then be tested on. It’s the typical memorize and regurgitate methodology. Students are penalized when they do not follow the school or classroom rules or if they have not memorized the information. Students are taught to obey teachers and administrators and do as they are told. Students rarely have a say in their curriculum and are taught to only think inside the box. The public school system also instills in students the ideal of the monetary system lifestyle and trains them to become the perfect obedient employee who does what they are told to earn a wage so they can become the perfect consumer. Students are told that getting an education will help them get jobs (i.e., become an employee working for someone else, corporation, or government). The result of the education system are obedient humans conditioned to not question authority or think critically and encouraged to spend money as consumers to keep the economy alive. The education system does not produce free-thinking intelligent human beings, but merely bio-robots who do as they are programmed and told (Schooling the World, 8/21/2014) for the sake of the monetary global economy.

If you wish to defeat your enemy, bring up his children. ~ Chinese Proverb

To reverse this, avoid the education system as much as possible by homeschooling, unschooling, or looking into alternative types of schools who use teaching methods in which the student has a lot of control or free will over what they learn and where independent critical and creative thinking and questioning are encouraged (see Homeschool Curriculum to learn more).

Dumbing Us Down By Keeping Us Busy

to do list title handritten with white chalk on blackboard with copy space below

A very common side-effect of the monetary system lifestyle is the sense of not having enough time (a life ruled by the clock) because we are so busy working to make money, caring for family, shopping, running errands, managing finances or bookkeeping, as well as eating, having sex, and entertainment to relieve stress and make us temporarily escape or forget about our unhappiness. The modern way of life is so busy because of its complexity and plethora of products and services consumers are brainwashed into thinking they need. Since city dwellers are no longer self-sufficient they are completely dependent on the system to get all their needs and wants met. Coupled with more laws, taxes and regulations (bigger government involvement), the monetary system lifestyle is nothing but free but full of things to take care of and do. There is hardly any time to just sit and think, reflect or meditate about what is really important in life or how we can help to solve real problems we are facing now on this planet or even in our own family, neighborhood or country. We cannot be intelligent if we don’t even have time to really think about things anymore. In the monetary system, people are forced to make decisions more impulsively (not as well-thought out as they should be) as they move from one activity to the next in their time-compressed days. A whole lifetime can be completely wasted never having pondered anything of significance and not being able to foresee the consequences of our actions or lack of action.

To reverse this, simplify your lifestyle as much as possible by getting rid of many material possessions and avoid being a consumer of products and services as much as possible. See the links at the bottom of this article for inspiration and ideas on how to get out of the monetary system as soon as is possible to increase the amount of free time you have for thinking.

Dumbing Us Down Through Media Information Overload

Information-Overload-InfographicAnother very effective way to dumb down the populace is to overload them with information from all media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, movie theaters, billboards, ads, music, snail mail, email, and Internet. With the brain overloaded with information, it makes it very difficult to think clearly and therefore intelligently. To make it even worst or more difficult, most of this information is either false, conflicting, or completely irrelevant, distracting or useless (i.e., garbage or noise). It’s like trying to think surrounded with loud blaring music all the time. The ultimate effects of information overload are shorter attention spans, impatience, and impulsiveness as we are conditioned to quickly look or scan information because there is simply too much information which leads us to act impulsively because we want instant gratification when we do not have enough time. There is now even a preference for videos rather than reading because videos are easier on our brains as we take on a more passive role just being entertained with visuals and flickering images on a screen. Reading, on the other hand, takes more brain power and imagination to process and digest (Marshall, 4/8/2013).

To reverse this, avoid as many types of media as possible. For example, we have cut out everything except for email and Internet where we can have more control over what information we want to see. Much of the other type of media has migrated over to the Internet already so it makes it a good media platform to use or find the information you are looking for. Also make sure you have a good reason for the information you are searching for to avoid unnecessary exposure to information that is useless or false. For example, using the Internet as an educational or learning tool and a communication and information-sharing platform is a great idea. Just make sure the information is Life-supporting or true (unless you are researching false information to expose it).

In Summary, Dumbing Us Down Through Monetary & Government Systems

To summarize the above, the monetary system, and the government system that was established to enforce the monetary system, are what enables all the dumbing down techniques or strategies listed above. For those who still believe in the legitimacy or necessity of the concept of money, please see The Most Successful Mind Control Program in Human History. For those who still believe in the legitimacy or necessity of the concept of government, please see the following videos:

The Speed of Thought Advantage: The Power to Co-Create Our Future

change-happens-at-speed-of-thoughtIn addition to being able to think logically and clearly, the speed at which one processes information or thinks is another very important component of intelligence. The few who want power over the masses knew this and had the masses dumbed down as listed above so that their level of intelligence or speed of thought, by default, far surpasses the populace. The speed of thought is such a great advantage to have because it allows one to think through many different scenarios very quickly and decide on the best course of action as a result (similar to a computer with greater processing speed being able to calculate, process large amounts of data, and execute more tasks more quickly). In short, it allows one to predict the future and therefore control future events. Similar to how chess champions can easily predict their opponent’s move by computing in their mind all possible moves and then move their pieces accordingly to quick victory. Everything that ever existed in physical space had to be first conceived of in Thought. What made their physical manifestation successful or not, was the degree and speed of thought, thinking of every single possible way to perfect it and prevent any possible future malfunction. If the design was well thought out, then making it in physical space was likely to be more successful. This is how God had intended us to create our future, destiny or life, by giving us the power of thought and the ability to think and process information at the speed of Light which is how fast God thinks (and is why many cannot hear God or speak to God because their speed of thought is too slow).

a-journey-of-a-thousand-milesThe few who control the masses do not think at the speed of Light but they do think at a significantly higher speed than the populace, allowing them to predict, control and actually create the future for the masses. This is why many things have unfolded the way they wanted in human history subjugating the populace to their will (Fraser & Beeston, 12/26/2015). The ability to think very quickly through all possible cause-and-effect scenarios allows one to easily take down an opponent so that any battle or confrontation can be quickly resolved or avoided. The speed of thought gives us seemingly “superhuman” capabilities that are actually just normal (God-intended) human capabilities such as prediction and creation of the future, creating magnificent inventions, ability to dodge a speeding bullet, and teleportation. It will take the populace time to increase their speed of thought back to the original intended level of the speed of Light, but it can be done as we undo all the mental programming and physical damage done to our bodies. This can only happen when we restore the entire Earth back to her pristine self and we take our rightful place in her ecosystem. In order to do this, we need to get rid of the very systems that are enslaving us or holding us back: the monetary and government systems. We do this not by fighting them with money or might (they will beat us anytime if we use their terms), but we do this by co-creating our future now through intentional self-governing and self-sufficient communities. As they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” If we never take that step (i.e., given up all hope and therefore all action), then we will never get there. It is time to have patience and do what is necessary to guarantee our bright future. All that is required is right thought and right action on our part, a lot of patience, persistance, and the willingness to unlearn all false beliefs and information and re-learn all true, Life-supporting information or practices.

The good news is that there are a few human beings on this planet who retained their speed of thought (due to their very natural lifestyle) that either matches or surpasses the few who control the masses and have created through their thought a different and very bright future for humanity. See the Anastasia series of books (Book 1 through 8.2) to learn more about them and join us in our dream (i.e., humanity’s collective Thought) to restore Heaven or Eden back on Earth. If you are just interested in the specifics of this bright dream, see the following web pages or articles in the order listed:

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